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High Tide Trilogy - Linking Up

I have loved working on the High Tide trilogy of movies because they have given me a way to share many of the magical/mystical experiences that have actually happened to me personally during my lifetime.  Through the experiences that the five children who are the main characters portray onscreen, I have been able to show people various ways I have actually experienced being “called” by spirit myself, and how, when I answered the call, new awareness, skills and abilities have spontaneously emerged and come “online” so to speak, becoming available for my use in my day-to-day life.

These movies are a delightful way to show moments when I have experienced being able to commune with plants and animals, earth elements and weather phenomena and illustrate how I have learned that I can hold a question in my thoughts and watch to see what/who shows up providing the answer.  It shows how we humans can use gratitude and blessing ceremonies to open the door to receiving help from both physical and non-physical allies of all sorts to co-create both the New Earth and the New Humanity.

I have been very involved with creating the screenplays - but am also intensely aware of how the screenplays are simultaneously re-creating me.  Many times, when I have been inspired by my guides to include certain scenes that seemed quite unbelievable to my rational mind, I asked to have the personal experiences that would clearly demonstrate to my satisfaction that the scenes for the movie I was being shown were actually possible.  This reassurance has come in absolutely amazing ways, experiences which I often then incorporate back into the screenplays.  

Up until now I’ve been working pretty much alone, because the children are each alone, learning from their own unique experiences rather than being trained by adult human teachers.  But now, in order to actually produce the movies, it is time to for me to begin connecting and linking up with the other people who will recognize the part they are meant to play in further developing the stories and in bringing the High Tide movies to the big screen and to a DVD format.

These movies are a gift from Mama Earth to me and all of us on the planet, as well as a gift from my heart back to her.   I have been totally supported in my journey to create the High Tide Trilogy in absolutely amazing ways.  I am deeply grateful and wish to celebrate and honor the Earth, her sacred waters and the entire Web of Life by sharing these stories and getting these movies produced.

As you check out the additional information provided (links are below), please join with me as we open our hearts and hold the vision for a most magnificent manifestation of High Tide Trilogy that includes all of the following:

1) These movies are beautifully and exquisitely made so that they touch people’s hearts and souls very deeply and profoundly. 

2) Highly skilled and talented people who share the same inspired vision that I am holding for the High Tide Trilogy have felt called and inspired to contribute the very best of their skills, talents, resources and creative gifts towards the co-creation, production and distribution of these movies.

3) These movies are now fully funded and are being made amazingly quickly with joy, ease and grace.

Thank you so much for your time, attention and support in holding this vision.  

Additional information about the movies can be found by using these links:

High Tide Trilogy - Story Synopsis

High Tide Trilogy - Vision Statement

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy

High Tide Trilogy - My Journey 

Leslie Lightfall


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High Tide Trilogy - Story Synopsis

© 2016 Leslie Lightfall
Screenplays registered.  WGA registration #1855738  All rights reserved.

High Tide: Eye of the Whale opens in the year 2350 B.E. in Airumel, (formerly known as New Zealand).  The entire planet has been transformed by humans awakening and remembering their place within the entire Web of Life, as cells within the living Gaia organism.   

Airumel is a place where the world is a beautiful garden in which humans interact and co-create consciously and respectfully with all life forms.  The human population has decreased so that there is greater balance and harmony with the natural world:  the air is clean, the water runs purely, the earth is well-nourished and cared for and the fire of spiritual life burns warmly and steadily in every human heart.  

Three young girls ask Kui Of a, an ancient grandmother who remembers, to tell them the story of how the kids and the whales and the Ancient Ones joined forces back during the dark, chaotic times of the Great Shift and together, were able to change the world so that it has become the wonderful, incredibly beautiful world they are now living in today (2350 AD).

She tells them the main story (actually five stories woven together) which starts in the year 2014, and begins by introducing the five main characters and their locations, families and friends, their gifts abilities and talents, and their personal life challenges: 

Tessa, 14,  an only child, lives a relatively simply life on Whale Island in the South Pacific with her grandparents, working for them on their Whale watching boat.  She feels most at home with nature and has an amazing rapport with her friends, the humpback whales.    Around people she feels lack of self-esteem because of being orphaned at three and because of the way she is treated by the tour boat customers.  She has an amazing rapport with her dear friends, the humpback whales. 

Rob, 12, lives in Tuscon, Arizona, with his parents and sister, is experiencing an extremely busy and stressful life in a high-tech world of video games, cell phones and computers.  He gradually opens to the natural world and begins to develop his innate telepathic abilities through time spent out in the desert with his Hopi friend, Mark.  His relationship with the natural world deepens as he dreams of an African ancestor who shows him his connection to the stars and the Earth and her creatures.

Brianna, 12 lives on the South Island of New Zealand with her Mom and step-father, loves her garden which is suffering from severe drought, is very musically talented and creative, a natural born leader and feels incredibly bored at school. She has a adult friend/mentor, Sisilia, who is Waitaha and teaches her about flax-weaving and how our lives are all woven together with those of other life forms.  How we are all part of the Web of Life.

Derek 11, lives in southwestern Australia with his Taiwanese Aunt and her husband.  He enjoys spending time with his aboriginal friend, Jimmy.  He is being bullied by Jake because of being extremely talented and gifted - having both visual art and dance/movement types of artistic abilities.

Sara, 13, Latin American in appearance, is an only child of divorced parents, and is currently living and traveling with her American photo essayist father to various Pacific islands.  They are visiting Easter Island when Sara's story begins.  Sara has many mystical/magical experiences and feels very alone because few other people see what she sees, and because of all the traveling, she is often on the outside socially in the places she and her father visit.

During the introductory scenes, Derek, Brianna, Sara and Rob are all “called” to Whale Island in various ways (dreams, visions, drawings, clairaudient hearing of ancient whale song, etc).  On Whale Island they meet Tessa, who's working on her grandfather’s whale watching boat, and all five share an extraordinary encounter with a pod of humpback whales.  They are each deeply affected by this experience and return home to discover the numerous ways in which they have each been changed by the experience and begin to make important changes in their day to day lives.

The second movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Tale continues the story as each of the five kids begins to feel great compassion for the creatures of the natural world.  They each embark upon a journey where they find themselves in a situation where they must face a life-threatening challenge alone.  No human help is available to them and they must actually put into practice what they have been learning about their power of choice: to react to a situation from fear or anger, or to go within for inspiration and create what they want to experience instead.  To find their way through, they each must remember who they are and that they are actually not alone and can call on the elemental forces, earth creatures and unseen spiritual energies for help.

Rob gets swept away by a sneaker wave and is carried out to sea and into a thick fog bank by a strong off-shore current.

Derek faces a wall of water created by a flash flood while visiting a national park near his home in Australia.

Brianna gets caught in a current while out snorkeling with Tessa between two islands.  Losing sight of Tessa, she must deal with her panic when she glimpses a shark swimming below her.

Sara gets separated from her Dad while photographing near Ketchikan, Alaska.  Lost and alone she must face her fear when confronted by a mother bear and her cub in order to find her way back to her father.

Tessa visits Brianna in New Zealand and gets tangled in kelp when she slips off a rock while exploring a beach.  By overcoming her panic and "remembering" to follow the joy path, she opens to the help she needs in order to keep from drowning. 

By the third movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Heart, the five kids have joined up with each other and begun to share their creations through a Facebook page.  They inspire each other and explore and begin to share experiences with kids from all over the world about how to work together to “envision the world you most want to be living in and begin to create it, right here, right now, wherever you are in the world."  They demonstrate the use of various types of ceremony to co-create multidimensionally with the help of their spirit guides, power animals and the Ancient Ones and Ancestor spirits.

Rob and his friends build a medicine circle with the guidance and assistance of a rattlesnake.

Brianna learns how to co-create with nature and turns her veggie garden into a powerful vibrational garden using sacred geometry and crystals.

Sara and her friend Lana visit Mauna Kea and envision a world where there is no need for military to fight wars.  Instead Unarmed Forces travel to troubled areas to help resolve conflict and bring balance and harmony wherever and whenever needed.

Tessa expands her teaching tours to include groups of children and inspires team of highly educated scientists to redefine their work after facilitating a deep heart experience for them underwater with the whales and dolphins.

Derek creates a sound sculpture with his friends at the river mouth and goes on to invite the entire community to a performance/ceremony in order to protect the sacred spot from commercial development.

In the final scenes each of the kids receive appreciation and acknowledgement from the adults in their communities for sharing their creative gifts and helping to co-create their society to be more balanced and harmonized with the natural world.

High Tide Trilogy - Vision Statement

© 2013 Leslie Lightfall

We are being asked to manifest the creation of a trilogy of movies which holds very fine, light/love, high frequency energies that will vibrationally ignite, activate and inspire ancient memories, expanded, multi-dimensional awareness and a deep reverence for the Earth and all her creatures in those who experience the movies, particularly the young people.  Special effects and sound effects must be exceedingly beautiful, natural looking and well-done so that the entire audience (not just psychically sensitive people) can see/hear/know/imagine/understand the delicate energy transmissions and transfers that are portrayed during the movie.

The High Tide trilogy is intended to reach an international, global audience, opening hearts, and awakening both children and adults so that each person remembers and feels within themselves the magnificence of who they truly meant to be.

The entire High Tide story is ongoing and was originally seen as a possible television series appropriate for children, youth, and family viewing.  It is now expanded into a trilogy of feature length films.  Rough drafts of the screenplays for High Tide: Eye of the Whale, and High Tide A Whale of a Tale have already been finished and the third screenplay, High Tide: A Whale of a Heart is being completed.

There are twenty Songs for the High Tide Trilogy that that will be interwoven in sync with the dialogue.  These songs that will be part of the movie soundtracks have been uploaded to Youtube.  They will need to be re-corded in whole tone frequencies with the particular voicings (wind voice, ocean voice, Ancient voice, children's choir, etc.) needed to provide the particular frequencies needed in the various scenes.

Children who watch the movies and subsequent TV programs are triggered, feeling "That's me! That's happened to me, too!!!", "I can do that!"   High Tide supports parents, teachers and others who are close to these kinds of children in recognizing them as being very special.  The movie is intended to help these adults better understand how to appropriately develop these children's unique abilities and nurture their special needs, while respecting the children's innate heart wisdom, body knowing, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. 

The screenplays for all three movies must be completed before filming begins because the main characters are all children.  The filming for all three movies will need to be done simultaneously and quickly in various locations around the world.

Process of Creation:

The High Tide Trilogy is to be created by involving the Ancient Ones every step of the way using sacred ceremonial, multi-dimensional co-creative processes.  Wisdom of indigenous tribes around the world who do "remember" are involved in the creation and development of the story vehicle for the movie.  Young people who carry the new high frequency, light/love energies are also involved in the creation and development of the story.  Characters of the story show young people from diverse countries, ethnic backgrounds, cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs learning from each other and helping each other to expand awareness and focus on creating the world they most want to be living in. 

The true "star" of this movie is Gaia, Mother Nature, her Wild Creatures, and Wilderness.  The nature photography is stunning, gorgeous, vividly showing the delightful details and the exquisite beauty that surrounds us in natural settings - particularly After the Whale Event (AWE).  Filming is done so that interactions of humans with Mother Nature and her wild creatures is seen clearly to be the relationship between equals beings.  (For example: in the movie, "Fly Away Home", scenes involving the geese were filmed from the viewpoint of the geese, whether the camera was filming while flying at their level beside them or from ground level as they waddled on the ground instead of looking up or down at them from the usual human point of visual reference.)  People who can communicate with dolphins and whales will help open the doors to profound interactions with these beings so that their innate wisdom is directly and vibrationally communicated through the movie vehicle as well.  

In the first movie, most series of scenes begin as viewed from Point of View of the whales.  In the second movie, each series of scenes begins from the POV of some animal or plant, rather than from the human perspective.  

Vibrational/Energetic arc:  Before the Whale Event (BWE) colors are more grayed, dimmer light, sounds are more muted, muffled. Movement is pushed, jerkier.  AWE colors become increasingly more brilliant, intense and vivid.  Nature sounds are heard more clearly and distinctly in both the foreground and the background.  Movement becomes more flowing and rhythmically pleasing, relaxed and natural.

Local nature photographers in each geographical location, who are familiar with the wildlife in their areas are involved in the filming.

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy

The following is a list of original songs, composed by Leslie Lightfall,  that are meant to be part of the soundtracks for the High Tide Trilogy of feature length films.  They will all need to be re-recorded for the movie, some of them sung by children and children's choirs and some of them sung in way that they have very specific vibrational effects (ancient voice, wind voice, ocean voice, etc).   For info about the High Tide Trilogy of feature length films click HERE.

Song Videos 
(uploaded to Youtube by Leslie Lightfall as gypsylight 333)

A Heart As Big As This Mountain(song Brianna sends Sara after she’s been on top of Mauna Kea with Lana)

Celebrate Life  (song Brianna watches herself performing in the High Tide movie up on the theater screen)

The Earth Wants Us All  (opening song for the 3rd movie)

Goin' Home  (song that Sara hears when she gets lost in the forest in Alaska)

I Am So Much More ???

Minds and Hearts  (closing song for the third movie)

Next 7 Generations  (song that Jenna and friends sing at the town council meeting in Australia when Derek presents his proposal)

Pelicans  (song that is heard when pelican soars above Derek when he is lost in the dry creek bed in Australia)

Plant Your Seeds  (song that plays during montage of Brianna giving the plants in her garden what they have requested from her - 3rd movie)

Run With The Wind  (song that Derek hears while in the dream state with his ancient African ancestor and then again while he is caught up in the current off the coast of Oregon)

Song of the Dolphins  (song Sara hears while swimming underwater with the spinner dolphins in Hawaii - 1st movie)

Song of the High Tide  (title song for the trilogy, heard during the opening of the first movie) 

Song of the Sea Turtle  (song that Brianna creates and sings to honor the sea turtle)

Web of Dreams

Weaving the World  (song that Brianna sings while weaving flax)

Wilderness Is Calling  (song that Derek hears in his head, that Jenna’s school choir is learning)

Songs Only 
(uploaded by CDBaby - I apologize that some of them seem to have commercials attached)

Celebrate Love  (performed by Brianna’s singing group - second movie)

Following Rainbows  (Tessa trapped in kelp - 2nd movie)  

Happy Birthday  (sung to Rob first when Leukemia disappears - 1st movie)

I Choose You  (Song of the Whale - underwater scene with humpback whales - first movie)

Song of the Ancient Voices  (Heard during montage of Tessa’s visit with Brianna to Allan’s beach and later at the Kauri tree)

High Tide Trilogy - My Inspirational Journey

After the Dec. Solstice in 2012, while living on the South Island of New Zealand, I began to see/feel a hero's journey story about five children, living in five different countries around the world who are each called to Whale Island in the South Pacific, where they meet each other and share an extraordinary underwater “eye of the whale” experience with humpback whales.  The kids return to their homes and find that they have been transformed by the experience and discover that they each now have new skills and abilities that emerge spontaneously and often unexpectedly.  They also find that they now have the ability to commune in various ways with the Ancient Ones and their Ancestor Spirits.

I first perceived the story as on ongoing television show, but when I approached a local television network in NZ was told the idea was not commercial enough to warrant consideration.  During 2013, I was guided to visit Easter Island and South America where I had many magical, mystical experiences as I deepened my ability to listen to and follow the guidance that was coming to me from multidimensional sources.  

In August 2013,  I was called by the Ancient Ones and the humpbacks to an island in the South Pacific where I spent 2 weeks communing with the whales and the Ancient Ones.  During this time a mother whale gave birth just a few meters from the viewing platform of the place where I was staying and I was blessed to watch a brand newborn humpback calf first experiencing itself as a whale.   I was also shown that before the TV show could be manifested, the story needed to be introduced as a feature length film.  The day before I left the island,  I suddenly was “downloaded” with the Song of the High Tide and knew that it was the title song for the movie.

After leaving the island, I returned to New Zealand and decided to find Peter Jackson and see if he would be interested in my story idea.  While researching his career journey I learned a lot about his personal process of mastering the craft of filmmaking.  I met someone who had worked with him who listed what I needed to put together to introduce my story concept to possible producers: a vision statement, a one page story synopsis, 10-page treatment and a demo video.  I wrote the vision statement and story synopsis, but soon discovered that that the idea of working with Peter Jackson was a total dead end.  I ran out of time because my NZ visa expired and I had to return very abruptly to the USA.  

Returning to Ashland, Oregon, I was very surprised to discover that since screenwriting is taught at the local university there were many informative manuals on writing screenplays available in the local library.  Synchronistically a neighbor had written several screenplays and showed me how to get started with screenplay-writing software.  The theme of the first movie is “Wake up!  Remember who you are!”

Four months later (spring of 2014) I sent that first screenplay, entitled High Tide: Eye of the Whale off to screenwriting contest, mostly to get feedback, hoping to re-write and make it better.  After I sent it off, I immediately knew that  it was not the right direction in which to proceed.  I realized that there were actually two more movies to be written before any filming could be done for any of the movies that were part of what had now become the High Tide Trilogy.

Because the main characters were all children and as the filming would be in many different locations around the world, scenes for all the three different movies would need to be filmed simultaneously, Peter Jackson style.  I was also made to understand that the films would not, could not, be made in the usual Hollywood fashion and that the making of them would actually be done in a way that had never been done before.  Many, many people would be contributing to the production process.  The movies will be co-created multidimensionally and I just need to follow my guidance step-by-step.

The theme for the second movie made itself known:  “You each have the power of choice - to react impulsively in fear or anger - or to go within and look with the eyes of your heart, shift to a state of higher consciousness, and then deliberately create what you’d rather be experiencing.”  The children each face some life threatening situation where they find themselves alone with no human help available.  They must find there way through by remembering who they are and that they can choose how they perceive and thus deal proactively with the threatening situation.

Some of the scenes I was “seeing” in the 2nd movie seemed so far beyond ordinary reality, that I announced, “If you want me to write these scenes into the movies, then you need to bring me the experiences that will allow me to know they are indeed possible!”  Dangerous, potent words!  I soon found myself in Bali for a couple of months, then returned back to New Zealand, and then on to the Big Island of Hawaii once again, continuing to have all sorts of magical/mystical experiences.  

I finished the rough draft of the second movie and began to receive ideas for the third movie.  The theme for this one is: “Imagine the world you most want to be living in and begin to create it, right here, right now, wherever you are in the world.”  I began to focus on discovering the incredible things people are doing and inventing, that allow them to create a more harmonious way of living as a part of the living Earth.  I began to share my EarthSong work with children and was amazed to see how easily they took to singing to the Earth and working with sacred geometry in order to create our Sound Sculpture ceremonies.   I was in awe of the innate understanding they brought to whatever we co-created together.

During 2016 while staying near Mt. Shasta at Lake Shastina, working on the screenplay for the third movie,  I realized how perfectly one on the songs I had written years ago, fit perfectly into one of the scenes.  Thinking about how we tend to remember songs far more easily than just spoken words, I soon discovered that many of the songs I had written through the years fit unbelievably well into the dialogue and realized they are meant to be included in the movie’s sound tracks.  I paused with my work on the third screenplay and now twenty Songs for the High Tide Trilogy are available on Youtube.   

At this point (Jan. 2017) - four years after the originating moments of inspiration, I am understanding that the High Trilogy is a vehicle for sharing all the shamanic type practices that I have learned during my lifetime from my interactions with non-physical beings and singing to and communing with the Earth and her creatures.  They serve to show the magical moments that resulted in the new awareness and new abilities that I have experienced in my travels around the world, visiting and working in sacred sites and living close to the earth in many different locations.  These movies serve as vehicles to show not only how all members of the Web of Life interact and co-create the physical world we each are experiencing, but of how we all INTER-ARE.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Coming Closer

For several years as I travel around the world singing to the Earth, I have been tracking the correlation between solar activity (solar flares and solar winds) and earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, etc. and human behavior. (rumblings in the Earth, and wildness in the sky!)  When I checked space on New Years Eve (2016), I was delighted to find an incredibly beautiful photo of beautiful rainbow colored clouds that was taken that day by a Norwegian photographer.  I immediately sent Eric Fokke an email and was amazed to receive a reply the next morning agreeing to send me the incredible photos you see in the video, Coming Closer.

This song is one that has reassured me through the years since I first received it over 20 years ago and has guided me and encouraged me to claim my power.  I have had to let go of my perceived identity over and over again this lifetime, child to woman, wife and mother to single creative person, American to Gaian, and now physical human to multidimensional being.

Many people have had huge personal challenges to face in the last year or two.  The political situation is exploding left and right with unimaginable and threatening announcements by the current administration here in the USA and others abroad.  The emotional and energetic impact is huge as we are all so much more quickly connected globally through media and the internet.

If one gets caught up in the outer world trauma and drama, one can lose sight of the incredible connections and communions that are now available on the inner planes as well as we increase and fine tune our ability to intuit, perceive and interact with all life forms in increasingly subtle and greatly empowering ways.

It is a time when humans must choose to align with Mama Earth and the huge transformation this planet is going through -  or leave.  It is a time when those of us who wish to remain embodied as part of her must shift our sense of identity from American, Australian, German, Native American, Chinese, etc. to Gaian in order to survive and thrive.  And shift from identifying ourselves as physical human to knowing that we are each multidimensional spirit embodied here on Earth.  Health and well-being for all will come from each of us knowing ourselves to be a cell in the living body of the Gaia organism.  I feel that Gaia has made the decision to return to wholeness and balance, and that cancerous human activity that is dangerous and threatens her overall well-bing must be and will be cleansed.

We are multidimensional co-creators of this reality we all share, and these challenging events will continue to intensify, "till our power we have owned!"   In consciously claiming our power, we each return to a state of expanded awareness of the part we humans are meant to play as just one type of life form amongst a multitude who respect, honor, protect and co-create this world with all other life forms.   Consciously claiming our innate power to co-create our reality allows us to most fully contribute our own personal, unique gifts to the entire Web of Life.

Namaste, everyone!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Singing to Honor Deer Medicine

Deer have been important teachers for me here at Mt. Shasta since I arrived last April.  I have had more than one magical encounter where they spread their ears wide and listened intently when I sang to them.

Last week, after several people had posted about have Deer show up in their journeys, I met one of the local deer moms while I was out for my daily walk and spoke to her of my gratitude for the gentle medicine the deer people are sharing with all of us.  Then I sang to honor her and her kind and her ears flared out in full listening mode and she took several steps towards me and I felt she was truly receiving the gratitude energy I was sending to her.  As she walked away, I said, “It would be so lovely to have gotten that on video so I could share it!”

After my walk around the neighborhood right before our class last night, I was almost home (the house you see in the background) when I realized my deer friend had shown up for a photo shoot.  And this time I had my camera in my pocket!  While I was singing to her, I heard movement down below and there was the rest of the family.  I’ve watched the young ones grow from little spotted fawns since I arrived last spring.

I am most grateful to them for showing up as they did and want to share the blessing of their presence and essence with all of you.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Youtube Video Collections

Since I now have so many videos on my Youtube channel at gypsylight333 - and am not yet feeling moved to create a new website because it feels like my life is going to take off in some sort of new direction very soon - I have decided to list the various groups of videos I've uploaded here so that I can just send one link out to people when appropriate.

Newly birthed:  Creating Toning Circles Part 2, Creating Toning Circles Part 1 

Creating Toning Circles Videos (New) is a set of videos that offer ideas to help people get started with creating their own toning circles themselves.

The Earth Sings Videos are nature photography videos with no music, so the voices of nature can be heard.

Song Spirit Medicine Videos is a collection of songs that have come to me through the years, many are sing-alongs meant to be sung by others.  I have added nature photos or videography from my travels around the world and/or sing-along lyrics.  Occasionally I have used drawings or paintings that illustrate the songs' lyrics.

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy is a collection of songs that I have written through the years that will be included in the sound tracks for the High Tide Trilogy of movies that I am currently working on.

Creational Sounding is a series of instructional videos that offer ideas you can use to explore various ways of using your own vocal sounds to create the reality you most with to be experiencing. I created these while living in Mount Shasta, 2016.

Earth Shift Meditations is a series of beautiful videos that arose from my EarthSong work in New Zealand in 2012.  Nature photography of New Zealand is combined with my original instrumental music focused on the themes of Tracks, Patterns and Formations, Reflections, Shadows and Energy is Moving.  The messages are very appropriate and meaningful to those who are consciously going through the current shift that is happening on the planet and are realizing they have to face and embrace their own shadow aspects of Self.

Earth's Gifts is a series of videos that tells the story of a very important trio of art pieces I was guided to create while living in Waitati, NZ in 2011, weaving together flax and various objects which the beach provided in order to illustrate three concepts: The Good, Bad and the Ugly - about embracing all of parts of ourselves; The Power of Choice; and Spirals - learning how to work with spiral energy.

Songs From My CD Albums is a collection of albums of various kinds of vocal songs and instrumental music.  A few months ago, wanting to share some of these songs with others through the internet, I was extremely surprised and pleased to discover that these music-only videos had been uploaded to Youtube by CDbaby without my knowledge.   Albums include vocals with accompaniment: Celebrate Life,  Twilight Magic,  Love is the Light and Songs of the Spirit; a cappella vocals: Sing to the Morning and instrumental only musicDeep Spring.

Other miscellaneous videos include:

Dance of My Prayer Stick 2017  and the Story of how I came to make it.


The Pulse of Winter

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Dance of My Prayer Stick for 2017

Here's the story (the video is down at the bottom):

A couple of days before New Year's we had a beautiful day here at Lake Shastina and I felt deeply drawn to go outside and sing to the Earth. All the property around the lake is privately owned and there is no park area nearby within walking distance. But I felt so definitely called, that I finally remembered a place where I could get down to the edge of the water. 

It's been really cold and I wanted to see if any ice was forming on the lake yet. When I got to the spot I took some photos and then saw piles of sticks. After seeing the conversation amongst some of the others in my Power of Shamanic Communication online course about how they were planning on repeating the course, I had been idly thinking about creating a prayer stick for 2017.   Evidently my new prayer stick called me to come down to the lake shore and find it in time for New Year's. 

I think it is actually the stalk of a mullein plant and the root end absolutely delights me. I could immediately see rainbow colors swirling around on it. So I started coloring it with felt pens yesterday. 

My 2016 was an incredibly wonderful year for me and I spent New Year's Eve feeling extremely blessed as I wrote my appreciations and gratitudes for the year. My prayer stick brings the message to me that 2017 is going to be very wild and WONDER-FULL. 

I'm not sure if I'm creating my new prayer stick for 2017 or not.  It feels more like it is re-creating me.   Lots of messages are coming into my awareness as it unfolds before my eyes.

2017 is a year to dance lightly and playfully with whatever shows up, however unexpected.  What may at first appear strange, may turn out to be most beneficial and even fun.  Spiraling energy is important, the ability to switch gears and switch directions in a split second.  A colorful year, lots of richness of experience on the way.  Get ready to dance and turn on a dime at a moment's notice.

Happy New Years, everybody! 

May you be surrounded by more magic and miracles and delightful moments than you can possibly imagine during the coming year!