Saturday, 31 October 2015

Waipi'o Valley - Vibrational Gardens

Vibrational Gardens

After walking down to the beach in Waipi’o Valley for a second time and singing to the ancestors at the burial sites there, 

I received a “download” of very clear knowing that the third High Tide movie is to be about the creation and stewardship of vibrational gardens.  

I suddenly saw clearly that the places where I have been called to do EarthSong work here in Hawaii and during my last two trips to New Zealand have all been vibrational gardens of various kinds in various stages of awakening and development.  

I have observed that the humans who are stewarding these vibrational gardens have greater or lesser awareness of the true essence and purpose of their particular piece of land as well as varying degrees of self-awareness, and therefore have varying levels of ability to be living in greatest harmony with the land to/for which they are responsible. 

Vibrational gardens are places that enhance ability of all life forms, both physical and non-physical, to interact and commune with each other.  Depending on their purpose and nature, vibrational gardens emanate and amplify energies of various kinds and enhance humans in their ability to expand into their multi-dimensional selves in a multitude of ways.  Each vibrational garden is unique in the energies it is intended to receive, transduce and make available to those who interact with it.  

How these energies flow and interact with life forms is very much affected by the conscious awareness of the human beings who steward the sacred land.  The health, well-being and coherency of a vibrational garden is also affected by the  respect, reverence and unique gifts each visitor brings.

I experienced Waipi’o Valley as being a very active, multi-faceted vibrational garden.  It holds and flows many different kinds of powerful energies that allow one to connect more easily with other dimensions of being, with the spirits of the Ancestors and Ancient Ones, celestial beings, with Mama Earth, elemental forces. beings and all her creatures.

At the time I was there, it was offering highly charged, boosting amplification to whatever energy someone brought down into the valley with them, which at the time of my visit was a highly volatile and very mixed bag.  Waipi’o valley residents and visitors can have extremely profound, magical, experiences or very difficult, challenging - even life threatening experiences during their time there, depending upon their own energetic state and their personal and soul intentions.  With all the chaos, toxicity and denseness that was swirling around down there it was quite a discipline to keep centered and balanced within my own connection to Source and Earth energies for the five days and nights in the valley.

I had several different sorts of experiences during my stay.   A couple of times I became aware of something calling out to me in response to a question for which I had been seeking an answer.

While I was out walking along the roads, for example, I passed Noni trees in several different locations, and they called to me to take them and use them.  I had scratched myself on an exposed rusty screw tip the first night was in the cabin and so I took a very ripe one home and rubbed the squishy fruit on the cut and it took away the soreness and it healed very quickly and cleanly.

The noni trees continued to call out to me, so after I left the valley started looking for information about all their healing properties.  Here in Volcano, I stayed with someone who had a wonderful book about the healing powers of Noni and discovered that it has the ability to help with a couple of my health problems as it is a great booster of the entire immune system and can facilitate healing for an awesome number of conditions.

One morning I walked further up into the valley where I got to view these twin waterfalls.  

When I returned I found myself dancing with hula type movements and realized that I had connected with one of the Hawaiian ancestors, who was dancing through me.

Returning from my second trip to the beach, I found a much better path that helped me to avoid the squishy mud and pond of water covering the road.  

It was a higher path (to the right) that was not so obvious as the main road and the well-traveled, incredibly muddy area to the left.  A reminder that the best way to get through a difficult situation may not be the most obvious, most easily visible choice that most people would make.

Another very special moment of communion occurred during my first visit to the river where it meets the ocean.  

I sang to the Ancestor Spirits at the burial grounds and then to Ancient Ones and to the valley and to the ocean at the river mouth.  As I turned to leave and walk back to the cabin, I felt the message come that there was a gift for me on the beach, right at that corner where the fresh and salt waters met.

I turned and looked for some special rock or shell but instead was drawn to three seedpods lying in the sand. 

When I showed them to my friend Iliana later, she said that they are Kukui nuts from the candle nut tree - a gift from the Waipi'o valley symbolizing becoming enlightened with Divine gifts.

After receiving the Kukui nuts I stood for awhile in gratitude, feeling how that sacred place where the river returns the water to the great Oneness of the ocean (in fact, all vibrational gardens) provide a field of enhancing, amplifying energies that allow for deeper, clearer communion with inter-dimensional beings and multi-dimensional aspects of oneself.  

I am so blessed to be called to visit these sacred places and meet the very special people who are called to interact with them and care for them.  This concept of developing, nurturing and stewarding sacred lands that are meant to function as vibrational gardens feels like one that I am meant to share with the world - particularly with the humans who are being called to steward these places and use their creative abilities to enhance the vibrational gardens' evolutionary capabilities.

My profound gratitude goes out to all humans who recognize and care for their land as being sacred and an important piece of of the living Gaia.