Friday, 30 December 2016

Songs From My CD Albums

Links to songs from my CD Albums which were uploaded to Youtube by CDbaby:

All songs were written, performed and recorded by Leslie Lightfall. 

Celebrate Love CD:  (1990 - 1997)

Song of the Dolphins music only   (***Song of the Dolphins - my video)

Twilight Magic CD:   (1983 - 1995)

Love Is the Light CD:   (1982 - 1985)

Songs of the Spirit CD:   (1982 - 1991)

Reach Out   

Sing to the Morning CD:  (2006 - 2009)

Deep Spring Album  (2003-2004  Instrumental music only) 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Dancing With My Dragon

During the fourth Power of Shamanic Communication class last night, I entered into the Power Animal meditation wondering who would show up.   I have developed very strong connections with humpback whales/dolphins, dragons, eagles, wolves, butterflies and bumblebees and many other creatures through the years and was curious to see who would appear.

I went down through pond, through the tunnel, but I couldn’t perceive myself as being in any particular landscape, and was trying to make that happen when suddenly this huge dragon appeared right in front of me (felt like I was facing north). I told him I was quite happy to see him, but if dragons were my power animal then I wanted to have four of them show up. I immediately felt a dragon approach from behind me (south) and it was like it was wrapping its huge wings around me in a very nurturing and protective way. Then a dragon appeared from my right blowing fire (East) and after a brief pause the fourth dragon, mostly black, appeared from my left (West).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various kinds of dragons, earth dragons, fire dragons, water dragons and feathered air dragons ever since Tracey pointed out the dragon image that appeared in the photo of putting my talking stick into the water when I posted the original photo on our Facebook community group page.

Dancing the dragon energy after our meditation was very powerful for me and brought those deep tears of recognition and connection that melt your heart wide open, and I am grateful to our course instructor, Lynn Andrews, for that opportunity to create a more conscious connection with my dragons!

The “crystal” I chose to embody the spirit of my Power Animal is not a quartz crystal. Evidently it is a piece of tektite - glass that was formed when a meteor hit the Earth near Medicine Lake. I had wanted to have a piece of lava from the place I was called to sing at an obsidian flow a couple of months ago near Medicine Lake and was very pleased when this piece of tektite called me to come get it from a shop in Mt. Shasta the day right after our third class (Talking Stick).  When I got it home and communed with it, it told me to call it “Voice of the Dragons.”

I felt like my dragons rejected the idea of being housed in the piece of tektite, but clarified that it was a meeting place I could go to access them if I felt in need of a physical object to focus on to do so.

The necklace in this photo is one I gifted myself with after spending two months in Bali singing to and communing with the earth there.  My dragons are very much involved in guiding me and calling me to sing to the Earth in various locations around the planet.

We had quite a bit of discussion in our break out group last night after that class about dragons and this morning I remembered Soluntra King’s website. She has several articles about Dragons and Dragon people that have been incredibly helpful to me for learning more about my connection with dragons and dragon energy. Since several people posting seem to be connecting with Dragons, here’s a link to one of her webpages on the subject:

Many people are awakening and remembering their multi-dimensional connections these days.  The dragons are very important allies.

The Dragon: Song Video

Wild Thing: Song Video


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Song Spirit Medicine: Song Videos

(Listed in alphabetical order and available on Youtube)

A Heart As Big As This Mountain:

Celebrate Life: 

Coming Closer:

The Dragon:

The Earth Wants Us All:

Energy Is Moving:

Goin' Home:

I Am A Sacred Drop:

I Am So Much More:

Leap of Faith:

The Mask:

Minds and Hearts:

My Body's Calling Me:

Next 7 Generations:

Oh Mother:


Place of Peace:

Plant Your Seeds:

Run With The Wind:

Sacred Mountain:

Seeds (music only):

Sing To The Morning:

Song Of The Caterpillar:

Song  Of The Dolphins:

Song Of The High Tide:

Song Of The Sea Turtle:

Web of Dreams:

Weaving The World:

Wild Thing:

Wilderness Is Calling:

Creational Sounding

I have just completed a series of videos that share the basic concepts of Creational Sounding (links are down below).

I am sharing these so that people who are interested have a place to get started with their own exploration of how to empower themselves and shift their reality simply by using their own voice and their own vocal sounds.

It has been a long journey for me, beginning with a vision of Sound Sculptures that came to me over twenty years ago while preparing for a Wilderness Concert with my singing group.  We were meeting to rehearse songs I had written after a trip to Alaska in 1994.

That vision and my journey ever since trying to discover what Sound Sculptures were all about have led me to constantly deepening my understanding of ways of using one's own voice and vocal sounds to shift vibrational states and one's perception of one's reality.

I share these videos here to help you get started using sound yourself to create the reality you most want to be living in.  Or if you're already doing a lot of sounding - perhaps they will validate your own unique experiences with sounding, toning or chanting.


Creational Sounding - Introduction

Creational Sounding: Ep. 1 - Vibrational Choice

Creational Sounding: Ep. 2 - Releasing Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 3 - Invocational Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 4 - Harmonizing Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 5 - Sound Sculptures

My Talking Stick

The short section of a branch that I chose for my talking stick came from a giant Kauri tree in New Zealand called Te Matua Ngahere (Father of the Forest) which is 52 feet in diameter and is thought to be at least 2000 years old.

Te Matua Ngahere first called me to come visit him in 2004 and I have returned to commune with him many times during the twelve years since.

In 2010, I asked a good friend of mine who lives near Waipua forest (where Te Matua Ngahere lives) to please send me a piece of one of his branches to use as a talking stick during three days of ceremony that I was to lead at the June Solstice, 2010.   We created a series of ceremonies to activate informational springs at six different locations around the rim of the ancient volcano that forms the Dunedin Harbor on the South Island of New Zealand that year.

I have been carrying this talking stick with me ever since as I travel around the world to do my EarthSong energy work.  There were many times I used it for ceremonies, but could always could feel that some sort of deeper connection to it was possible, but didn’t know how to make that happen.

During a guided visualization led by Lynn Andrews to activate our talking sticks during the second class of The Power of Shamanic Communication a few weeks ago, I had a magical and totally unexpected connection with Grandmother Beaver.   When we got to the part of the meditation where Grandmother Beaver blesses our talking sticks, she suddenly leaped towards me, grabbed my talking stick, and swam straight down to immerse it in the mud at the bottom of the pond and then shot through the water erupting into the air and sunshine, connecting my stick with all the elemental forces. 

I felt that this visualization was directing to take my talking stick to a natural lake or pond and mimic Grandmother Beaver's actions.

A new friend took me up to Castle Lake, a natural rather than man-made lake near Mt. Shasta  a few days later.  It turned out to be perfect timing as it was the day of the November Full Moon - a Super Moon no less, and - as I was thrilled to discover - it is called the Beaver Moon by some North American peoples.

The water at Castle Lake was high and I was immediately drawn to the part of it where I imagined Grandmother Beaver would feel most at home rather than the place on the lake shore where I usually go to sing.  

I sang to the Lake and the many Spirits of the place and connected with Grandmother Beaver.  The wind blew fiercely.  

I mimicked the movements I had seen in my vision by putting my stick down into the mud at the bottom, then lifting it high into the air and the sunshine.  

I found a stone to smooth the rough places off the bark while it was wet.   I was unsure whether simply smoothing the bark while it was wet was enough or if I would need to totally remove all the bark from my talking stick.  I decided to wait and see how it would unfold.

I gave thanks to all the Spirits at the lake and the wind blew so forcefully that in one narrow section of the lake, the top of the water looked like sound waves were rippling along its surface.  It felt like my talking stick and I were now activated to work with each other, speaking, singing, and sounding the highest truth.

I again sang my appreciation to the elements, and again the wind blew, this time creating a joyful path of sparkles across the water. 

After that my friend and I drove as far as we could get up on the slope of Mount Shasta and I sang the mountain’s energy into my talking stick as well.

Back home I shared a couple of these photos with the Power of Shamanic Communication Facebook community and one of the members pointed out the design on the surface of the water.  When I blew up the photos I had taken that day up at the lake, I discovered that the dragon and wolf spirits had also participated in the ceremony.

A few days later, after the talking stick had a chance to dry, I found that the outer rim of bark had separated a bit from the inner core. 

I spent several days pondering about whether to remove the bark or let it be and enjoy the texture and cracks.  At my age, I appreciate the natural beauty of the rough, cracked surface. 

I woke up a few days later with a dream in which the bark fell away in big hunks.  After talking to a dear friend of mine in Hawaii who said she often kept the bark from her sticks and used it to make offerings to the Spirits when she did ceremony.  That gave the reassurance I needed to move forward with removing the bark.  It felt quite precious to me and I wanted to honor it and not just throw it away.  The dream carried the message that if I soaked the stick and then dried it, removing the bark would be a much simpler process.

Another friend took me to the headwaters of the Sacramento River where I collected spring water to use for soaking the stick.

So once the bark was softened, I tried using a stone to remove the bark, but that didn’t work with the tough thick bark on this stick.  I then thought about using a knife, but using metal felt really, really wrong for some reason.

I finally remembered a quartz crystal I carry with me and with which I have a deeply profound connection.  It has a razor sharp edge and when I dried it, I discovered that it worked really well for scraping away the outer surface of the bark.  

Scraping away the bark was magical while the wood was wet.  All sorts of faces of different creatures appeared as I removed the outer surface.  Kauri trees are very complex communities as many different species of plants and animals make their homes in their branches.  It felt like the spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms were making themselves known to me and deepening our connection.

However when the stick dried, it still had deep cracks and the bark had separated even more from the inner core. I could now see the wood of the inner core through the crack and felt quite curious to see what was underneath. 

So once again, I soaked my talking stick overnight and waited for it to dry out.  This time I used my crystal to chip away the bark and it did indeed come off in larger chunks.  

I kept the precious bark so that I can use it in future ceremonies.

After the stick dried completely, I rubbed it with coconut oil, to include the spirit coconut trees and to honor my connection to Hawaii where I have learned so much about connecting and communing with the Earth.

We were told we could decorate our sticks with symbols, but for right now the simplicity of the inner core of wood feels like the most important symbol.  To simply speak my truth.  Always.  To know that I am connected to All That Is.  Always.

During our class, Lynn Andrews also talked about each talking stick having a place that was the home of the oracle.  As soon as she mentioned the idea, I sensed that it was somewhere near the top of the stick.  

So after pealing off all of the bark, I was delighted to discover this face at the knobby end where the branch once connected with the rest of the tree.   

I thought how appropriate.  The stick's oracle speaks out of what would be the crown chakra of the stick and the place where it connects to it's source of energy.

A powerful reminder to always speak the highest truth from my direct connection to Source.

I am curious to see what unfolds next in this journey with my talking stick.


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Letting Go...

Letting go, letting go…

Many, many years ago, just about this time of year, I noticed the lilac bush that grew outside my kitchen window.  The leaves were dying and dropping off while at the same time I could see that the buds for new spring growth had already formed even before all of the dead leaves were released.


I think that is a perfect description of what is happening in the world around us and within each of us right now.  You can choose to focus on the dead, dying leaves as they lay on the ground decomposing and the drama and trauma of their being swirled around in the wind and swept away.  

Or you can look more closely, examining the the whole bush discovering the new buds that are already quietly growing to become the plant’s (or planet’s) next, more expanded expression of itSelf and appreciate that the dying leaves that have now completed their journey and must be released to make way for the new growth cycle to emerge.

I worked with Carolyn Conger thirty-five years ago and she shared a very important concept with us:  Chaos is a very high state.  Chaos allows something absolutely new to be born, rather than something evolving into an updated version of its old form.

It is so important for each of us to to deliberately, consciously choose where we place our focus and attention right now and support each other in surrendering to the evolutionary process at hand.  Wonderful things are happening all around us and exciting new possibilities for ways of doing things are emerging everywhere!

Blessings to every one of you during these chaotic times.  I hold you in my heart.


Friday, 14 October 2016

Celebrate Life

The song, Celebrate Life came to me in 1993 during the time I was living in Washington State when I was doing in-home concerts with lots of audience sing-alongs.  

The images in the song video come from my international travels and include penguins, a hermit crab, hedge hog, adult and baby stick insects, and sea lion in New Zealand, wallabies in Australia, ground squirrels, a hummingbird and peacock in Mount Shasta, orchids in Hawaii, humpback whale in Tonga, ducklings at the iceberg lagoon in Iceland.  Celebrate Life is one of the songs intended to be part of the soundtracks for the High Tide Trilogy movies.

Song of the Caterpillar

I wrote the song, “The Caterpillar” in 1983 while I was still married and at home with small children.  From the very first moment of inspiration, I could see the song with visual images of the transformational stages: caterpillar, cocoon, emergence, and flight.  

So it was quite thrilling this past couple of months to finally get to witness the magic of this transformational process personally.  I was able to photograph those various stages and finally put together the song video that I saw in my mind 33 years ago.   A neighbor and new friend, Susan rescued three monarch butterfly cocoons and kept them safe from wasps in a terrarium.  She called me when the cocoons started to show the colors of the butterfly within and again after one of them had emerged from its chrysalis.

Over the years I have had several encounters with monarch butterflies.   One was particularly extraordinary and changed my life forever. 

In 1979, my mother loaned me a tape about energy by Shirley Luthman, and listening to it powerfully ignited my own transformational process.  My mom also introduced me to Carolyn Conger and I began attending some of the intense, transformational spiritual retreats that she offered.  She taught us to open to inspiration, information and guidance coming in all sorts of ways.

One day, I arrived at the cul-de-sac where my parents had recently bought a lot (Mystic Lane in Paradise, California).  My husband and two daughters hopped out of the car.   It was a hot day and the windows were rolled down.  Before I could open the door, a butterfly landed next to me on the windowsill and I had a sudden, very strong, clear knowing that it would let me touch it.  Because of my work with Carolyn Conger, I paid attention to that silent knowing.

My rational mind had some doubts about what was actually possible, so I slowly placed my index finger right in front of the butterfly.  It explored my fingertip with its proboscis and then lifted one foot onto my finger and then another.  I lifted the butterfly up so I could get a better look at it.

My older daughter, seven-years-old at the time, saw me and asked if she could hold the butterfly too.  As if it were a cat or dog one could hold and pet.  Reluctant to end this incredibly precious moment, I hesitated, but finally gave in and allow the transfer.  With amazement I watched the butterfly cling to her little finger.

My four-year-old daughter ran up demanding, “Me too, me too!  I want a turn!” and she, too, got to hold the butterfly.  It flew off and then returned, this time landing on the windshield of the station wagon where my husband was now perched, sitting on the hood.  He scooped it up and playfully placed it on his nose: man and butterfly, proboscis to proboscis.

The butterfly flew off and the next time I noticed it, we were all standing in a circle in the middle of the cul-de-sac.  I happened to notice that the butterfly was circling us rather than randomly flitting here and there.  Standing in the circle of my family, I felt strongly compelled to hold out my hand, palm up in invitation.  The butterfly came and landed on my hand!

By this time I managed to adjust my expectations about what was possible and offered the butterfly to my mother,  “You want a turn, Mom?  The butterfly flew off and again circled us.  Three different times I held out my hand and the butterfly landed in it.  When it flew off the last time I knew.  I knew with my whole heart and soul that there was a God, a Force, a Source - something huge, way beyond anything I had ever experienced before.  That something was connecting everything to everything else.

It wasn’t just that the butterfly landed in my hand that was such a profound experience.  It was the knowing that it would let me hold it, and that when I opened to the experience and allowed it, it then did in fact happen.

The first little concert I ever organized, presenting original music I had written was entitled, “In and Out of the Chrysalis.”  My idea was that as human beings we go through the transformational process repeatedly.  I’ve even experienced being in one stage (say caterpillar) in one area of my life while simultaneously being in the cocoon in another aspect of my life.  

The Song of the Caterpillar seems to be a repetitive theme for me.  Intending to be a fully realized, multi-dimensional butterfly, but wailing, “Oh why did this happen to me?” as it becomes obvious it’s time to emerge from the current cocoon of beingness and discover how to interact with life in a more highly evolved, expanded manner that has newly become available.