Sunday, 23 April 2017

Developing Heart Roots

I first met this Banyan tree over a year ago when someone asked me if I had been up to visit it yet.  Although I had spent a lot of time close by, I had not specifically sought the Banyan tree out or been consciously aware of it as a sentient being.  

This year, when I visited Laupahoehoe once again, I made a point of visiting and thanking it for its presence and the energy it holds for the surrounding area.  When I addressed it, I could physically feel a strong current of energy zip through me in response.  

During our communion the Banyan tree made known to me that as I continue to expand my work of transducing and radiating energy with increasing intensity and in amplified amounts, that I must correspondingly develop strong new roots to draw and feed more energy into my own system.  It has been fascinating to carefully examine this tree and see all the different ways that it has done this for itself.  

I observed how the branches would drop down air roots and when they finally grew long enough to touch the ground they would form new trunks to support the increasing size and weight of the growing branch.  

The Banyan tree communicated that I should develop heart roots.  As my heart continues to open and expand and the amplitude of lava love I can radiate and transmit increases, I must correspondingly open to receiving and embodying an increased amount of love as well.  

The tree showed me how I need to learn more about being nourished by the loving energy that is being offered to me by nature, by trees, by the wind, the sun, the water, the plants and animals, the stone people and cloud people as well as the humans beings I surround myself with. 

I lay under the tree one afternoon and watched its huge branches swaying in the wind.    I took a video of one of the tree branches I was watching, following it all the way back to the trunk.  I noticed how it had tried to drop down the feed roots that would eventually form auxiliary trunks and that most of them had been cut off by humans.  I could feel my own wounding and how I too had been cut off from so much that was soul-nurturing to me during my early years.

I have created this drawing, Developing Heart Roots, to remind myself of the tree’s message about the importance of creating ways to receive loving energy that nourishes my heart and my soul.

May we all increase our ability to love and nourish soul authenticity in ourselves and in others!

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