Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Dance of My Prayer Stick for 2017

Here's the story (the video is down at the bottom):

A couple of days before New Year's we had a beautiful day here at Lake Shastina and I felt deeply drawn to go outside and sing to the Earth. All the property around the lake is privately owned and there is no park area nearby within walking distance. But I felt so definitely called, that I finally remembered a place where I could get down to the edge of the water. 

It's been really cold and I wanted to see if any ice was forming on the lake yet. When I got to the spot I took some photos and then saw piles of sticks. After seeing the conversation amongst some of the others in my Power of Shamanic Communication online course about how they were planning on repeating the course, I had been idly thinking about creating a prayer stick for 2017.   Evidently my new prayer stick called me to come down to the lake shore and find it in time for New Year's. 

I think it is actually the stalk of a mullein plant and the root end absolutely delights me. I could immediately see rainbow colors swirling around on it. So I started coloring it with felt pens yesterday. 

My 2016 was an incredibly wonderful year for me and I spent New Year's Eve feeling extremely blessed as I wrote my appreciations and gratitudes for the year. My prayer stick brings the message to me that 2017 is going to be very wild and WONDER-FULL. 

I'm not sure if I'm creating my new prayer stick for 2017 or not.  It feels more like it is re-creating me.   Lots of messages are coming into my awareness as it unfolds before my eyes.

2017 is a year to dance lightly and playfully with whatever shows up, however unexpected.  What may at first appear strange, may turn out to be most beneficial and even fun.  Spiraling energy is important, the ability to switch gears and switch directions in a split second.  A colorful year, lots of richness of experience on the way.  Get ready to dance and turn on a dime at a moment's notice.

Happy New Years, everybody! 

May you be surrounded by more magic and miracles and delightful moments than you can possibly imagine during the coming year!