Monday, 31 December 2012

Earth Shift Meditation Series

Happy New Year from Christchurch, New Zealand!

The new Earth Shift Meditation series of 6 short videos is now available on YouTube.  Links are below.

The first video tells the story of how they came into being, the next four are set to instrumental music from my "Deep Spring Album" and the 6th is set to the song, "Energy Is Moving".  I think you'll really enjoy them!!!

The series shares some of what I've been learning and experiencing this past 9 months from my communion with the Earth and the energies and entities that flow through and around her while living in my van during the winter and spring near a beach on the South Island of New Zealand.

As always it is my intent is to encourage you, yourself, to go out in nature as often as possible and commune and communicate directly with Mama Earth and all the energies and entities that dance in and around and through her.

There are powerful forces and energies available right now to assist all of us humans in remembering our wholeness and co-creating (with the Earth) a New Earth based on compassionate love rather than fear and separation.

I intend that this blogsite and these videos support YOU in your magnificent dance of EXPANSION and in creating your own unique forms of SELF-expression!!!!

Leslie Lightfall
Dec. 31, 2012

(You may find that watching some of these videos in a smaller size on YouTube makes them less blurry.  Just select the YouTube button at the bottom of each little screen.)

Part 1 - Earth Shift Story

Part 2 - Tracks

Part 3 - Patterns and Formations

Part 4 - Shadows

Part 5 - Reflections

Part 6 - Energy Is Moving

I'm very grateful for all the help and support that continually comes my way enabling me to do this work and share it with people.  

I'm currently raising money to finance a trip to Chile and Peru in March, 2013 to do EarthSong energy work with the volcanoes there.  If you would like to be part of that adventure by donating $8, $88 or $888 to the cause you can simply use the PayPal button below.  

Thank you for your generous support!