Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Greeting the Big Island

Laupahoehoe at dawn

The days since I arrived on the Big Island April 3rd have been a fascinating experience as I am discovering that the me that has returned is not the same me that left a year or so ago.  In one situation after another I find that I am no longer automatically caught up in the previous default setting type of responses I used to make and am finding that whoever I have now become does not want to do things in the old accustomed ways.

So it's quite an adventure observing what happens as the new me emerges and responds in new ways in one situation.  Here are some pictures I'd like to share for those of you who are not on FB of some of the special places, beaches, waterfalls, trees, etc. that I've been visiting as I said Hello to the Island.

Waipio Valley - singing to the Ancestors

Dawn at my favorite Saddle Rd. spot

Rainbow Falls

Back at Laupahoehoe

This is the beach where I filmed the waves for the Song of the High Tide 

Hugging my stone friend at Kilauea Crater  

Full Moon at Kilauea Crater

Banyan Tree at Laupahoehoe

Kilauea Crater at Dawn

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