Sunday, 5 February 2012

Feb. 21, 2012 New Moon - link up

Greetings from Milolii, Big Island of Hawaii!

I'm being shown a vision of a gathering at Pu`uhonua o Honaunau NHP (South Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii) at the next New Moon, Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 7am (HAST), with people coming earlier and gathering at the far end of the parking lot so that we can start by 7 and greet the rising sun.  This will be a gathering of people I feel connected to at a deep heart level coming together to join our voices and energies, intertwining our individual "tubes" or pillars of love and light that connect each of us to the Earth and to the spiritual energies, so that woven together we create one huge, powerful tube/pillar of light and lava love.  

As we create one big braid of brilliant light and lava love by weaving our voices and our energies together we will hold the intention to invite the Ancestor Spirits and the Ancient Ones to work through us as a collective, as well as through each one of us as individuals, in supporting the Earth (and ourSelves) in her (and our own) current process of rapid evolution and transformation.  

I would really like to have you stand with me in our circle. Rather than being a ceremony this is intended to be a communion practice, which hopefully will be continued in the months to come.

I often go to the water's edge to sing in the morning, out on the lava flow just south of the picnic tables.  The spirits of the Ancestors and the Ancient Ones of that place have been continuously requesting me to bring people there to sing to them and to the Earth. 

This is what I have been given me so far:
The Earth energies, Pele, the Ancestor Spirits and Spirits of the Ancient Ones are calling humans to sing, serving as transducers of energy here in this place (the location at Pu`uhonua o Honaunau NHP I just described).  They ask that humans bring their light and love and clear intention and weave their energies together to strengthen the Web of LIfe, to repair, refresh, renew, and recharge it, and to hold a vision of the New Earth that we all are birthing.  

They invite us to hum as a hive, swarming together to a higher frequency, protecting the Queen BE within each individual, supporting ALL sentient life forms (physical and non-physical) in expanding into and fully expressing their True Selves, their EXPANDED SELVES.

As you already know, those who are working on the non-physical realms can not interfere with human free will.  They must be invited before they can extend their support and expanded, multi-dimensional awareness in service to us.  This gathering will serve as as a formal invitation and opening for the Ancient Ones and Ancestor Spirits to work through those of us who HAVE incarnated into human form.  Many of you are already masters at working this way, and I sincerely welcome your contributions and experience.  We will also be using this opportunity to send our energetic support to the the dolphins and the whales.

So -  I would really, really love it and appreciate it immensely if you would take time to prepare for this and come to join in.  You are most welcome to bring anyone with whom you feel a deep heart connection.  Everyone will know if they are personally called and whether they are meant to be there or not.  The energies will most likely be quite profound and some may intuitively feel that they are not in alignment and an energetic match to what will transpire on that particular morning.  Also, people are most welcome to tune in energetically from wherever they happen to be if that is preferable or more comfortable.  

I am also sending this invitation out internationally to those of you that I'm well aware will be unable to attend in physical body.  Please join with us co-creatively on the inner planes. Link up with us in any way, at any time that feels good to you.

Leslie Lightfall

Milolii, Big Island of Hawaii
Feb. 5, 2012