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Answering the Call

I have been asked by several different people to describe how I was called to do the EarthSong work that I do today - - so here's the story:

I was born with a gypsy soul, and now looking back, realize that I was traveling and cross-pollinating energies most of my life - long before I had any conscious awareness of what I was doing.  I was just doing what came naturally, whatever brought me the most joy in life.  For me, that was spending in time in nature and creating things to share with people that were inspired by the magical moments I often experienced.   

My parents moved often during my childhood.  It wasn’t until the 8th grade that I ever attended the same school for two years in a row.  I was trained to be something quite different from my core essence, creative self, and after earning a teaching credential in college, I taught junior high mathematics for four years.   I quit teaching to have children and it was during that time at home with them that my creativity finally emerged and began expressing itself actively in my life more and more expansively.  I began writing music and took some art lessons.   Eventually I found an art therapist who helped me connect more strongly and directly to my sacred core, my inner source of creativity and life force energy.

While I was still married with two small children (35+ years ago) I remember standing at the kitchen window imagining.   Wondering what my life would be like if I simply walked out the door, taking nothing at all with but the clothes on my back and just kept walking.  ? ? ?     

Two years after that initial vision, my divorce was final, my husband had already remarried and he and his new wife were creating a new blended family together.  By 1989, I had completed my first song book which included Eagles Soars and was invited to attend a regional New Thought music conference in Washington State.   It was thrilling to see live bald eagles flying in the sky, and shortly thereafter I moved to Olympia.   A radically different, highly creative phase of my life rapidly emerged - complete with a large and very wonderful spiritual family of very gifted and creative people.  

Callings Continue
A powerful (and unconscious) call came from a physical condition that developed a year or so after moving to WA.  At a psychic fair a woman approached me and told me that I really needed a reading.  I refused, saying that I didn’t believe in that stuff, but she persisted, finally saying, you are in need a reading so badly that I’ll give it to you for free!  I finally agreed and allowed her to share what she was seeing.  She said I was in danger of becoming extremely ill and told me it was imperative to go on retreat and take time to rest and go within to heal myself.  

My brother lived in Hawaii and had invited me to visit him.  I had been wanting to go, but had been resistant to spending the money on myself to follow my heart.  When I mentioned that, she said which island?  When I told her Maui, she nodded.  That was my first trip off the North American continent.   (Many years later, during another reading, a different psychic intuitive did a body scan and told me that my body had once had cancer, but had cured itself.  What a huge blessing that I listened to that first psychic woman so that I never had to experience being diagnosed by a doctor or deal with Western medical procedures!!!)

After spending time with my brother on Maui, the next call I can distinctly remember was a sudden awareness  that I needed to go to Alaska.  I had always wanted to go to Alaska but it was always at some vague point in the future - five years or so off.   I got a very agitated feeling in my stomach because the guidance was to go that very summer, just a few months away.  I said, okay, if you want me to go, send me a clear and definite sign.  Within a week I had a letter from my landlady that she would be moving back to her house July 1st - so I needed to make plans to leave!  I immediately began making my travel arrangements.  

When I resumed my life in Washington after that Alaskan trip, I discovered that I could suddenly sing people.  At the ceremonies our little community created together, I just all of sudden started to sing people in what felt like a very sacred manner.  I seemed to have been downloaded with a knowing of how to do this including very definite protocols for when and how it was to be done.  I would sing sort of nonsense type syllables and as I deepened into the process, I would feel/know their story and express it by adding movements that expressed what I was inwardly perceiving.  One friend, whom I sang for her 50th birthday ceremony told me she had never felt so seen in her entire life.  

I had been working with several choral groups including one that I had gathered together to sing only choral arrangements of original music I had written myself.  In 1995 we performed a Wilderness Concert of beautiful songs I had downloaded from my trip to Alaska.  While rehearsing for that concert I saw a vision of people standing in sacred geometric formations, sounding and moving to activate the shapes they formed with their bodies and heard the term “Sound Sculpture.”  

Exploring what the term Sound Sculpture might mean was my next life path focus.  I went to the American Southwest to see if I could find anyone who knew what the term Sound Sculpture meant.  No one knew, but the term Sacred Geometry came up over and over and led to an exploration of drawing and then painting various sacred geometric designs.

After creating a television series for TCTV, I was called to live in a drier climate for my health, and after another meandering journey through the Four Corners area of the American South West and the National Parks in Utah, I finally found a new home in Ashland, Oregon.  It was not long until a series of 72 drawings of sacred geometric designs began to stream in, followed by a series of seven large paintings.    

In 2000 while visiting the CWG center where that Starseeds: Rainbow Series of mandalas was being displayed, I had a life-changing exchange with a man from New Zealand.   I sang some of my songs for him and after our long conversation, he gifted me with a piece of Pounamu, a kind of jade that is native to New Zealand that is considered to be a stone of healing, love and compassion.   It came alive and talked to me, saying, “Come to New Zealand, come to New Zealand!”  

It took me four years to answer that call, including a car accident that finally got my attention.  But finally in the late fall of 2004 I felt like I would die if I didn’t go - the calling was that strong!  I gathered my courage, got a credit card, borrowed some money, hopped on a plane, and took off for New Zealand.  As the plane prepared to land at the Auckland airport, I felt Mama Earth reach out her arms and embrace me.  I sat and sobbed to at last be HOME!

I spent four months visiting both islands, returned home, finished the CD I was working on, put everything in storage and returned to NZ.  I was unable to become a resident, but have spent about 8 years living there since that first visit in 2004.  Everywhere I went the land called to me to sing to it.  Gradually, by listening to the land and to the spirits who began to make themselves known to me, I was taught how to do the EarthSong work that I do today.

Over the years since then, I have been called mostly to volcanic areas in countries located around the Pacific Rim of Fire (Australia, Bali, Tonga, Easter Island, the Andes in South America, Lake Titicaca) as well as many connecting trips back and forth to the Hawaiian Islands.  I was also called to make one trip to Iceland in 2009 to balance on the opposite side of the planet the several years of sound work I had done in New Zealand. I’ve also made several trips to various places in the 4-corners area of the Southwest, Sedona, Hopi and Navaho lands, as well as Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and several National Parks in Utah.

That first vision I had over 35 years ago of walking into the unknown was a potent one and gradually baby step-by-baby step I have transformed my lifestyle into one in which I travel internationally to sing to the Earth and to listen to the Earth’s song.  I act as a sort of portable portal for the exchange of energies at each location.   I go wherever I am called to go to do a form of earth energy work that I have been shown how to do by the Earth and the non-physical guides who now walk with me, providing me with their guidance and protection. 

After my visit to Bali in 2014, I was told to empty out my storage unit in Dunedin, NZ.  Since then I have limited what I own to only that which I can carry by myself in two suitcases and a daypack.  Some places I stay only briefly - just a day or two.  Sometimes it’s for a week, or sometimes a month.  Sometimes longer.  I’ve been here at Mt. Shasta for a full year and it has felt like a tremendously peaceful vacation after the tumultuous, rapid-fire movement from one place to another that has taken me all over the world since I made that first trip to New Zealand in 2004.

I feel like a butterfly or a bumblebee in that I am a cross-pollinator - picking up the profound energies of one sacred place on the Earth and and radiating and sharing it with the next ones I visit.  I myself am profoundly changed by each exchange or communion, and over the years have become like a walking library of frequencies and vibrations that I can share with the places, creatures and people I meet along the way.

I also feel like a spider in that I know I am helping to weave a planetary web - weaving together the higer dimensional crystalline and magnetic Earth grids that are being newly created out of the continuously arriving waves of incoming, high frequency energies.  It has been most wonderful to meet so many of the other incredible beings as I travel and learn about the unique ways each of them has discovered for doing this Weaving the World work.  Many of the people I meet are playing a more stationary role, transducing energy for the planet from a location where they are stewarding the land.  Occasionally I cross paths with others who travel as I do and stay in touch through the internet.

I am most blessed by life and continually give thanks for the incredibly beautiful and magical experiences that come my way as I have followed the wisdom of my heart!

I hold a vision of every person on the planet clearly hearing their particular calling and experiencing the joy that comes from answering that call.


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