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High Tide Trilogy - Story Synopsis

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High Tide: Eye of the Whale opens in the year 2350 B.E. in Airumel, (formerly known as New Zealand).  The entire planet has been transformed by humans awakening and remembering their place within the entire Web of Life, as cells within the living Gaia organism.   

Airumel is a place where the world is a beautiful garden in which humans interact and co-create consciously and respectfully with all life forms.  The human population has decreased so that there is greater balance and harmony with the natural world:  the air is clean, the water runs purely, the earth is well-nourished and cared for and the fire of spiritual life burns warmly and steadily in every human heart.  

Three young girls ask Kui Of a, an ancient grandmother who remembers, to tell them the story of how the kids and the whales and the Ancient Ones joined forces back during the dark, chaotic times of the Great Shift and together, were able to change the world so that it has become the wonderful, incredibly beautiful world they are now living in today (2350 AD).

She tells them the main story (actually five stories woven together) which starts in the year 2014, and begins by introducing the five main characters and their locations, families and friends, their gifts abilities and talents, and their personal life challenges: 

Tessa, 14,  an only child, lives a relatively simply life on Whale Island in the South Pacific with her grandparents, working for them on their Whale watching boat.  She feels most at home with nature and has an amazing rapport with her friends, the humpback whales.    Around people she feels lack of self-esteem because of being orphaned at three and because of the way she is treated by the tour boat customers.  She has an amazing rapport with her dear friends, the humpback whales. 

Rob, 12, lives in Tuscon, Arizona, with his parents and sister, is experiencing an extremely busy and stressful life in a high-tech world of video games, cell phones and computers.  He gradually opens to the natural world and begins to develop his innate telepathic abilities through time spent out in the desert with his Hopi friend, Mark.  His relationship with the natural world deepens as he dreams of an African ancestor who shows him his connection to the stars and the Earth and her creatures.

Brianna, 12 lives on the South Island of New Zealand with her Mom and step-father, loves her garden which is suffering from severe drought, is very musically talented and creative, a natural born leader and feels incredibly bored at school. She has a adult friend/mentor, Sisilia, who is Waitaha and teaches her about flax-weaving and how our lives are all woven together with those of other life forms.  How we are all part of the Web of Life.

Derek 11, lives in southwestern Australia with his Taiwanese Aunt and her husband.  He enjoys spending time with his aboriginal friend, Jimmy.  He is being bullied by Jake because of being extremely talented and gifted - having both visual art and dance/movement types of artistic abilities.

Sara, 13, Latin American in appearance, is an only child of divorced parents, and is currently living and traveling with her American photo essayist father to various Pacific islands.  They are visiting Easter Island when Sara's story begins.  Sara has many mystical/magical experiences and feels very alone because few other people see what she sees, and because of all the traveling, she is often on the outside socially in the places she and her father visit.

During the introductory scenes, Derek, Brianna, Sara and Rob are all “called” to Whale Island in various ways (dreams, visions, drawings, clairaudient hearing of ancient whale song, etc).  On Whale Island they meet Tessa, who's working on her grandfather’s whale watching boat, and all five share an extraordinary encounter with a pod of humpback whales.  They are each deeply affected by this experience and return home to discover the numerous ways in which they have each been changed by the experience and begin to make important changes in their day to day lives.

The second movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Tale continues the story as each of the five kids begins to feel great compassion for the creatures of the natural world.  They each embark upon a journey where they find themselves in a situation where they must face a life-threatening challenge alone.  No human help is available to them and they must actually put into practice what they have been learning about their power of choice: to react to a situation from fear or anger, or to go within for inspiration and create what they want to experience instead.  To find their way through, they each must remember who they are and that they are actually not alone and can call on the elemental forces, earth creatures and unseen spiritual energies for help.

Rob gets swept away by a sneaker wave and is carried out to sea and into a thick fog bank by a strong off-shore current.

Derek faces a wall of water created by a flash flood while visiting a national park near his home in Australia.

Brianna gets caught in a current while out snorkeling with Tessa between two islands.  Losing sight of Tessa, she must deal with her panic when she glimpses a shark swimming below her.

Sara gets separated from her Dad while photographing near Ketchikan, Alaska.  Lost and alone she must face her fear when confronted by a mother bear and her cub in order to find her way back to her father.

Tessa visits Brianna in New Zealand and gets tangled in kelp when she slips off a rock while exploring a beach.  By overcoming her panic and "remembering" to follow the joy path, she opens to the help she needs in order to keep from drowning. 

By the third movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Heart, the five kids have joined up with each other and begun to share their creations through a Facebook page.  They inspire each other and explore and begin to share experiences with kids from all over the world about how to work together to “envision the world you most want to be living in and begin to create it, right here, right now, wherever you are in the world."  They demonstrate the use of various types of ceremony to co-create multidimensionally with the help of their spirit guides, power animals and the Ancient Ones and Ancestor spirits.

Rob and his friends build a medicine circle with the guidance and assistance of a rattlesnake.

Brianna learns how to co-create with nature and turns her veggie garden into a powerful vibrational garden using sacred geometry and crystals.

Sara and her friend Lana visit Mauna Kea and envision a world where there is no need for military to fight wars.  Instead Unarmed Forces travel to troubled areas to help resolve conflict and bring balance and harmony wherever and whenever needed.

Tessa expands her teaching tours to include groups of children and inspires team of highly educated scientists to redefine their work after facilitating a deep heart experience for them underwater with the whales and dolphins.

Derek creates a sound sculpture with his friends at the river mouth and goes on to invite the entire community to a performance/ceremony in order to protect the sacred spot from commercial development.

In the final scenes each of the kids receive appreciation and acknowledgement from the adults in their communities for sharing their creative gifts and helping to co-create their society to be more balanced and harmonized with the natural world.

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