Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Creational Sounding

I have just completed a series of videos that share the basic concepts of Creational Sounding (links are down below).

I am sharing these so that people who are interested have a place to get started with their own exploration of how to empower themselves and shift their reality simply by using their own voice and their own vocal sounds.

It has been a long journey for me, beginning with a vision of Sound Sculptures that came to me over twenty years ago while preparing for a Wilderness Concert with my singing group.  We were meeting to rehearse songs I had written after a trip to Alaska in 1994.

That vision and my journey ever since trying to discover what Sound Sculptures were all about have led me to constantly deepening my understanding of ways of using one's own voice and vocal sounds to shift vibrational states and one's perception of one's reality.

I share these videos here to help you get started using sound yourself to create the reality you most want to be living in.  Or if you're already doing a lot of sounding - perhaps they will validate your own unique experiences with sounding, toning or chanting.


Creational Sounding - Introduction

Creational Sounding: Ep. 1 - Vibrational Choice

Creational Sounding: Ep. 2 - Releasing Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 3 - Invocational Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 4 - Harmonizing Sounds

Creational Sounding: Ep. 5 - Sound Sculptures

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  1. Good morning Leslie. I met you on the top of the volcano this year. Drawn to your singing, You mentioned my heart area as what touched you vibrationally. Thank you for these videos. I have a better understanding of you work. The artistry of sound and design. Very inspiraional. Your teaching gives me a place to explore something new and creative. In gratitude Teresa