Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gratitude & Blessings

I am deeply grateful to all the people in the world who are quietly involved in midwifing the New Earth and the New Humanity, particularly those that are working with children and providing experiences that allow them to be all of who they have come to be.  

I recently received this picture from a greatly esteemed friend of mine, Jaqueline Joy, who is master teacher of Reiki (South Island of New Zealand) and who has been teaching Reiki to children.

I got goose bumps looking at this picture.  I have had so many experiences myself with the new children during the past year, that I totally expect that humanity will actually make it through the Great Shift and help to create the New Earth.

When I asked for her permission to share the photo with others, she sent me a few more photos:

She wrote, "The three boys giving their tomato plants Reiki did this by themselves.  Their Mother found them like this and took the photos through her kitchen window so as not to disturb them.

The oldest boy Jordan is learning Reiki One.

How magical is that!"


I, myself, have even received energy transmissions from a couple of 5 month-old babies during the past year who, even at that young age, are already radiating such incredibly powerful energies.  

The first experience was on a flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles.  I was seated next to a young family and was immediately drawn to their infant son, Matteo.  Matteo and I took one look at each other and giggled and giggled and giggled.  His parents told me they'd never seen him do that before.

Reaching my final destination in Portland, Oregon, I expected to go through the usual fatigue/adjustment I go through after 40+ hours of traveling.  Instead, I felt like had received a "jump start" energetically and found myself feeling extremely happy and even frisky much of the time.  I now call my experience with Matteo a "Baby Blessing."

My second Baby Blessing occurred when I met this young man in Hilo, Hawaii.

After sharing stories with his father about the EarthSong work that I do as I travel around the world, he asked if I would like to hold Makoto and sing to him.  When I held Makoto in my arms, it didn't feel like I was holding a baby.  It felt like I was hold a master - a being who facilitated what I can only describe as some sort of energetic merge with me, allowing me to feel our Oneness.  It was an experience of a sensation that I will never forget, and one that I expect will become more and more common on the planet as these brand new, old souls arrive to help with the shift in global consciousness.

"And the children shall lead the way . . . "