Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Full Moon - Listening

Greetings from Lake Shastina, 

This morning I was blessed to go out for my morning walk just before the full moon set in the west.

As I rounded the corner the sun was just coming over the hill.  

It reminded me of a song I wrote that 22 years ago, Twilight Magic.  It was inspired when I drove by Mt. Shasta just as the sun was setting and simultaneously the full moon was rising up from behind the mountain.  As the song flowed through me I discovered there was a second verse as well - about the sun rising as the moon was setting.

The great energy field of the Mount Shasta has called for me to remain here far longer than I expected when I first arrived last spring.  

This morning I realized that I was finally experiencing that magical moment that I was inspired to write about 22 years ago, sunrise/moonset.

I wrote an email to send out to everyone yesterday, on the day of the Full Moon, but couldn't get it so that it felt right and finally gave up.  Now I understand.  

The times we are living in are full of twilight magic in a huge way.   We are in the midst of the dawning of a totally new way of being here on planet earth.  The more time we spend in nature enjoying, appreciating, loving and caring for the earth and her creatures and elemental forces, the more that incredible magic is available to us.  

Recently I've had some lovely encounters with local inhabitants of this area during my early morning wanderings.  I love the huge, sensitive ears of the jack rabbits.

I met a couple of different female deer who each had a new spotted fawn. The mama deer in this video and her two babies greeted me yesterday morning, crossing the road to graze in our yard just as I came out the door. I was surprised that their ears are actually quite large and constantly moving when they are on alert.

One of the big differences I am noticing in the new energies is that my interest in participating in the physical, material world at the physical "stuff" level has lessened while my awareness of the unseen vibrational world is increasing and my sensitivities are intensifying.  It's like developing huge inner ears of the heart that are capable of perceiving and tracking the vibrational configuration of everything that comes my way.

I suspect that developing this kind of new heart-based vibrational sensitivity and acutely refined perception may be required in order to thrive in the new energies.

May we all find ourselves spending more time with the calming sounds of the natural world, listening.