Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Living Lava Love

Singing to the Earth at Kilauea Crater

There is a kind of love that is greatly needed on the planet at this time in Earth's history that I have come to call Lava Love.  I’m currently taking an online course that calls it Evolutionary Love.  I call it Lava Love because it is a very deep, rich powerful love that transforms everything it touches.  It melts, triggers, and releases repressed or suppressed emotion, it illuminates shadows, it ignites passion and life force energy, and it activates the potential for whatever or whomever it touches to be all that they are innately meant to be so that they can live their lives as their authentic, true selves.  

For many years now I have been focused on growing the ability to embody this love within myself and share it as I move around the world.  The message that I have been receiving since arriving on the Big Island is that I must learn more about receiving it as well as sharing it with others.  

So it has been a profound joy to arrive at Volcano National Park and discover that the lava lake level has risen high enough so that the living lava is actually visible from the viewing platform at the Jaggar Museum.  In all my previous visits, we were luck just to see a glow at night.  This visit I have been able to witness living lava actually dancing and was able to get a shot of it through the park’s onsite telescope so that you can see it too!

I felt called to go out to the Kilauea at dawn on April 22 to sing at the crater in the manner I have been taught by the Ancient Ones through the years.  When I arrived, no one else was there, so it was easier for me to focus and open to the spirits who walk with me and the spirits of the place and invite them to sing through me, whatever was most beneficial to have sounded at that place, at that time for greatest benefit to all life everywhere.  

It is always fascinating to see what comes through when I do this.  Some places seem to have a lot of toxic energy that needs to be cleared and so that sounds can be quite horrific as we cut through the toxicity to open a space before singing and flowing more beneficent energies into the local energy system.   I often receive “pictures,” sort of like a story of what’s been going on at the place as I sing.

At Kilauea the energy sounding and pouring through me felt very clear and focused.  The message was about the need to be deeply and powerfully connected to both Earth and Divine energies, fully receiving them, before radiating love and flowing my rainbow colors out to the world as I move through it.  I heard, “BE the love in all you do and everywhere you go."

So I share with you this video that combines many precious moments of what I have witnessed and experienced during my two weeks here at Volcano.  


PS   I was first introduced to this sacred stone that some call Pele's Torch by my Huna friend, Iliana the first time we did ceremony together at the Kilauea crater.   She happened to be touching the stone as I stood by the crater singing.  She told me later that the stone had danced while I sang.

So after singing at the edge of the crater I returned to my car, passing by Pele's Torch.  The stone called me back, wanting a song and I found myself singing a melody that came through with much more of a dancing rhythm.  I got the message that I needed to dance more and chuckled as I heard, "If stones can dance, so can you!"

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