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High Tide Trilogy - Vision Statement

© 2013 Leslie Lightfall

We are being asked to manifest the creation of a trilogy of movies which holds very fine, light/love, high frequency energies that will vibrationally ignite, activate and inspire ancient memories, expanded, multi-dimensional awareness and a deep reverence for the Earth and all her creatures in those who experience the movies, particularly the young people.  Special effects and sound effects must be exceedingly beautiful, natural looking and well-done so that the entire audience (not just psychically sensitive people) can see/hear/know/imagine/understand the delicate energy transmissions and transfers that are portrayed during the movie.

The High Tide trilogy is intended to reach an international, global audience, opening hearts, and awakening both children and adults so that each person remembers and feels within themselves the magnificence of who they truly meant to be.

The entire High Tide story is ongoing and was originally seen as a possible television series appropriate for children, youth, and family viewing.  It is now expanded into a trilogy of feature length films.  Rough drafts of the screenplays for High Tide: Eye of the Whale, and High Tide A Whale of a Tale have already been finished and the third screenplay, High Tide: A Whale of a Heart is being completed.

There are twenty Songs for the High Tide Trilogy that that will be interwoven in sync with the dialogue.  These songs that will be part of the movie soundtracks have been uploaded to Youtube.  They will need to be re-corded in whole tone frequencies with the particular voicings (wind voice, ocean voice, Ancient voice, children's choir, etc.) needed to provide the particular frequencies needed in the various scenes.

Children who watch the movies and subsequent TV programs are triggered, feeling "That's me! That's happened to me, too!!!", "I can do that!"   High Tide supports parents, teachers and others who are close to these kinds of children in recognizing them as being very special.  The movie is intended to help these adults better understand how to appropriately develop these children's unique abilities and nurture their special needs, while respecting the children's innate heart wisdom, body knowing, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. 

The screenplays for all three movies must be completed before filming begins because the main characters are all children.  The filming for all three movies will need to be done simultaneously and quickly in various locations around the world.

Process of Creation:

The High Tide Trilogy is to be created by involving the Ancient Ones every step of the way using sacred ceremonial, multi-dimensional co-creative processes.  Wisdom of indigenous tribes around the world who do "remember" are involved in the creation and development of the story vehicle for the movie.  Young people who carry the new high frequency, light/love energies are also involved in the creation and development of the story.  Characters of the story show young people from diverse countries, ethnic backgrounds, cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs learning from each other and helping each other to expand awareness and focus on creating the world they most want to be living in. 

The true "star" of this movie is Gaia, Mother Nature, her Wild Creatures, and Wilderness.  The nature photography is stunning, gorgeous, vividly showing the delightful details and the exquisite beauty that surrounds us in natural settings - particularly After the Whale Event (AWE).  Filming is done so that interactions of humans with Mother Nature and her wild creatures is seen clearly to be the relationship between equals beings.  (For example: in the movie, "Fly Away Home", scenes involving the geese were filmed from the viewpoint of the geese, whether the camera was filming while flying at their level beside them or from ground level as they waddled on the ground instead of looking up or down at them from the usual human point of visual reference.)  People who can communicate with dolphins and whales will help open the doors to profound interactions with these beings so that their innate wisdom is directly and vibrationally communicated through the movie vehicle as well.  

In the first movie, most series of scenes begin as viewed from Point of View of the whales.  In the second movie, each series of scenes begins from the POV of some animal or plant, rather than from the human perspective.  

Vibrational/Energetic arc:  Before the Whale Event (BWE) colors are more grayed, dimmer light, sounds are more muted, muffled. Movement is pushed, jerkier.  AWE colors become increasingly more brilliant, intense and vivid.  Nature sounds are heard more clearly and distinctly in both the foreground and the background.  Movement becomes more flowing and rhythmically pleasing, relaxed and natural.

Local nature photographers in each geographical location, who are familiar with the wildlife in their areas are involved in the filming.

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