Friday, 27 January 2017

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy

The following is a list of original songs, composed by Leslie Lightfall,  that are meant to be part of the soundtracks for the High Tide Trilogy of feature length films.  They will all need to be re-recorded for the movie, some of them sung by children and children's choirs and some of them sung in way that they have very specific vibrational effects (ancient voice, wind voice, ocean voice, etc).   For info about the High Tide Trilogy of feature length films click HERE.

Song Videos 
(uploaded to Youtube by Leslie Lightfall as gypsylight 333)

A Heart As Big As This Mountain(song Brianna sends Sara after she’s been on top of Mauna Kea with Lana)

Celebrate Life  (song Brianna watches herself performing in the High Tide movie up on the theater screen)

The Earth Wants Us All  (opening song for the 3rd movie)

Goin' Home  (song that Sara hears when she gets lost in the forest in Alaska)

I Am So Much More ???

Minds and Hearts  (closing song for the third movie)

Next 7 Generations  (song that Jenna and friends sing at the town council meeting in Australia when Derek presents his proposal)

Pelicans  (song that is heard when pelican soars above Derek when he is lost in the dry creek bed in Australia)

Plant Your Seeds  (song that plays during montage of Brianna giving the plants in her garden what they have requested from her - 3rd movie)

Run With The Wind  (song that Derek hears while in the dream state with his ancient African ancestor and then again while he is caught up in the current off the coast of Oregon)

Song of the Dolphins  (song Sara hears while swimming underwater with the spinner dolphins in Hawaii - 1st movie)

Song of the High Tide  (title song for the trilogy, heard during the opening of the first movie) 

Song of the Sea Turtle  (song that Brianna creates and sings to honor the sea turtle)

Web of Dreams

Weaving the World  (song that Brianna sings while weaving flax)

Wilderness Is Calling  (song that Derek hears in his head, that Jenna’s school choir is learning)

Songs Only 
(uploaded by CDBaby - I apologize that some of them seem to have commercials attached)

Celebrate Love  (performed by Brianna’s singing group - second movie)

Following Rainbows  (Tessa trapped in kelp - 2nd movie)  

Happy Birthday  (sung to Rob first when Leukemia disappears - 1st movie)

I Choose You  (Song of the Whale - underwater scene with humpback whales - first movie)

Song of the Ancient Voices  (Heard during montage of Tessa’s visit with Brianna to Allan’s beach and later at the Kauri tree)

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