Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Emerging From The Owl's Nest

Greetings from Banyon Tree Sanctuary, Big Island of Hawaii!

This last New Moon brought a powerful insight about navigating in these new energies.  I have been very blessed by my time here at Banyon Tree Sanctuary, working with the energies of the Hualalai volcano.  I have been experiencing a living space (a tentalow called Hale Pueo - the Owl's Nest) that has truly allowed me to feel peaceful, calm and strong.

On Sunday morning, (the Dark of the Moon) Maggie took me down and walked me around the grounds next door which are home to several caves.  She and her partners have been stewarding this land for many years and I could feel that the little people are very happy with the love and care they have been receiving.  

They sang through me as we passed through one area where Maggie said she felt their presence most strongly.  It was a very light, fluttery kind of sound that I have never voiced before and got higher in pitch, higher in frequency as we progressed.  It felt like a very special gift and honor to be allowed to sing “their song” through me to them.

Then we arrived at the Great Mother Cave.  

Maggie guided me down the long lava tube, into the heart of the cave, past roots growing down through the lava above our heads.  

This is a cave where the Hawaiian people used to place gourds to collect water when it rained.   When we reached the innermost part of the womb-like space she left me to stay alone and meditate.  

My most important experience wasn’t so much about anything that happened while being in the cave, but rather about my process of emergence.  Rather than use my flashlight/torch, I crawled on my hands and knees, feeling my way out of the darkest, deepest part of the cave.  

After navigating myself carefully through a narrow, twisting/turning, sharp rocky passage, I was able to see enough by the “light at the end of the tunnel” to carefully make my way to the entrance, emerging out into the full light of day once again.  I felt like I had earned my "wings."

The next morning, while preparing myself for the Sound Sculpture process, I “saw” the people participating also going through a rebirthing ceremony before we entered the building to begin creating the Sound Sculpture.  The message of this vision being, that those of us who are able to make use of the incoming energies may find ourselves transforming so rapidly that we are a new version of ourselves moment-by-moment.  That we are constantly going to have to let go of who we think we are in order to fully embrace who we now are in each moment.  

The “Me” I am now is capable of imaging, intending, saying, and doing things that the “Me” of the most recent past (even five minutes ago) was not.

When I revisited the cave this morning to take these pictures, I noticed the Owl keeping watch over the entrance to the cave.  Great wisdom is available to ALL who take the time to commune deeply with Mama Earth.

May we all FEEL our way through the darkest parts of our transformational journeys as we reconnect deeply with the Earth.  May we emerge to spread our wings with newness, joy and aloha in these incredibly expansive, magical times!!!!