Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Pulse of Winter

In my EarthSong travels I have spent a lot of time in tropical and very moderate climates. Because of switching back and forth between hemispheres I often experience seasons out of order such as spring, winter, fall, or summer, summer, summer. Here at Mount Shasta/Lake Shastina, I have been blessed to live through a year of four distinct seasons occurring in the normal order once again, and have been particularly fascinated to experience and interact with Winter, complete with snow and ice!

Last December I discovered a place nearby where water at the edge of the road had pooled, frozen and begun to melt. For some reason I was absolutely mesmerized watching the bubbles travel along under the ice, bumping and colliding into each other and noticed how the activity sped up as the day warmed.

In February, during a journey that I experienced as part of the Shamanic Journeying course I just completed, I asked for a human teacher to appear. A man who looked like an eskimo, who I later realized was an elder of the Sami tradition appeared. The message he shared with me was: “Let your heart melt, allow emotional energies to flow and express. Frozen emotion, rigid judgements and beliefs cause disturbances, distress and disease. So fill yourself with compassionate love, soften and melt.”

Since we’re now starting to experience signs of spring around here, I have taken some of the photos and video clips I’ve collected the past few months and put them together to celebrate my experiences of this past Winter. The video above is also a tribute honoring the element Water and the teachings Water has had for me this past Winter - how one can constantly change form time and time again in order to match one’s conditions while still remaining true to one’s core essence self. (The bubbles bumping along under the ice which inspired this project are featured toward the end.)  


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