Thursday, 12 January 2017

Youtube Video Collections

Since I now have so many videos on my Youtube channel at gypsylight333 - and am not yet feeling moved to create a new website because it feels like my life is going to take off in some sort of new direction very soon - I have decided to list the various groups of videos I've uploaded here so that I can just send one link out to people when appropriate.

Newly birthed:  Creating Toning Circles Part 2, Creating Toning Circles Part 1 

Creating Toning Circles Videos (New) is a set of videos that offer ideas to help people get started with creating their own toning circles themselves.

The Earth Sings Videos are nature photography videos with no music, so the voices of nature can be heard.

Song Spirit Medicine Videos is a collection of songs that have come to me through the years, many are sing-alongs meant to be sung by others.  I have added nature photos or videography from my travels around the world and/or sing-along lyrics.  Occasionally I have used drawings or paintings that illustrate the songs' lyrics.

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy is a collection of songs that I have written through the years that will be included in the sound tracks for the High Tide Trilogy of movies that I am currently working on.

Creational Sounding is a series of instructional videos that offer ideas you can use to explore various ways of using your own vocal sounds to create the reality you most with to be experiencing. I created these while living in Mount Shasta, 2016.

Earth Shift Meditations is a series of beautiful videos that arose from my EarthSong work in New Zealand in 2012.  Nature photography of New Zealand is combined with my original instrumental music focused on the themes of Tracks, Patterns and Formations, Reflections, Shadows and Energy is Moving.  The messages are very appropriate and meaningful to those who are consciously going through the current shift that is happening on the planet and are realizing they have to face and embrace their own shadow aspects of Self.

Earth's Gifts is a series of videos that tells the story of a very important trio of art pieces I was guided to create while living in Waitati, NZ in 2011, weaving together flax and various objects which the beach provided in order to illustrate three concepts: The Good, Bad and the Ugly - about embracing all of parts of ourselves; The Power of Choice; and Spirals - learning how to work with spiral energy.

Songs From My CD Albums is a collection of albums of various kinds of vocal songs and instrumental music.  A few months ago, wanting to share some of these songs with others through the internet, I was extremely surprised and pleased to discover that these music-only videos had been uploaded to Youtube by CDbaby without my knowledge.   Albums include vocals with accompaniment: Celebrate Life,  Twilight Magic,  Love is the Light and Songs of the Spirit; a cappella vocals: Sing to the Morning and instrumental only musicDeep Spring.

Other miscellaneous videos include:

Dance of My Prayer Stick 2017  and the Story of how I came to make it.


The Pulse of Winter


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