Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Feeling vs. Thinking My Way Through Life

Greetings From Wood Valley, Big Island of Hawaii!

The first time I was visited by a creature with incredibly long feelers was in the dark of night, inside my tent while I was camping in Portobello (on the Otago Peninsula of the South Island of New Zealand).  A very large critter (maybe 3 inches long) surprised me by hopping abruptly into view, perching itself on my suitcase, just a few inches away from where I was lying in my sleeping bag.   I have no idea how it got there and it was too dark to discover what it was exactly.  But it’s long feelers definitely caught my attention.  They were just about as long as its entire body!

Because its appearance was so magical, I felt it was bringing me a message.   Reminding me to feel my way through life, using the awareness of my heart and how I truly feel in each situation to guide me, rather than letting my rational mind dictate my next steps.

The second time one of these hopping, long-feelered creatures appeared,  I was staying at a home in Volcano, here on the Big Island, again trying to figure out where I was meant to go next.  Although I was being asked to leave, it just didn't feel right to leave quite yet.

My visitor hopped right onto the table where I was eating a meal and most adamantly resisted being taken outside, hopping back in through the doorway each time I tried to release it.  This one was smaller, but also black.  Although I longed to get a picture of it, my camera was deeply buried in a suitcase and not readily available.  I remember thinking at the time that I really wished I could have gotten a good picture of it. 

Early this morning, here in Wood Valley, I went out to pick some kale leaves in the garden to include in the soup I’m making today.  Back in the kitchen, washing the leaves I was surprised by this little creature, my third long-feelered friend.

It burst forth as I turned on the faucet and ran the kale under water to wash the leaves.  Hopping right onto my hand, it then rode along quite willingly as I went to the living room to search for my camera.  And it patiently stuck with me the entire time as I dug into my luggage . . .  found the camera . . .  took it out . . . and got it turned on!!!

If you enlarge the video below to full screen you'll be able to check out the size of the feelers on this thing.  A great teacher for reminding us to feel our way through life, huh?!

May we all remember to drop our focus down into our higher hearts, aligning with Source, Mama Earth and our personal Truth, so that we can most compassionately feel our way though each moment of life.