Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Singing to Honor Deer Medicine

Deer have been important teachers for me here at Mt. Shasta since I arrived last April.  I have had more than one magical encounter where they spread their ears wide and listened intently when I sang to them.

Last week, after several people had posted about have Deer show up in their journeys, I met one of the local deer moms while I was out for my daily walk and spoke to her of my gratitude for the gentle medicine the deer people are sharing with all of us.  Then I sang to honor her and her kind and her ears flared out in full listening mode and she took several steps towards me and I felt she was truly receiving the gratitude energy I was sending to her.  As she walked away, I said, “It would be so lovely to have gotten that on video so I could share it!”

After my walk around the neighborhood right before our class last night, I was almost home (the house you see in the background) when I realized my deer friend had shown up for a photo shoot.  And this time I had my camera in my pocket!  While I was singing to her, I heard movement down below and there was the rest of the family.  I’ve watched the young ones grow from little spotted fawns since I arrived last spring.

I am most grateful to them for showing up as they did and want to share the blessing of their presence and essence with all of you.

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