Thursday, 5 November 2015

Finding the Soft Places

Greetings from Volcano Village, Big Island of Hawaii

I have been having a love affair with the thick, soft moss that grows abundantly here where I am currently staying in Volcano Village.  

On Monday I took a guided tour through a section of nearby rain forest that has existed here on the lava slopes of the volcano for at least a couple hundred years.  The guide was showing us the moss-covered mother logs and how they provide a nurturing, nutrient-filled space for all sorts of seedlings to get started.   

The decaying, moss-covered wood provides a softer, easier place for the newly forming roots of baby plants to grab hold than the rocky lava soil beneath.

Here, near the house, I have taken time to explore the moss, walking barefoot through the yard, grateful for it’s soft, cushiness beneath my feet.  

Out in today's world there are so many old structures dying and crumbling around us, that I find it very comforting to feel the softness of this moss.   It is inspiring to observe how the moss participates in the breakdown of old, .disintegrating forms of life while simultaneously providing optimum nourishing conditions for the growth and development of brand new life forms.

There are many rocky places and sharp edges to deal with during these times of rapid change and evolution.  May you find the soft places that best nurture your new, tender roots and provide comfort and deeply nurture your own personal emergence and expansion process!



PS  I have just listened to an interview with Ev Zepernick about the profound wisdom that comes from taking time find a soft place and to be in stillness to receive it.  If you feel called I strongly recommend you listen to the entire interview.  What she shares is very, very clear, and is very important information to have at this time in our planet's evolution.