Monday, 26 October 2015

Trees - Providing Visuals of Jagadhita

I spent a lot of my five days and nights in the cabin lying down on my mat, undergoing a complex process of energy exchange that I can best describe as feeling like a huge ongoing vibrational transfusion.   I could feel all sorts of intense, high vibrational earth and spiritual energies flowing in and out of my physical body and energy fields.

My EarthSong work has taken me to all sorts of sacred spots on this Earth for exchanging energy and electromagnetic information with each location, but my experience of the energies in Waipi'o Valley was particularly powerful and transformative.

From my spot lying right next to a window (bless those screens!) I was drawn to watch a nearby group of trees.

I was intrigued with how there were several distinct varieties of trees, existing most happily and healthfully with their branches all intertwined and interwoven.

Their shared canopy was a mixture of at least three totally different types of leaves that created the feeling of one large, whole community of  "tree beingness."

When I sat up and turned around to look out the window that faced the river there was a single tree that emanated a strong energy of solitary being, deeply rooted and gave off a gloriously powerful presence.

Observing the magnificent energies that both the individual tree and the community group of trees gave off I was reminded of the concept of Jagadhita that I had learned about during my visit to Bali a year before.

As I understand it, Jagadhita is an ancient Balinese term that refers to holding both the well-being of the community and the well-being of each individual as being of equal importance.  When problems arise, all involved keep talking and negotiating until a solution is found that allows everyone involved to feel peaceful in their hearts with the final outcome.

I felt like the trees were given me a living, breathing, visual experience of the concept that soaked in deeply over the five days of my time down within Waipi'o Valley, communing with the ancient energies that live there.