Saturday, 6 January 2018

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Blessed New Year! 2018

Greetings and Blessed New Year from Lake Shastina!

I have just uploaded a new video to Youtube: Creating Toning Circles - Part 2, and wish to share it with you all. The process of making it has been quite different than what I went through to create Part 1.  

On Christmas day, I found a lovely sunny, pristine spot just north of Mt. Shasta to begin, but was interrupted by gunshots from target practice somewhere nearby.  I returned the next day to find an enthusiastic group of dirt bike motorcyclists enjoying the area and didn’t even try to continue filming at that time.  Three days later, in very different, cold, foggy conditions, I recorded the rest of what you will see.  

Feeling a bit challenged, I asked the spirits of the land, the elementals, and the spirits who walk with me, what was most important to share with everyone at this particular time on the planet about preparing for communion with the Earth in order to gift her with human energy.  So what you will see is what came through me in that moment.  When one train after another shared the soundscape, I had to surrender to the “It is what is!”-ness of that location.

When I shared the completed video with my two housemates, I was asked, “But what about the sounding? What do you actually do?”  I responded that the step-by-step information is included in my Creational Sounding Series that I mention in the video.

But the question got me to thinking.  I have been assuming that my next step for the making of Part 3 would be to invite a small group of people to help me demonstrate different ways of toning and sounding.  I have been planning on setting up some ZOOM conference video calls where our explorations could be videoed, and have mentally pictured filming a few of us out on the land toning together.

As I have been trying to envision exactly what that would look like, I have realized my work (or perhaps my conscious awareness of my work) is being taken to a whole different level.  As I have traveled to different locations through the years to sing, listen, and commune with the Earth, what comes through me and the groups I work with is always different.  How am I to demonstrate this process when what actually happens is always different?  Toning in each unique situation combines the coming together of a particular group of people interacting with a particular piece of land and with the spirits that inter-are with that place at that time and with those particular individuals.  We tone and sound and move together until we can feel that we have reached a state of balance and harmony.

So what people have to discover each time we do this is, what kind of sounds are meant to be toned/sounded in order to bring alignment, balance, and harmony to their particular group, and with their particular piece of land.  It is not only the physical process of making sounds that is involved, but more importantly, the development of each individual’s intuitive abilities that has to expand beyond previously experienced parameters in order for individuals and groups to open to this form of sonic communion, harmonization and gifting of energy to the Earth.

If you feel called to participate in either one of these next-step projects (creating videos of a group of us toning/singing/sounding to gift energy to the Earth, or participating in ZOOM video conference calls), please contact me and let me know. 

One last note:  On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, I unexpectedly found myself at a war memorial with absolutely stunning statues that represented various experiences associated with war.  I pondered why I was there, and felt like it was most appropriate for the closing of this year to witness and feel deep compassion for all those who have been involved in warfare as part of their Earth experience.

Yesterday, New Year’s Day, I participated in a global meditation called 7 Days of Rest, during which we all envisioned a blanket of peace surrounding the Earth.  We were encouraged to take these first seven days of the new year to be quiet and go into the stillness to envision the New Earth that we most want to create.   For me that would be a return to the Earth being a beautiful garden with lots and lots of wild and natural places - forests and oceans and deserts allowed to be what they are each naturally meant to be.   Joining the meditation and hearing what other participants were envisioning felt like a lovely and meaningful way to begin the New Year!

2018 is going to be full of choices to make on every level of our being.  It is up to each one of us to be aware of and consciously choose what vibrational state of consciousness we are in as we make each one of them.  

May 2018 be even more magical and wonder-full for you than you can possibly imagine!