Sunday, 29 January 2017

High Tide Trilogy - Linking Up

I have loved working on the High Tide trilogy of movies because they have given me a way to share many of the magical/mystical experiences that have actually happened to me personally during my lifetime.  Through the experiences that the five children who are the main characters portray onscreen, I have been able to show people various ways I have actually experienced being “called” by spirit myself, and how, when I answered the call, new awareness, skills and abilities have spontaneously emerged and come “online” so to speak, becoming available for my use in my day-to-day life.

These movies are a delightful way to show moments when I have experienced being able to commune with plants and animals, earth elements and weather phenomena and illustrate how I have learned that I can hold a question in my thoughts and watch to see what/who shows up providing the answer.  It shows how we humans can use gratitude and blessing ceremonies to open the door to receiving help from both physical and non-physical allies of all sorts to co-create both the New Earth and the New Humanity.

I have been very involved with creating the screenplays - but am also intensely aware of how the screenplays are simultaneously re-creating me.  Many times, when I have been inspired by my guides to include certain scenes that seemed quite unbelievable to my rational mind, I asked to have the personal experiences that would clearly demonstrate to my satisfaction that the scenes for the movie I was being shown were actually possible.  This reassurance has come in absolutely amazing ways, experiences which I often then incorporate back into the screenplays.  

Up until now I’ve been working pretty much alone, because the children are each alone, learning from their own unique experiences rather than being trained by adult human teachers.  But now, in order to actually produce the movies, it is time to for me to begin connecting and linking up with the other people who will recognize the part they are meant to play in further developing the stories and in bringing the High Tide movies to the big screen and to a DVD format.

These movies are a gift from Mama Earth to me and all of us on the planet, as well as a gift from my heart back to her.   I have been totally supported in my journey to create the High Tide Trilogy in absolutely amazing ways.  I am deeply grateful and wish to celebrate and honor the Earth, her sacred waters and the entire Web of Life by sharing these stories and getting these movies produced.

As you check out the additional information provided (links are below), please join with me as we open our hearts and hold the vision for a most magnificent manifestation of High Tide Trilogy that includes all of the following:

1) These movies are beautifully and exquisitely made so that they touch people’s hearts and souls very deeply and profoundly. 

2) Highly skilled and talented people who share the same inspired vision that I am holding for the High Tide Trilogy have felt called and inspired to contribute the very best of their skills, talents, resources and creative gifts towards the co-creation, production and distribution of these movies.

3) These movies are now fully funded and are being made amazingly quickly with joy, ease and grace.

Thank you so much for your time, attention and support in holding this vision.  

Additional information about the movies can be found by using these links:

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Leslie Lightfall


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