Monday, 20 June 2016

Solstice: June, 2016

Greetings from Lake Shastina!

I’ve been in a very inner-directed mode for many weeks now, cocooning. There has been a steady stream of "downloads" of powerful energies pouring in which often require my complete attention and withdrawal at times from the outer world.  Receiving these new energies has been interspersed with writing new scenes of adventure for my five kids as I continue to work on the High Tide Trilolgy of screenplays.   Daily life has presented plenty of opportunities for me to practice and fine-tune my ability to discriminate between information that is coming from my linear mind (usually fear-based) and what is true intuitive wisdom coming from my heart and inner knowing.

A month or so ago I got the idea into my head that I was meant to go to Medicine Lake for the Solstice.   However, after several attempts to arrange to get there proved futile, I gave up planning and began listening.   On Friday, three days before the Solstice, during my weekly trip to town for food, I was sitting in one of the crystal shops in Mount Shasta, checking out a book when the owner handed me a copy of a local tourist freebie pamphlet opened to this page:

She pointed to the very last listing and said, "Faery Falls.  We have to go there!" with great enthusiasm.   In that moment, I assumed she was referring to going with her husband, but because of her wording and the quality of energy surrounding this, I later thought, "Is this where I'm being called for the Solstice?"

Indeed, the visit to Faery Falls fell into place with remarkable ease.  Yesterday (on the Solstice/Full Moon) Susan, a neighbor and wonderful new friend (who gives me a ride into town each week) took me along to the park that's located on the slopes of Mount Shasta where she led Tai Chi for a large group of people.  I hadn't yet gotten out of the car and I could already clearly feel the mountain rumbling with intense vibration.

While she led her Tai Chi group, I found a place to sing to the Earth a short ways away, facing the mountain.  Afterwards, she took me next to Castle Lake where we enjoyed clear blue skies reflected on the clear blue water of the lake and I sang to the elementals and beings who inhabit that living, natural lake.

We stopped for a bit of lunch at a little roadside creek on our way back down and then managed to find our way to Faery Falls.  Singing at each place was very powerful and deeply connecting experience of communion for me.   

While I was singing to the Earth and all the physical and nonphysical beings at the falls, an energetic message flowed through me bringing a huge emotional release and lots of tears.


I clearly felt the message flowing down through me, through the different layers/aspects of myself, just like the water I was watching, falling down, over, around and through the rocks and many levels of Faery Falls.  Attempting to put the message into words comes out something like: "Loving energy is pouring into the Earth, now available to humans and needs flow through them and be given to the Earth very gently."  

In these new higher dimensional energies we humans need to commune and interact with the Earth with great gentleness, approaching her with very soft edges so that a more complete merge and deeper communion can happen between humans and all other life forms.  

Most importantly, humans need to be very gentle with themselves - as they are part of this New Earth that is so rapidly reconfiguring herself on all levels.   And we humans all need to commune and interact with each other very gently as well.

So many of us are opening to vast amounts of power and new skills, abilities and sensitivities.  It is critical that as this happens we make sure that we use that power with expansive awareness, with great care and compassion, and with deep gentleness and reverence for all the various life forms with which we come into contact in each moment.

A different message, but related, came to me a couple of days ago, when I felt impelled to create these two drawings:

This first one was about noticing dark, heavy, fear/anger-based events happening "out there" and focusing upon them, drawing that kind of energy into oneself and weaving it into one's own energy field, ignoring, or perhaps not not even seeing, the light/love-filled events that are also occurring simultaneously.  Focusing upon apparent negativity and perceived problems dims one's own radiating light and strangles one's connection to Source energy and to the Earth.

This second drawing illustrates the process of making one's "tube of communion" with Source and Earth energies a top priority and noticing beautiful, magical moments, interactions and events and focusing upon them, weaving their energy into one's personal field.  Focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Which focus of attention creates more light for the world?  We all have the power of choice.

I have been meeting many people during the past couple of years, especially young adults in their twenties, who are feeling called in different ways.  Called to visit Hawaii, or Mount Shasta, called to share energy with the Earth, called to assist others or to teach, called to plant gardens to create safe, healthy food.  All have expressed a bit of uncertainty about trusting what they are feeling called to do, be or become.  From my perspective it is easy to observe the intense light they are radiating, witness their guidance-in-action, and know that they are smack dab in the middle of their path, even though world events and/or their particular outer circumstances may feel or appear to be full of difficult challenges at a particular moment.

The Earth has changed, drastically.  And those of us who wish to continue living here as a part of the living Gaia have to change drastically right along with her and discover new ways of BEing.

Blessings to you all.  I give thanks to all those of you who inspire my journey by sharing your own with me.


June 21, 2016

PS.  You might want to listen to "Twilight Magic" which I wrote about a full moon experience I had here at Mount Shasta many, many years ago. 

The story of my first visit to Castle Lake when it was surrounded by a couple of feet of snow and covered with ice is here

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