Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Flight Assistance III

A story about a couple of very different kinds of "flight assistance" than the other two I previously shared.

Quite concerned about how in the world I was going to make it to the Lihue airport with all my luggage, my intuition told me to be ready to leave early in the morning, even though my flight wasn't until 9:38pm that evening.  

My next door neighbors at Kumu Camp in Anahola were up early and when I asked, they were quite lovely about giving me a lift to the airport.  (The "Need Oil" light on their rental vehicle had started flashing, so before their next adventure they were unexpectedly having to detour to the airport to exchange it for a new one.)

It was extremely fortunate that I was able to get to the airport early, for there were strong waves of energy coming in all day and several times I simply couldn't function in the outer world and could only lay down and receive the incoming energies.

It was a long day of waiting, but I could feel the spirit of the entire island of Kaua'i surrounding me, singing to me.  I knew some sort of energetic exchange was going on that was best served by my presence at the airport rather than remaining out at Anahola beach that day.

By 9 pm we were all quite ready to board our flight to LAX (Los Angeles, CA) when the announcement was made that our flight departure was being delayed until 10:30pm as an owl and the plane that was to be ours had collided during its landing approach to the airport.  (With only a two hour layover in LAX, this was once again, making the connection very tight.)

We were told that the owl had been sucked into and mangled by one of the engines.  A mechanic had to flown over from Honolulu to diagnose the extent of the damage and would hopefully correct the situation before we could be cleared for take-off.

As 10:30pm approached, the announcement was made that it would be more like midnight before we knew what was happening.  It was quite amazing to me how calm everyone was considering that most of us had connecting flights from LAX to destinations further away.  I felt so much appreciation for the crews that had to stay on the job for an extra three+ hours to take care of all of us.

 It was way after midnight when our flight finally got the go ahead and we were able to board the plane.

Arriving at LAX the next morning, I discovered that the airline had taken care of rebooking my flight and I had ample time to arrange for my shuttle from the Sacramento airport and find some lunch.  I was absolutely delighted to discover Lemonade which served actual food including vegetarian selections cafeteria style.  Rather rare in the world of airline travel.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two delicious selections from the diverse salads available.  Here at LAX!!!  Absolutely amazing.  A very welcome form of "flight assistance."

For years I've been envisioning healthy, tasty, organic food available as "fast food".

Thank you, Universe!!!  Thank you creators of the Lemonade chain of restaurants!!!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Walking Between Worlds

Greetings from Anahola, Kauai!

I am extremely blessed to experience so much magic and so many miracles as I travel around the world!  Sometimes, however, it is a bit challenging to be me and do what I am being asked to do!  (Many of you who are reading this are probably feeling the same way these days about your own paths of service as the energies continue to intensify and accelerate!)  

In Arizona, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get myself to the Phoenix airport.  Driving down 7 lane freeways at 65 miles an hour with traffic rushing by you on both sides at 75mph + doesn’t mix well with the deep energetic states of being I must live in to do the work I am called to do.  (And this was late at night in order to avoid rush hour traffic.)

I seem to be called to one power spot after another and move in and out of the many different belief systems and energetic states held by the people who are stewarding the land in each of the different locations I visit.  In between I travel through airports in hugely populated cities with immense vibrational pollution.   So I am very, very grateful for the individuals I meet along the way who DO understand what I am doing and help me out in a multitude of ways.  Without their understanding and support and ability to deal effectively with the technological world, it would be impossible to do what I do.

As my ability to look at things multidimensionally increases, there is less of sense of judgement about the situations I find myself in and more a feeling of acceptance of “what is” knowing that everyone is personally experiencing and going through what is needed as part of the global evolutionary process, transitioning into new ways of becoming aligned and living in harmonious relationship with the higher vibrations of the New Earth.

However, feeling the calling of the Earth herself and the layers of residual dense and toxic emotional energies of past human lives that can abound in a place is not a particularly pleasant thing to do.  My job, however, as I understand it, is not to attempt to fix anything, but to simply bring in the new energies and anchor them in each place.  It is then up to the people who live there and steward the land to clear and cleanse and do what needs to be done, so that all can live harmoniously in the new higher vibrations.

Many of the places on Earth that are still alive and loved and are able to receive energy from humans are on lands stewarded by indigenous people who have managed to protect and honor the sacredness of the land.  In many places they are actively taking steps to return lands once taken from them back to a state where they can again fulfill their sacred purpose.

Last August, towards the end of my last trip to New Zealand, I stayed with a Maori woman who took me to the world premiere in Auckland of an extremely important movie, “Ever the Land.”  This documentary is about the process that was gone through in New Zealand in which the New Zealand government made reparations for its previous decimation of the tribe, returned stewardship of their forest and awarded them enough money in settlement to provide for the creation of a huge community center - a "living" building.   

It was a hugely emotional experience to be at the premiere where the Maori people of the land where the theater was located provided a traditional welcoming ceremony for the tribe about which the film was made.  And to watch the movie with the people whom the movie was about.  I feel this film is extremely important and would like to see EVERYONE around the world see it.  The website for the film is evertheland.com.

Returning to Hawaii after doing years of EarthSong work in New Zealand, it felt to me like Hawaii IS a foreign country.  It all is very sacred land and needs to be cared for in a way that honors its purpose.  I’m not sure that is possible under the influence of the USA government and American life style priorities.  There is much going here in the islands about returning to Hawaiian sovereignty and reversing the illegal USA takeover that annexed Hawaii as a state.

While in Arizona, it appears to me that the Hopi have withdrawn to a great degree from economic exchange with the outer world, are closing their ceremonies to outsiders, and simply trying to protect their reservation lands as best they can from what I personally consider to be the utter madness of the western, consumer oriented society now swirling around them in Arizona.  In this map, you can see the the "politically defined" Hopi reservation is like an island within the Navaho reservation.  As I traveled around, singing to different places in the northeastern quarter of Arizona, I learned that many of the places considered very sacred by the Hopi extend out into a very much larger region.

Ownership of land is an interesting concept.  From what I see as I move around the planet, the Earth truly belongs to those who love her, respect her, try to understand her and work to take care of her.  All the rest is political gibberish and will become more and more irrelevant as the Earth and humans “wake up” multidimensionality and move into cooperative, higher consciousness ways of being and living co-creatively with the planet. 

As I travel I am meeting beautiful new souls, babies, young adults, and children.  I recommend that instead of focusing on the horrifying news broadcasts through the media that you look around and find these new arrivals.  Get to know them.  Support their growth and development into their full use of their profound power, abilities and skills.  They are a breath of fresh air and are looking at this world they’ve arrived in with open minds and hearts and strong spirits.  

Seeds for new ways of doing things are being planted all over the planet right now.  Focusing our attention on these new/ancient ways of doing things harmoniously, gives them the water, sun and fertilizer they need to rapidly grow to be strong and healthy.

May we all remember our true priorities and where it's most important to focus our energy and the power of our attention!!!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Flight Assistance II

Two days before I needed to fly to from Arizona to Kaua’i, I found a ticket that felt like it was mine.  Lower in price than what had been available the past couple of days as I searched for a flight, it had suddenly appeared in the listings. 

My only concern was that there was only a half hour layover between arrival in Portland from Phoenix and departure from Portland to Lihue on the Island of Kauai.  I went ahead and followed my guidance that this was my ticket and booked the flight, but my mind, couldn’t let go of the concern that it might not be enough time to change planes (especially knowing how the tail winds/head winds could change flight times from my last flight from Kona to Phoenix - see Flight Assistance story.)

We sat on the ground, waiting to take off, delayed, just as I had feared.  All I could do was hand it over to the gods.  It was out of my hands.  Nothing I could do now but deal with whatever unfolded as it unfolded.

I did mention my dilemma to the Alaska Air crew and they were extremely helpful.  They told me which gate I would need to get to and where it was located and shifted me to a seat much closer to the door so I could get off right away.

No tail winds this time.  My second flight was due to take off at 10:15 am. and we docked at 10:15 am.  

I exploded off the plane to be greeted by a man who said, “Gate 3, they’re holding the plane for you.”  I burst into tears of extreme gratitude.  I ran as fast as my heavy pack allowed, incredibly grateful that I would be on that plane, still wondering if my luggage would make it as well.  

As I ran up to Gate 1, having not seen Gate 3, crying out, “Where’s Gate 3?”, I was greeted by a woman who motioned, “Right over here.  We’re getting your bags.  No worries!  Plenty of time because your flight’s going to be having fantastic tail winds.  And we’re getting your luggage.   When I expressed my appreciation for how they’d all been helping me out, I got a warm hug from the gal as she unlocked the door for me to enter the boarding corridor.

Cheers went up as I entered the plane and found my seat.  

Even with the delay caused by my late arrival, we still arrived at our destination 25 minutes early!!!  In Lihue, one bag came chugging down the luggage carousel.  Then the carousel stopped and I thought, “Oh, no, where’s the second one?”  Coming around the corner, there it was.  Hallelujah! 

Huge relief.  I felt very, very blessed!

Thank you, Universe!  Thank you, Elementals!!!!!  

Thanks to the spirits, angels, guides and masters who walk with me, clearing the way!

Hanta Yo!!!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Equinox Experiences

Greetings from Sedona!

My experience of this past Equinox was unlike anything I’ve ever gone through before.  Here in Arizona the Equinox was around 5am on Sunday.  Beginning on Friday, I was guided step-by-step through a progression of experiences that took me all around the northwest corner of Arizona and included several different locations that are sacred to the Hopi and Navaho peoples.

On Friday I drove from Sedona through Flagstaff and across the Navaho reservation to the land of the Hopi that is like an island surrounded by the much larger Navaho reservation.  

I slept in my car by the Hopi Cultural Center and woke up Saturday morning and right away had an intense close encounter with a juniper tree which was abundantly sharing its pollen.  I had parked too close and injured its branches when I opened the rear car door.  I was made aware of the fact when I started sneezing violently.  I sang to the tree and apologized for my carelessness.  

At 8 am on Saturday morning, I met my wonderful Hopi guide, Roanna, who listened carefully and well to what I was most wanting to do and took me first off to a very sacred spot where I was granted permission to sing to the land and spirits of the land in that place.  

I had explained to her that I was feeling called to share the energies that I carry from all the other incredible sacred places I have been blessed to visit and commune with around the world with whatever spots on Hopi land that she thought would be most appropriate. 

It was a great honor to be allowed to sing independently while she waited in the car for awhile, giving me time and space to do what I was feeling moved to do.

I walked along the rock walls, looking at the petroglyphs and trying to feel where I should sing.  I saw this figure and wondered to myself if it was of a lizard.

A little lizard scurried out into the sun on a ledge in the stone wall right in front of me!  Yes!  A lizard blessing!

After I sang we began to walk around the area together and Roanna showed me this prairie dog’s home - holes in the rocks - and said that when I started to sing the song I always sing to introduce myself to the land and the spirits of the land, the little guy popped his head out as if he heard me and was listening.  

She said that she wondered to herself if the prairie dog was listening to me and she said he emerged even further and nodded his head as if to say, “yes!”   A prairie dog blessing!!!

She also took me to the two stone figures right next to where I had chosen to sing.  I am used to communing with stones and the spirits of stone, and if she hadn’t pointed out the male and female figures and explained that the stone where she chose to sit upon was right in the middle between them - a position of balance, I would have totally missed seeing them.  The message of the importance of balancing of male and female energies proved to be the theme of the Equinox for me.  

She showed me several of the petroglyphs and explained what the symbols meant.  Since so much of my guidance comes to me in visual symbols, I could easily understand how the symbols are a language for recording profound concepts and various kinds of information.

I didn't get a picture of the petroglyph near Prophecy Rock that shows two paths. the choice that faces all human beings:  To walk the straight path in alignment with the Divine plan in balance with the Earth that allows the lifeline of humanity to continue, or to walk  the crooked path that deviates and ends abruptly with the destruction of this world.

She also shared with me about how she and other Hopi women receive songs intuitively and then the men take them and bring them into form, adding on instruments and dance steps to bring forth the message more deeply.  The male supporting and manifesting that which is received through the feminine intuitively.

We had incredible, long day together that was deeply meaningful to me, with a wide variety of experiences.  She took me to four of the five Hopi mesas to briefly visit their villages.  I felt quite honored to be with her as it was a day that was very busy for the Hopi people who were making elaborate preparations for their own celebrations of the Equinox which are closed to all outsiders.

Before I left she asked me where I was going next.   When I said Canyon De Chelly, she suggested that I sing at Spider Rock.  I managed to get a bit lost and went through a powerful and very disturbing “triggering” experience before I finally made it there after sundown.  At the Antelope Outlook a Navaho man tried to force me to be intimate with him against my will, which is behavior from a man that I have never EVER encountered before in my life, but which I know happens to too many women around the world.  A powerful "NO!" put an end to the encounter and I quickly left.  At the time I couldn’t figure out why I had attracted that experience.  

After I went through the process of singing to and communing with the land and spirits at Spider Rock, a place that honors the energy of the Grandmothers, I understood that the experience with the Navaho man was important in that I will never forget the important message I was given and asked to share with the world.

The power of this place was stunning!   As I sang it felt like the sound was bringing up energy from the earth through the central spires and moving it out and around in a tube torus sort of motion.  The experience there was very intense and illuminating as the communion/singing process unfolded.  

As I travel around the world, at each different place I sing, I first introduce myself with my signature song and then ask permission to sing and do the EarthSong work.  If I receive permission and am welcomed, I open to my multi-dimensional “crew”, the non-physical beings who walk with me and invite the spirits of the place to join with us to sing through me those energies that are most needed by the place at that time, for the well-being of the Web of Life, and for my own personal well-being and growth.  

The message I received from at Spider Rock was about the need for all masculine energies to deeply honor and respect all the feminine energies, the urgent need for women to stand up for themselves and demand that their bodies, minds and spirits be treated as sacred - just as we must demand that the Earth herself be treated as a sacred being.  

Another deep profound experience for me.

I spent the night at a nearby campground and the next morning was on the road before 5am, so I was on open land, traveling again across the Navaho reservation as the sun came up.

When I asked where we were to go to sing for the Equinox, I got that we were to sing at the Petrified Forest next.  I arrived in time to have my breakfast while waiting for the gates to open at 7am.  The place felt wonderful, cared for and protected.  I sang at the two places in the park, Jasper Forest,

and the Crystal Forest,

and the feeling/message that came through was of the deep nurturing quality trees hold for humanity.  These very ancient trees helped create the nurturing atmosphere that allowed human life to manifest and to live on this planet.  

Trees serve humanity and all life in so many different ways.  Acting as antennae for spiritual energies is one of the purposes that I have become increasingly aware of lately.

Leaving the park we headed east towards our next destination which turned out to be the volcanic area near the San Franciscan peaks near Flagstaff.

I was prepared for the cinder cone, called the Sunset Volcano, but totally shocked by the raw lava flows.  

No - this is not the Big Island of Hawaii!  Pine trees instead of ohia trees.  This is a lava flow from only 800 yrs. or so ago!  I have been pondering the dream I had about the lava flowing over the red cliffs in Sedona a lot, wondering what the dream means - so it was a huge shock to realize that the dream was showing me a very real physical possibility.

I thought I would spend the night near the volcanic area and head back to Sedona in the morning, but suddenly became aware we had yet one more place to sing before we quit for the day.  So I found myself on the road yet again, driving north this time to the Grand Canyon. 

Again a miracle of timing.  I arrived at the first lookout along the South Rim just as the last few Navaho people were closing down all their stalls.  I was granted permission to go in before they locked the gate and was able to sing to the Canyon while facing the Hopi mesas to the east.  It felt like I was singing to bring through energies supporting the birthing of a New Earth and a New Humanity.

To me, each Equinox is time of coming into balance.  This particular Equinox had a theme of the urgent need for each of us to balance female and male energies, especially in regards to our relationship with Mother Earth.

May we all walk in balance with the entire Web of Life!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Squeaky Clean

Greetings from Rio Verde, Arizona!

I have to chuckle whenever I think about the fact that one of the first things I experienced after getting off the plane and being warmly welcomed here in Phoenix, was a ride through a car wash.  

After that brief but heavy dose of EMF’s and technological living style just before I left Hawaii on the New Moon, it seemed entirely synchronistic and appropriate somehow to have a trip through a car wash be the first thing that happened upon my arrival in Arizona.  My aunt and her son agreed her car needed a good wash and this was the best time for him to do it, so my cousin navigated my aunt’s car through this intense, mechanized process:

We were scrubbed. 

And rinsed.

And blown dry.

We emerged squeaky clean - ready for the next stage of the journey to unfold in this new world of the saguaro desert.  Sort of like coming out of the womb.

A new day, in a new place, in these new times of the Great Shift birthing the New Earth.  Dawn from the guest room at my aunt’s lovely home:

Flight Assistance

I was blessed to live deeply engaged with the natural world for most of the time I spent in Hawaii.  

However, after staying less than 24 hours in a friend’s condominium in Keauhou (where there were 15+ different internet servers with their EMFs bombarding one tiny apartment size space - that’s not to mention cell phone and television radiations going on.), it was a huge relief to get to away from the civilized “madness” that so many millions of people are living in these days in urban situations like his and arrive early to sit with the trees and feel the gentle breeze caressing me at the Kona airport. 

My body is MUCH happier when I’m in a EMF free zone, vibrationally clear and safe places which are fast disappearing as various, disastrous types of vibrational pollution run rampant on the planet.  Ambassador Ehani recently sent out a link to his youtube video, EMF - Electromagnetic Fields & Pollution that - from my perspective of traveling and experiencing many different environments around the world - gives a very good analysis of the current world situation and ways to best cope and protect oneself.

At the Kona airport, I met and connected with a new friend who talked about work she has done exploring and teaching about the physiology of the human body when exposed to extreme environmental conditions.  

I consider my night in the condominium to be one of the most extreme toxic environments I’ve had to endure in recent years.   I wonder what it’s going to take for people to wake up and realize what humans are doing to themselves vibrationally and electromagnetically?  To me it’s no wonder that there’s so much sickness and craziness going on, especially in the USA with everyone’s systems being jingle-jangled constantly.  How could there not be???

I thought it was quite interesting that I was "called" to be changing worlds at the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse.  While waiting to board our flight, feeling my deep gratitude for my time and profound experiences on the Big Island, I felt an urge to sing well up from deep within me, and so found myself singing the song that seems to connect me with the Ancient Ones. 

As I sang I could see in my mind how each of the waka’s (large double hulled canoes) that left for a long trans-ocean voyage, was always blessed ceremonially.  So as I sang, I saw our plane and crew and all the passengers as being blessed and assisted by the spirit/natural world to safely reach our destination.  Almost like a spiritual cocoon surrounding our plane.

We were all boarded and ready for take-off a few minutes early and after we were up in the air for a bit, the captain came online to say that we would probably arrive in Phoenix almost an hour early as we were experiencing surprisingly fantastic tail winds!  

It’s always an incredible experience to leave one land mass late at night and arrive at another the next morning.

Beginning a new day in a new world flying over a new land mass,

with a very different terrain.

We actually did arrive over 50 minutes early.  


My heartfelt thanks and aloha to Gaia and to the Ancestors and Ancient Ones for another safe journey.  

Monday, 7 March 2016

Saying Goodbye

Before leaving Volcano for the last time this trip, I visited Pele at the Kilauea Crater to express my gratitude.  Many tears of fullness, of gratitude, of feeling so much at one with the lava and with the island.  

The early morning sky was stunningly clear and bright blue.  An amazing and welcome surprise after several days and nights of heavy vog and rain.

Just as I was leaving Volcano National Park, I saw this young man and observing his joy in his mode of transportation, I suddenly knew that the next stage of my life is about the getting to know the young ones, learning about the new/old ideas they are bringing to the planet at this time.

I headed down to South Point, the southern most point of the Big Island.  South Point is a very special, sacred spot and throughout its existence has seen many voyagers set off for long journeys across the sea.  It felt most important to visit there before I departed from the Big Island, just as it was my first stop when I arrived on the island last August.

On the way to South Point, I stopped off at Punalu’u to see my friends, the sea turtles.  Most were in the water, but one of them had come out and was sunning himself on the black sand.  So I sang The Sea Turtle song to him.  Then I told him about how much I have learned from the sea turtles over the years and expressed my deep gratitude for their continued existence and my spoke my prayers for their well-being.  I asked that this turtle share my message with all the other sea turtles.

Just like last time, I received a big, extended flipper wave.  Astonished to have this happen a second time (see Sea Turtle Waves Back story), I almost forgot I had a camera in my hand, but just managed to catch the tail end of the magical moment in a photo this time. 

My sea turtle blessing!!!

My next stop was to sing to this this lovely tree, who had called out to me when I first arrived on the Big Island, wanting me to sing to it and commune with it.  

A much loved tree, its covered with names and initials carved by several generations.  Looking at it's huge roots and it’s wrinkly bark, I felt at peace with my own aging process.

Arriving in South Point, I found that the grass was very, very dry.   Often it can be incredibly windy out here, but the breeze was relatively gentle and very welcome in coping with the dry heat.  I found a good place to park, for the night.  

Clouds built up and delivered a bit of rain, leaving behind that wonderful smell of dampened dry grass that I remember so well from the living in dry grassy areas of northern California and southern Oregon.

During the night I awoke to a clear, starry sky and watched a several shooting stars whiz by.  One was so brilliant and close I was afraid it might land, but it blazed away as it passed overhead and finally fizzled out over the ocean.

Fireworks to celebrate the end of my time here on the Big Island!!!

I watched the dawn approach and tried to get a picture of the crescent moon and the close of this part of the lunar cycle, getting ready for the beginning of the next.

Later that day, as I headed to sing at my favorite sacred spot at Pu’uhonua O Honauanau, I drove around a bend in the road to see two fully grown turkeys on either side of the road.  A bit later there was a pile of feathers in the middle of the road where another one had been run over.  I pulled over, feeling a need to walk back and see if I could get a feather.  Turkeys are considered by some peoples to be a symbol of gratitude and Turkey Medicine is often associated with the Giveaway Ceremony.  

Some fluff rolled towards me across the pavement.

Two turkey breast feathers were stuck together and floating gently to me.  A reminder to give that which comes from a warm heart, lightly.  Why two?  Hmmm . . .

Just before entering the City of Refuge, I have a ritual of stopping to get Plumeria blossoms that have fallen to give to the ocean and Pele when I sing.  

This time I felt called to also release my two turkey feathers to the waters.  They were a bit stickey and to release one of them I had to really work hard to let it go, it kept sticking to me and the wind kept blowing it away from the active waves.  

So finally I turned around to release it into the quieter waters behind me.  

I had the extreme pleasure of singing in unison with the ocean’s movements.

When I was done singing, while I was expressing my gratitude to all the spirits and elemental forces of that spot (who now, after many years of singing to them, reach out to greet me like an old and beloved friend) the ocean surged up mightily and flowed around me on both sides.  After all these years I was prepared for her magnificent response and managed to come away with dry clothes, sandals and water bottle still intact.

Today I woke up early and returned for one last sing at Honaunau before continuing north along the coast to Manini beach where I met a wonderful new (human) friend who greatly amplifed the power of my singing with her presence when I sang to the lava rocks dancing with the ocean there at that point.

Tomorrow, which happens to be the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, will be spent packing and then off on a late flight, shifting to the the very different world of the Saguaro desert in Tucson and the red rocks of Sedona in Arizona.  

Aloha, Big Island!  Thank you for your BEINGNESS and all your many huge gifts to me during my time here!!!  I feel very full of living lava life force energies and am most blessed by my experiences of the past 6 months.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Living Lava

It was very hugely transformative experience to be housesitting here in Volcano Village for two months (Jan. and Feb. 2016), right on the slope of Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, living right next door to the Kilauea Crater with its lake of living lava cyclically rising and falling, sending out plumes of noxious gases.  

Truly a place to witness the Earth in the process of birthing herself - a powerful and messy business.  Old life forms being destroyed by flows of molten lava, emission of poisonous gases, explosive eruptions.

I look around at all the events that are happening in our world today and I see the New Earth birthing herself and the New Humanity birthing itself.  Likewise, a powerful and messy business.

Living for this time on the planet's largest active volcano has allowed me to feel and explore the living lava of my inner core self.

The very first time I came to the Big Island many years ago I was taken to the lava fields when the lava was flowing directly into the ocean.

I was also driven to different lava fields and shown the two basic types of cooled lava: a’a which is very rough and chaotic and often is the result of an intense, forceful eruption,

and pahoehoe lava which is smoother and often has interesting designs that are formed as it flows and pools and winds its way more slowly across the surface of the earth.

While housesitting here in Volcano I read several books about Huna, Hawaiian mysticism and learned that Hawaiians have had practices of using the particular energies of these contrasting types of lava to help them raise their consciousness.

If they were wanting to get into touch or express the anger or rage about something, they would visit a flow of the a’a lava and allow its intense energies to help them express and clear out intense emotions that they were ready to release.  

When they wanted to create something new in themselves or their lives they would visit the smoother flowing pahoehoe lava areas and get in touch with its creational energies while praying and envisioning the new forms they wished to create in their lives.

After reading about this I was most interested in visiting these two types of lava and exploring how they each might affect human consciousness.

While visiting the lava flows and formations at the various volcanoes and craters on the Big Island, I have discovered an absolutely amazing variety in the shapes: 

and colors 

and textures 

and layers of lava

that resulted from the various eruptions.  Lava is not just lava.  

Each flow has a different character to it and its appearance depends on many different factors, such as the amount of pressure that was behind the force of a particular eruption and what particular minerals were spewed forth at the time, and it’s age and how much aging and breaking down has occurred since the flow occurred.

The magma flows when and as the earth chooses and in doing so has thus closed several roads in the National Park.  During that earlier visit in the spring of 2009 I actually got to witness living lava burning its way across man-made asphalt.

On the Big Island I found places that are quite magical and that feel like they emit very special kinds of transformative energies.  

The Earth has committed to her process of ascension and all of us humans who are currently living on her are feeling the effects as our own inner lava flows and erupts and we evolve and transform into the New Humans who are a viable match and able to live harmoniously as a part of the New Earth.

May your own personal "lava flows" serve you perfectly in creating the NEW YOU!!!