Friday, 2 October 2015

Weaving New Webs

Greetings from Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Over the years I’ve been fascinated by spiders and what they offer as teachers.  They build a web and then live within the limitation of its boundaries, dealing with and existing upon whatever comes into the net they woven to define their world.  

At the last place I was staying in Honomu, at the entrance to a large central building, there were dozens and dozens of spiders each with its own very strong, very sticky web, each living separately in its own defined space.

Yesterday I used the island bus system to shift myself and my luggage from the Hilo side to the Kona side of the Big Island.   The first bus ride was a huge surprise.  The driver was very welcoming and supportive to each of his passengers and he loves to play music, which I usually find very intrusive and irritating.  But this particular driver loves his job and shares very delightful, upbeat music that makes you want to smile and to dance.  I heard passengers commenting on how they really needed and were grateful for the energy they got from riding on his bus.  There were many happy conversations going on, with people expressing caring about one another and wishing each other a lovely day.

We had clear sunny skies and excellent visibility on our trip across the island, so we were able to see all the mountains (volcanoes) and even the island of Maui was clearly visible.

The second bus was a different story.  The driver was complaining about this and that, roadwork, the way people acted, very critical of everything, the traffic was routed differently and greatly slowed up and she commented that the old woman with a cane was walking faster than we were moving.   For the most part, there was an attitude of every man for himself in how the driver and passengers treated each other.  The sky was voggy and threatening to rain.

So I sat there appreciating the contrast of the two situations and the different "webs" of experience each driver was creating/attracting within the defined area of their bus.  

The experiences reminded me to be aware of any “webs” I have created in any area of my life and be sure I’m exuding and radiating the emotional/vibrational frequency that will attract the things that bring me the most joy and delight and magical moments.

Blessing:  Having chosen to abandon my "old web" and move to one that matches my intention for creating more joy, delight and fun in my life, I am now staying with a wonder-full woman who is sharing her lovely space with me temporarily.  Elisha is very in tune with the magic of her surroundings and very conscious of how she creates them with her vibration and intention.  

This morning I sat out on the lanai while checking emails and a little gecko came scampering across the table looking directly at me, expectantly and soon had crawled onto my hand.   I was quite thrilled with this connection and ran to get my camera, but the little guy had already scampered down onto the deck where I got this video of him:

When I told Elisha about it, I learned that the gecko's appearance was actually part of her daily ritual.  When she sits at the table it is a signal to all the local geckoes and they come expecting to be fed the tidbits of papaya she offers to them.

Such a lovely gift to sit at her table and experience bits of her world!!!

May you all weave beautiful, joyous, nurturing, life-giving webs for yourSelves and encourage the young ones to do the same for themSelves.


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