Saturday, 31 October 2015

Waipi'o Valley - Vibrational Gardens

Vibrational Gardens

After walking down to the beach in Waipi’o Valley for a second time and singing to the ancestors at the burial sites there, 

I received a “download” of very clear knowing that the third High Tide movie is to be about the creation and stewardship of vibrational gardens.  

I suddenly saw clearly that the places where I have been called to do EarthSong work here in Hawaii and during my last two trips to New Zealand have all been vibrational gardens of various kinds in various stages of awakening and development.  

I have observed that the humans who are stewarding these vibrational gardens have greater or lesser awareness of the true essence and purpose of their particular piece of land as well as varying degrees of self-awareness, and therefore have varying levels of ability to be living in greatest harmony with the land to/for which they are responsible. 

Vibrational gardens are places that enhance ability of all life forms, both physical and non-physical, to interact and commune with each other.  Depending on their purpose and nature, vibrational gardens emanate and amplify energies of various kinds and enhance humans in their ability to expand into their multi-dimensional selves in a multitude of ways.  Each vibrational garden is unique in the energies it is intended to receive, transduce and make available to those who interact with it.  

How these energies flow and interact with life forms is very much affected by the conscious awareness of the human beings who steward the sacred land.  The health, well-being and coherency of a vibrational garden is also affected by the  respect, reverence and unique gifts each visitor brings.

I experienced Waipi’o Valley as being a very active, multi-faceted vibrational garden.  It holds and flows many different kinds of powerful energies that allow one to connect more easily with other dimensions of being, with the spirits of the Ancestors and Ancient Ones, celestial beings, with Mama Earth, elemental forces. beings and all her creatures.

At the time I was there, it was offering highly charged, boosting amplification to whatever energy someone brought down into the valley with them, which at the time of my visit was a highly volatile and very mixed bag.  Waipi’o valley residents and visitors can have extremely profound, magical, experiences or very difficult, challenging - even life threatening experiences during their time there, depending upon their own energetic state and their personal and soul intentions.  With all the chaos, toxicity and denseness that was swirling around down there it was quite a discipline to keep centered and balanced within my own connection to Source and Earth energies for the five days and nights in the valley.

I had several different sorts of experiences during my stay.   A couple of times I became aware of something calling out to me in response to a question for which I had been seeking an answer.

While I was out walking along the roads, for example, I passed Noni trees in several different locations, and they called to me to take them and use them.  I had scratched myself on an exposed rusty screw tip the first night was in the cabin and so I took a very ripe one home and rubbed the squishy fruit on the cut and it took away the soreness and it healed very quickly and cleanly.

The noni trees continued to call out to me, so after I left the valley started looking for information about all their healing properties.  Here in Volcano, I stayed with someone who had a wonderful book about the healing powers of Noni and discovered that it has the ability to help with a couple of my health problems as it is a great booster of the entire immune system and can facilitate healing for an awesome number of conditions.

One morning I walked further up into the valley where I got to view these twin waterfalls.  

When I returned I found myself dancing with hula type movements and realized that I had connected with one of the Hawaiian ancestors, who was dancing through me.

Returning from my second trip to the beach, I found a much better path that helped me to avoid the squishy mud and pond of water covering the road.  

It was a higher path (to the right) that was not so obvious as the main road and the well-traveled, incredibly muddy area to the left.  A reminder that the best way to get through a difficult situation may not be the most obvious, most easily visible choice that most people would make.

Another very special moment of communion occurred during my first visit to the river where it meets the ocean.  

I sang to the Ancestor Spirits at the burial grounds and then to Ancient Ones and to the valley and to the ocean at the river mouth.  As I turned to leave and walk back to the cabin, I felt the message come that there was a gift for me on the beach, right at that corner where the fresh and salt waters met.

I turned and looked for some special rock or shell but instead was drawn to three seedpods lying in the sand. 

When I showed them to my friend Iliana later, she said that they are Kukui nuts from the candle nut tree - a gift from the Waipi'o valley symbolizing becoming enlightened with Divine gifts.

After receiving the Kukui nuts I stood for awhile in gratitude, feeling how that sacred place where the river returns the water to the great Oneness of the ocean (in fact, all vibrational gardens) provide a field of enhancing, amplifying energies that allow for deeper, clearer communion with inter-dimensional beings and multi-dimensional aspects of oneself.  

I am so blessed to be called to visit these sacred places and meet the very special people who are called to interact with them and care for them.  This concept of developing, nurturing and stewarding sacred lands that are meant to function as vibrational gardens feels like one that I am meant to share with the world - particularly with the humans who are being called to steward these places and use their creative abilities to enhance the vibrational gardens' evolutionary capabilities.

My profound gratitude goes out to all humans who recognize and care for their land as being sacred and an important piece of of the living Gaia.


Monday, 26 October 2015

Trees - Providing Visuals of Jagadhita

I spent a lot of my five days and nights in the cabin lying down on my mat, undergoing a complex process of energy exchange that I can best describe as feeling like a huge ongoing vibrational transfusion.   I could feel all sorts of intense, high vibrational earth and spiritual energies flowing in and out of my physical body and energy fields.

My EarthSong work has taken me to all sorts of sacred spots on this Earth for exchanging energy and electromagnetic information with each location, but my experience of the energies in Waipi'o Valley was particularly powerful and transformative.

From my spot lying right next to a window (bless those screens!) I was drawn to watch a nearby group of trees.

I was intrigued with how there were several distinct varieties of trees, existing most happily and healthfully with their branches all intertwined and interwoven.

Their shared canopy was a mixture of at least three totally different types of leaves that created the feeling of one large, whole community of  "tree beingness."

When I sat up and turned around to look out the window that faced the river there was a single tree that emanated a strong energy of solitary being, deeply rooted and gave off a gloriously powerful presence.

Observing the magnificent energies that both the individual tree and the community group of trees gave off I was reminded of the concept of Jagadhita that I had learned about during my visit to Bali a year before.

As I understand it, Jagadhita is an ancient Balinese term that refers to holding both the well-being of the community and the well-being of each individual as being of equal importance.  When problems arise, all involved keep talking and negotiating until a solution is found that allows everyone involved to feel peaceful in their hearts with the final outcome.

I felt like the trees were given me a living, breathing, visual experience of the concept that soaked in deeply over the five days of my time down within Waipi'o Valley, communing with the ancient energies that live there.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Call to Waipi’o Valley

First Call
I felt the invitation to Waipi’o Valley when I first landed in the Kona airport back in August (2015).  In the airport lobby, a brochure for horseback tours into the valley sang out to me, the picture of the lush valley floor and steep canyon walls calling out and inviting me to come visit.  My ten weeks of communing with other sacred spots on the Big Island helped prepare me for my Waipi’o experience in mid-October.

The Rim
The way to get to Waipi’o opened up very magically and abruptly.  I was gifted with a ride from one side of the island to Waipi'o and guided to a place to stay on the rim with Colleenah.  I arrived in pouring rain, feeling very disoriented and wobbly.  Early the next morning Colleenah very abruptly, out of the blue, announced that when she was called to something, she just dove right in, and that I should be ready to leave in 5 minutes and she would drive me to the Waipi’o Valley Lookout and I could get on with it.  

Her manner was so intense, unexpected and so bizarre I figured it was probably meant to be, so I hurriedly threw together some water and food, a hat and umbrella, and raced out to where she sat waiting in the car, honking to get me going.

At the lookout, she dropped me off, quickly left, and still feeling really disoriented, I burst into tears - a mixture of emotions both the suddenness and abruptness with which she left me there to experience “whatever,” and with the huge, powerful flow of energy that was pulsing out of the valley welcoming me.

I walked down the the covered area to figure out what to do, and decided to just sit there and sing to the valley from the rim as the road down is extremely steep and slippery with all the storms that had been flooding the valley.

I stayed there under the overhang of the building and sang until I felt more in tune with the situation and aligned with the energies of the valley and then after a couple of hours got up to read some of the signs for visitors that gave important information about the valley, and its history as home to Hawaiian royalty.  One of these talked about the concept of respecting the valley land and waiting to be invited to come down to visit. 

I asked within if I was complete and should head back to Colleenah’s but got “no” there was someone for me to meet.  Soon a very beautiful, peaceful, calm woman came and stood with a friend, chatting, right in front of me.  From the little bit I overheard, it was obvious that she was local and well acquainted with the deeper energies of the area. 

I said, “I think I need to talk to you?!”  I told her I was feeling called to go down and stay for a few days in the valley and did she know of anywhere I could stay down there and be both welcome and safe? 

Waipi'o Valley is known for it’s intense energies that amplify whatever vibration you take down into it.  It’s said to be a dangerous place for those who carry large amounts of density, toxicity and negativity.  Likewise, those who come in joy and gratitude to honor the land and the spirits of the valley can have very profound, magical, blessed experiences.

She suggested that I walk a ways down, that there was magic available and I might meet someone who lived in the valley along the road, even if I didn’t go all the way to the valley floor.   I felt ready to give that a try, gathered my stuff and set out down the steep, narrow incline that only 4-wheel-drives can navigate safely.

The Guardian Stone
I walked as far as my legs could handle and felt that’s enough and asked “do I need to go further and got ‘no,’ so I turned to climb back up the hill.  After a few steps, I realized that that didn’t feel quite right and asked if should I go back to the top?   I got ’no,’ and that confused me until I realized I was standing next to this big boulder that I had felt been calling out for my attention as I walked down.

As I approached the stone, I was filled with the knowing that it was a guardian stone, a portal of some kind.  It felt to me that it acted as sort of a megaphone for communicating with the energies and entities of the whole valley.  So I sent my greetings from all the lands where I have traveled and sang my deep Aloha and respect to the valley.  I stated that I felt I had been called and wished to come down for a few days, but that I would need a place to stay where I could feel peaceful, safe and be undisturbed.  So if I was meant to come down and commune, please help me to find a place to stay.   And if I were deemed not energetically ready to visit yet, to please accept my deep love and gratitude for my experience of the valley from right where I was.  And I sang my aloha to the valley as deeply and fully as I could.

Climbing back up to the rim, I spoke with the ranger who had heard Colleenah describe to me where she lived in order to get directions back to her place.  Either he misdirected me or I misunderstood, because I ended up walking a long ways along a road that I didn’t remember ever being on before.  But when I tuned in, my guidance was to keep going, even though I appeared to heading out into the countryside on a main road and away from the neighborhood where Colleenah lived.  

Finally I spotted a little snack shack type place and grateful walked over to it and asked the proprietor, Tony, if he knew where Cemetery Road was, that I was trying to find Colleenah’s place.  He lived just a few houses away from her and kindly gave me directions.  Before I left, I asked if he happened to know anyone who had a place in the valley where I might be able safely stay alone and commune the energies of the valley in peace and quiet.  He said he had a place that was still under construction, but that I could stay there for a couple of nights and he would take me down in the morning.

Electric Storm Preparation
I found my way back to Colleenah’s and that night we had the most incredible lightening storm I have ever experienced in my life.  It lasted for hours and hours.  A bit of thunder and a bit of rain, but mostly this incredible light show that went on and on.  It felt like an electric re-calibration of the energies of the valley and of myself.  I later discovered this tremendous electrical storm had been widespread over the whole island.

The Cabin
In the morning, Tony drove me down to his place, a simple cabin still under construction.  I discovered my little piece of Paradise was covered with 4 inches of freshly deposited mud - silt that had been left behind by the recent flooding.  

We squished up to our ankles in places in order to unload my stuff and carry it into the cabin.  

I was incredibly grateful to get all my luggage safely deposited inside without any of it (or either one of us) ending up in the mud.  Finally settled in on the valley floor, my experience of the magic and power of Waipi’o continued to unfold. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Rapid Unfolding

Greetings from Waipi’o Valley, Big Island of Hawaii!

I was drawn to take a picture of this plant the very first time I looked out the window and saw its huge leaves turned up to catch the sun filtering through the neighboring trees.

The second day I realized that a new leaf had formed and was growing very rapidly with the life giving mixture of rain/sun/rain/sun we were experiencing in the valley.  I thought that was interesting after the download I had gotten from the Mother Cave about opening to our brand new abilities in each moment.

Once I realized what the plant was doing, I started checking on its progress several times a day.  Its growth and rapid unfoldment seemed a visual mirror of what I was experiencing within myself while living within the potent energies of the very sacred valley.

I watched carefully for the moment when the leaf opened to embrace more of the world than it had been able to do while wrapped around itself.

When I checked in the morning on the day that I left the valley, I was happy to see it was wide open, still wearing its new green color, but full sized and just about ready to take its place as a mature player in the plant's life.

Blessings to you all during these times of rapid unfoldment!

Leslie Lightfall

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Emerging From The Owl's Nest

Greetings from Banyon Tree Sanctuary, Big Island of Hawaii!

This last New Moon brought a powerful insight about navigating in these new energies.  I have been very blessed by my time here at Banyon Tree Sanctuary, working with the energies of the Hualalai volcano.  I have been experiencing a living space (a tentalow called Hale Pueo - the Owl's Nest) that has truly allowed me to feel peaceful, calm and strong.

On Sunday morning, (the Dark of the Moon) Maggie took me down and walked me around the grounds next door which are home to several caves.  She and her partners have been stewarding this land for many years and I could feel that the little people are very happy with the love and care they have been receiving.  

They sang through me as we passed through one area where Maggie said she felt their presence most strongly.  It was a very light, fluttery kind of sound that I have never voiced before and got higher in pitch, higher in frequency as we progressed.  It felt like a very special gift and honor to be allowed to sing “their song” through me to them.

Then we arrived at the Great Mother Cave.  

Maggie guided me down the long lava tube, into the heart of the cave, past roots growing down through the lava above our heads.  

This is a cave where the Hawaiian people used to place gourds to collect water when it rained.   When we reached the innermost part of the womb-like space she left me to stay alone and meditate.  

My most important experience wasn’t so much about anything that happened while being in the cave, but rather about my process of emergence.  Rather than use my flashlight/torch, I crawled on my hands and knees, feeling my way out of the darkest, deepest part of the cave.  

After navigating myself carefully through a narrow, twisting/turning, sharp rocky passage, I was able to see enough by the “light at the end of the tunnel” to carefully make my way to the entrance, emerging out into the full light of day once again.  I felt like I had earned my "wings."

The next morning, while preparing myself for the Sound Sculpture process, I “saw” the people participating also going through a rebirthing ceremony before we entered the building to begin creating the Sound Sculpture.  The message of this vision being, that those of us who are able to make use of the incoming energies may find ourselves transforming so rapidly that we are a new version of ourselves moment-by-moment.  That we are constantly going to have to let go of who we think we are in order to fully embrace who we now are in each moment.  

The “Me” I am now is capable of imaging, intending, saying, and doing things that the “Me” of the most recent past (even five minutes ago) was not.

When I revisited the cave this morning to take these pictures, I noticed the Owl keeping watch over the entrance to the cave.  Great wisdom is available to ALL who take the time to commune deeply with Mama Earth.

May we all FEEL our way through the darkest parts of our transformational journeys as we reconnect deeply with the Earth.  May we emerge to spread our wings with newness, joy and aloha in these incredibly expansive, magical times!!!!


Saturday, 10 October 2015

New Moon - Energy Work - Wholetones

Greetings from Banyon Tree Sanctuary, Big Island of Hawaii!

I invite those of you who feel called to do so to link up with us energetically to gift energy to the Earth on the coming New Moon.  A small group of people will joining me here at Banyon Tree Sanctuary to create a Sound Sculpture celebrating the New Moon on Monday afternoon, Oct. 12th.  Time of the New Moon is 2:08 pm Hawaiian time (12:08 pm, Oct. 11th in NZ).  We will be working on the lower slopes of Hualalai, one of the smaller volcanoes here on the Big Island, to bring in the highest, finest frequencies that are most needed at this time at this particular place on the planet.

It is most exciting how everything is unfolding with my EarthSong work.   I am now available to do different sorts of individual, group, and onsite Creational Sounding sessions.  For information about this work, you are welcome to check out EarthSong Energy Work.  

In the past couple of days I have also had a couple of key pieces for the continuing development of the High Tide movies drop in my lap, which is quite thrilling.

One of these pieces is the discovery of the Michael Tyrrell’s Wholetone music.   I was blessed to be able to hear his CDs and read his book while staying in Wood Valley with S last week.  The research Michael has done and the music he has created are incredibly important and I know that all the music that is used in the High Tide music will be recorded based on these healing, enlightening frequencies.   Here are the links to two of his videos on Youtube:

I also want to share this drawing with you:  

I was surprised that the tiny hearts were green.  Then I realized the message was that ascension doesn’t have to be about huge catastrophic events.  It is about bringing healing, compassionate love to each little interaction, moment-by-moment, encounter-by-encounter.   With a kind word here, a hug there, a smile, that we all help to birth the New Earth and the New Humanity.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Weaving New Webs

Greetings from Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Over the years I’ve been fascinated by spiders and what they offer as teachers.  They build a web and then live within the limitation of its boundaries, dealing with and existing upon whatever comes into the net they woven to define their world.  

At the last place I was staying in Honomu, at the entrance to a large central building, there were dozens and dozens of spiders each with its own very strong, very sticky web, each living separately in its own defined space.

Yesterday I used the island bus system to shift myself and my luggage from the Hilo side to the Kona side of the Big Island.   The first bus ride was a huge surprise.  The driver was very welcoming and supportive to each of his passengers and he loves to play music, which I usually find very intrusive and irritating.  But this particular driver loves his job and shares very delightful, upbeat music that makes you want to smile and to dance.  I heard passengers commenting on how they really needed and were grateful for the energy they got from riding on his bus.  There were many happy conversations going on, with people expressing caring about one another and wishing each other a lovely day.

We had clear sunny skies and excellent visibility on our trip across the island, so we were able to see all the mountains (volcanoes) and even the island of Maui was clearly visible.

The second bus was a different story.  The driver was complaining about this and that, roadwork, the way people acted, very critical of everything, the traffic was routed differently and greatly slowed up and she commented that the old woman with a cane was walking faster than we were moving.   For the most part, there was an attitude of every man for himself in how the driver and passengers treated each other.  The sky was voggy and threatening to rain.

So I sat there appreciating the contrast of the two situations and the different "webs" of experience each driver was creating/attracting within the defined area of their bus.  

The experiences reminded me to be aware of any “webs” I have created in any area of my life and be sure I’m exuding and radiating the emotional/vibrational frequency that will attract the things that bring me the most joy and delight and magical moments.

Blessing:  Having chosen to abandon my "old web" and move to one that matches my intention for creating more joy, delight and fun in my life, I am now staying with a wonder-full woman who is sharing her lovely space with me temporarily.  Elisha is very in tune with the magic of her surroundings and very conscious of how she creates them with her vibration and intention.  

This morning I sat out on the lanai while checking emails and a little gecko came scampering across the table looking directly at me, expectantly and soon had crawled onto my hand.   I was quite thrilled with this connection and ran to get my camera, but the little guy had already scampered down onto the deck where I got this video of him:

When I told Elisha about it, I learned that the gecko's appearance was actually part of her daily ritual.  When she sits at the table it is a signal to all the local geckoes and they come expecting to be fed the tidbits of papaya she offers to them.

Such a lovely gift to sit at her table and experience bits of her world!!!

May you all weave beautiful, joyous, nurturing, life-giving webs for yourSelves and encourage the young ones to do the same for themSelves.