Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Song Spirit Medicine: Song Videos

(Listed in alphabetical order and available on Youtube)

A Heart As Big As This Mountain:

Celebrate Life: 

Coming Closer:

The Dragon:

The Earth Wants Us All:

Energy Is Moving:

Goin' Home:

I Am A Sacred Drop:

I Am So Much More:

Leap of Faith:

The Mask:

Minds and Hearts:

My Body's Calling Me:

Next 7 Generations:

Oh Mother:


Place of Peace:

Plant Your Seeds:

Run With The Wind:

Sacred Mountain:

Seeds (music only):

Sing To The Morning:

Song Of The Caterpillar:

Song  Of The Dolphins:

Song Of The High Tide:

Song Of The Sea Turtle:

Web of Dreams:

Weaving The World:

Wild Thing:

Wilderness Is Calling:

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