Thursday, 26 January 2017

Coming Closer

For several years as I travel around the world singing to the Earth, I have been tracking the correlation between solar activity (solar flares and solar winds) and earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, etc. and human behavior. (rumblings in the Earth, and wildness in the sky!)  When I checked space on New Years Eve (2016), I was delighted to find an incredibly beautiful photo of beautiful rainbow colored clouds that was taken that day by a Norwegian photographer.  I immediately sent Eric Fokke an email and was amazed to receive a reply the next morning agreeing to send me the incredible photos you see in the video, Coming Closer.

This song is one that has reassured me through the years since I first received it over 20 years ago and has guided me and encouraged me to claim my power.  I have had to let go of my perceived identity over and over again this lifetime, child to woman, wife and mother to single creative person, American to Gaian, and now physical human to multidimensional being.

Many people have had huge personal challenges to face in the last year or two.  The political situation is exploding left and right with unimaginable and threatening announcements by the current administration here in the USA and others abroad.  The emotional and energetic impact is huge as we are all so much more quickly connected globally through media and the internet.

If one gets caught up in the outer world trauma and drama, one can lose sight of the incredible connections and communions that are now available on the inner planes as well as we increase and fine tune our ability to intuit, perceive and interact with all life forms in increasingly subtle and greatly empowering ways.

It is a time when humans must choose to align with Mama Earth and the huge transformation this planet is going through -  or leave.  It is a time when those of us who wish to remain embodied as part of her must shift our sense of identity from American, Australian, German, Native American, Chinese, etc. to Gaian in order to survive and thrive.  And shift from identifying ourselves as physical human to knowing that we are each multidimensional spirit embodied here on Earth.  Health and well-being for all will come from each of us knowing ourselves to be a cell in the living body of the Gaia organism.  I feel that Gaia has made the decision to return to wholeness and balance, and that cancerous human activity that is dangerous and threatens her overall well-bing must be and will be cleansed.

We are multidimensional co-creators of this reality we all share, and these challenging events will continue to intensify, "till our power we have owned!"   In consciously claiming our power, we each return to a state of expanded awareness of the part we humans are meant to play as just one type of life form amongst a multitude who respect, honor, protect and co-create this world with all other life forms.   Consciously claiming our innate power to co-create our reality allows us to most fully contribute our own personal, unique gifts to the entire Web of Life.

Namaste, everyone!!!

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