Thursday, 30 June 2016

Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites

Hello everyone, 

I have recently discovered this documentary film: "Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites" about Blue Thunder’s work creating Medicine Wheel ceremonies which have taken place since 2004 with incredible, documented results.  The ceremonies include one that averted the eruption of the Yellowstone eruption in 2004 and another that averted poisonous cloud seeding that was being considered to end a long, severe drought in the Big Bear Lake area of southern California.

From my perspective, this video is holds incredibly important information about healing the earth with sound and vibration, and love and thought forms.  It is very simply, clearly and quickly presented.  I hope everyone who cares for the Earth will take time to watch the whole thing and share it with as many people as possible.  This video is a like a training ground to learn some of the concepts of Earth stewardship and how energy works.

I also highly encourage you to peruse the website, and read his short, concise e-book that’s available.  At the top of the Earth Wisdom Foundation webpage just click on Our New Book for viewing/download options.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Crystal Allies

I am constantly aware of the presence and power of Mount Shasta here where I'm staying in Lake Shastina.  Before I went to sleep last night (the Solstice, June 20, 2016) I asked to wake up clearly knowing more about my life purpose and next steps.

It was amazing!   I woke up this morning with a rush of vivd memories about interactions with a wide variety of crystals over a period of 30 years, knowing that I will be working with crystal allies with much more conscious awareness from this time forward.  The various memory "pieces" slipped into place, like solving a jig-saw puzzle, and included intense interactions I had with a huge crystal cluster a couple of years ago.

My parents were preparing to sell their home in Ashland, Oregon and my mother gifted me with a huge cluster of beautiful quartz crystals that she had purchased in Arkansas.  She knew I couldn't keep it, but thought I could sell it to raise money for my EarthSong travels.

I decided to visit a couple of crystal shops in nearby Mount Shasta, and see if I could sell the cluster there.  There was an important Earth Energy activation day coming up on Jan. 24, 2014 so I decided to take the cluster with me up on the mountain before going to town to see about finding it a new home.

With the cluster sitting in the trunk of the car, I sang to the Earth and then drove down to the crystal shops where only one expressed any interest.  I was given an estimate of its worth and an offer to sell it on a consignment basis - the asking price to be $4444.

Intuitively it didn't feel like I was done with the cluster.  I just couldn't leave it at the crystal shop at that time.   Returning to my parents' home, the process of keeping the crystal cluster and finding a place for it to live temporarily, triggered an explosively emotional, earth-shaking - or should I say - "reality-shaking" event amongst the three of us.

For me it triggered a rage-filled memory from what I believe was an Atlantean life-time.  It felt like I had been part of an event where crystal power had been used with incredibly destructive results.

I had avoided working with crystals up until that point this lifetime, although crystals had come to me through the years which I wore and that "worked on" me.  The intense emotional explosion that was triggered by the crystal cluster opened the door for me to begin intentionally working with crystals, collecting them and learning more about how to consciously co-create and work with them as allies.  A piece of the quartz crystal cluster broke off as we were trying to move the cluster into place. I cut my finger on it's razor sharp edge.  I carry that single crystal with me everywhere as I travel, it's sharp edge reminding me to never use the power of crystals in a way that is anger- or fear-based.

It felt to me like the crystal cluster had been quite damaged by the extreme negative emotion of that explosive triggering event and I felt greatly responsible for the cloudiness that dimmed its former brilliance and beauty.  A chance encounter with a man a few weeks later, who did a great deal of power energy work with crystals resulted in a new home for the cluster. Instead of the $4444 I had to settle for $500, which was not at all enough to go to Bali, the next place to which I was being called to visit and sing to the Earth.  I soothed myself with knowing that I had gotten the crystal cluster to its next best place.   Magically, the money I needed to travel appeared from a very different source and helped me get to my next best place to do what I am meant to do.

A year later when I returned to Ashland for a visit, I again met the man who had bought the cluster from me and he convinced me to visit his home and see for myself what had happened.

He said that the crystal cluster was Lemurian and that it had "talked" to him and told him that if he would allow his crystals to heal it (he had many, many huge crystals of all different kinds that he used in his healing practice) that the cluster would then heal all his crystals in return.

He told me how unbelievably quickly the crystal cluster had regained its brilliance and clarity and held up one crystal after another to show me how each one of his was now cleared of its former cloudiness.  It felt really good to know that I had gotten the cluster to where it was meant to go, to do the work it was meant to do.

Many years ago I was "called" to visit Sedona in December and discovered that a big ceremony to celebrate the 12/12 was to be held up on Cathedral Rock. As I sat in my car, waiting, a song came to me: Weaving the World, with the lyrics: "We're weaving the world into a grillwork of light . . " (You can listen to it using the link is down below). I met a man during that visit that I had seen in my mind's eye as I was driving from the West coast across country to Sedona,  He was starting to climb Bell Rock just as I was coming down.  We visited several vortices together during our time there and when we parted, he gifted me with a beautiful piece of moldavite which he had brought with him from his home on the East coast.  That piece of moldavite opened me to a whole new experience of reality.  I wore it for many years until I knew it was time to pass it on.

When I was in Sedona this past March, I went into several shops to find some crystals that I had not been able to find on the Big Island of Hawaii.  As I entered the last one I was powerfully drawn to a tray of a lovely light yellow-green stones called Healerite.  Because of my traveling, I looked for and finally found some smaller, cheaper Healerite stones and purchased one of them.  I could feel the magnetic pull of the Healerite display tray as I left the store and by the time I reached my car the cry was so loud I had to turn around and go back in to find the particular stone that was calling out to me, determined to come work with me.  A posted article about Healerite listed "repairing the Earth's etheric field where it has been damaged" as one of the stone's many important healing abilities.

I exchanged stones and left the store with my new friend.  I also received the strong impression that there was a companion Healerite stone that would be joining us, but that it was not in Sedona.

When I first arrived in Mount Shasta, I visited one of the new crystal shops and chatted with the lovely young woman who worked there about sound healing.  When I turned to leave the store, she said, "I am feeling that I should give this to you.  It was gifted to me and I now gift it to you."   It was another lovely piece of Healerite - so similar in appearance to the stone I bought in Sedona that they could have been twins, extracted from the exact same source.

A week or so ago, I listened to a series of sessions where Lee Carroll was channeling Kryon at the Wegner Crystalline Mine in Mt. Ida.  He spoke about how in the new energies it is now easier to "hear" crystals and how they are coming "on line" and making themselves available to help humans and support humanity's and the Earth's evolution at this time.

Kryon also talked about the fact that a crystal can be a catalyst of information that is personal to you.  You buy it, take it home, and it starts talking to you about what you need to know.

This morning, looking back at the intense crystal cluster interactions of a couple of years ago in light of the information I received listening to these recent Kryon channellings,  I realized that that my crystal cluster had probably come from the area that Kryon was speaking from in Arkansas and that it had made it's way from one situation/location to the next, making immense catalytic energies available to each person to which it "belonged".   I realized that when I sang to Mount Shasta in the cluster's presence over two years ago, something new and powerful was activated in each of the three of us: the cluster, the mountain and I.

The past couple of years has involved opening to communion/communication with all sorts of life forms.  So many experiences have come my way in which different plants, animals, trees, insects, volcanic stones, ocean waves, and a variety of different crystals have all shared something important with me if/when I noticed them and stopped to listen to whatever they had to offer.

May we all grow in our desire and ability to listen to the many voices that sing the Earth's Song.


Link for hearing "Weaving the World" on Youtube.
Link for Kryon channellings about Crystals at Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Monday, 20 June 2016

Solstice: June, 2016

Greetings from Lake Shastina!

I’ve been in a very inner-directed mode for many weeks now, cocooning. There has been a steady stream of "downloads" of powerful energies pouring in which often require my complete attention and withdrawal at times from the outer world.  Receiving these new energies has been interspersed with writing new scenes of adventure for my five kids as I continue to work on the High Tide Trilolgy of screenplays.   Daily life has presented plenty of opportunities for me to practice and fine-tune my ability to discriminate between information that is coming from my linear mind (usually fear-based) and what is true intuitive wisdom coming from my heart and inner knowing.

A month or so ago I got the idea into my head that I was meant to go to Medicine Lake for the Solstice.   However, after several attempts to arrange to get there proved futile, I gave up planning and began listening.   On Friday, three days before the Solstice, during my weekly trip to town for food, I was sitting in one of the crystal shops in Mount Shasta, checking out a book when the owner handed me a copy of a local tourist freebie pamphlet opened to this page:

She pointed to the very last listing and said, "Faery Falls.  We have to go there!" with great enthusiasm.   In that moment, I assumed she was referring to going with her husband, but because of her wording and the quality of energy surrounding this, I later thought, "Is this where I'm being called for the Solstice?"

Indeed, the visit to Faery Falls fell into place with remarkable ease.  Yesterday (on the Solstice/Full Moon) Susan, a neighbor and wonderful new friend (who gives me a ride into town each week) took me along to the park that's located on the slopes of Mount Shasta where she led Tai Chi for a large group of people.  I hadn't yet gotten out of the car and I could already clearly feel the mountain rumbling with intense vibration.

While she led her Tai Chi group, I found a place to sing to the Earth a short ways away, facing the mountain.  Afterwards, she took me next to Castle Lake where we enjoyed clear blue skies reflected on the clear blue water of the lake and I sang to the elementals and beings who inhabit that living, natural lake.

We stopped for a bit of lunch at a little roadside creek on our way back down and then managed to find our way to Faery Falls.  Singing at each place was very powerful and deeply connecting experience of communion for me.   

While I was singing to the Earth and all the physical and nonphysical beings at the falls, an energetic message flowed through me bringing a huge emotional release and lots of tears.


I clearly felt the message flowing down through me, through the different layers/aspects of myself, just like the water I was watching, falling down, over, around and through the rocks and many levels of Faery Falls.  Attempting to put the message into words comes out something like: "Loving energy is pouring into the Earth, now available to humans and needs flow through them and be given to the Earth very gently."  

In these new higher dimensional energies we humans need to commune and interact with the Earth with great gentleness, approaching her with very soft edges so that a more complete merge and deeper communion can happen between humans and all other life forms.  

Most importantly, humans need to be very gentle with themselves - as they are part of this New Earth that is so rapidly reconfiguring herself on all levels.   And we humans all need to commune and interact with each other very gently as well.

So many of us are opening to vast amounts of power and new skills, abilities and sensitivities.  It is critical that as this happens we make sure that we use that power with expansive awareness, with great care and compassion, and with deep gentleness and reverence for all the various life forms with which we come into contact in each moment.

A different message, but related, came to me a couple of days ago, when I felt impelled to create these two drawings:

This first one was about noticing dark, heavy, fear/anger-based events happening "out there" and focusing upon them, drawing that kind of energy into oneself and weaving it into one's own energy field, ignoring, or perhaps not not even seeing, the light/love-filled events that are also occurring simultaneously.  Focusing upon apparent negativity and perceived problems dims one's own radiating light and strangles one's connection to Source energy and to the Earth.

This second drawing illustrates the process of making one's "tube of communion" with Source and Earth energies a top priority and noticing beautiful, magical moments, interactions and events and focusing upon them, weaving their energy into one's personal field.  Focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Which focus of attention creates more light for the world?  We all have the power of choice.

I have been meeting many people during the past couple of years, especially young adults in their twenties, who are feeling called in different ways.  Called to visit Hawaii, or Mount Shasta, called to share energy with the Earth, called to assist others or to teach, called to plant gardens to create safe, healthy food.  All have expressed a bit of uncertainty about trusting what they are feeling called to do, be or become.  From my perspective it is easy to observe the intense light they are radiating, witness their guidance-in-action, and know that they are smack dab in the middle of their path, even though world events and/or their particular outer circumstances may feel or appear to be full of difficult challenges at a particular moment.

The Earth has changed, drastically.  And those of us who wish to continue living here as a part of the living Gaia have to change drastically right along with her and discover new ways of BEing.

Blessings to you all.  I give thanks to all those of you who inspire my journey by sharing your own with me.


June 21, 2016

PS.  You might want to listen to "Twilight Magic" which I wrote about a full moon experience I had here at Mount Shasta many, many years ago. 

The story of my first visit to Castle Lake when it was surrounded by a couple of feet of snow and covered with ice is here