Monday, 21 March 2016

Equinox Experiences

Greetings from Sedona!

My experience of this past Equinox was unlike anything I’ve ever gone through before.  Here in Arizona the Equinox was around 5am on Sunday.  Beginning on Friday, I was guided step-by-step through a progression of experiences that took me all around the northwest corner of Arizona and included several different locations that are sacred to the Hopi and Navaho peoples.

On Friday I drove from Sedona through Flagstaff and across the Navaho reservation to the land of the Hopi that is like an island surrounded by the much larger Navaho reservation.  

I slept in my car by the Hopi Cultural Center and woke up Saturday morning and right away had an intense close encounter with a juniper tree which was abundantly sharing its pollen.  I had parked too close and injured its branches when I opened the rear car door.  I was made aware of the fact when I started sneezing violently.  I sang to the tree and apologized for my carelessness.  

At 8 am on Saturday morning, I met my wonderful Hopi guide, Roanna, who listened carefully and well to what I was most wanting to do and took me first off to a very sacred spot where I was granted permission to sing to the land and spirits of the land in that place.  

I had explained to her that I was feeling called to share the energies that I carry from all the other incredible sacred places I have been blessed to visit and commune with around the world with whatever spots on Hopi land that she thought would be most appropriate. 

It was a great honor to be allowed to sing independently while she waited in the car for awhile, giving me time and space to do what I was feeling moved to do.

I walked along the rock walls, looking at the petroglyphs and trying to feel where I should sing.  I saw this figure and wondered to myself if it was of a lizard.

A little lizard scurried out into the sun on a ledge in the stone wall right in front of me!  Yes!  A lizard blessing!

After I sang we began to walk around the area together and Roanna showed me this prairie dog’s home - holes in the rocks - and said that when I started to sing the song I always sing to introduce myself to the land and the spirits of the land, the little guy popped his head out as if he heard me and was listening.  

She said that she wondered to herself if the prairie dog was listening to me and she said he emerged even further and nodded his head as if to say, “yes!”   A prairie dog blessing!!!

She also took me to the two stone figures right next to where I had chosen to sing.  I am used to communing with stones and the spirits of stone, and if she hadn’t pointed out the male and female figures and explained that the stone where she chose to sit upon was right in the middle between them - a position of balance, I would have totally missed seeing them.  The message of the importance of balancing of male and female energies proved to be the theme of the Equinox for me.  

She showed me several of the petroglyphs and explained what the symbols meant.  Since so much of my guidance comes to me in visual symbols, I could easily understand how the symbols are a language for recording profound concepts and various kinds of information.

I didn't get a picture of the petroglyph near Prophecy Rock that shows two paths. the choice that faces all human beings:  To walk the straight path in alignment with the Divine plan in balance with the Earth that allows the lifeline of humanity to continue, or to walk  the crooked path that deviates and ends abruptly with the destruction of this world.

She also shared with me about how she and other Hopi women receive songs intuitively and then the men take them and bring them into form, adding on instruments and dance steps to bring forth the message more deeply.  The male supporting and manifesting that which is received through the feminine intuitively.

We had incredible, long day together that was deeply meaningful to me, with a wide variety of experiences.  She took me to four of the five Hopi mesas to briefly visit their villages.  I felt quite honored to be with her as it was a day that was very busy for the Hopi people who were making elaborate preparations for their own celebrations of the Equinox which are closed to all outsiders.

Before I left she asked me where I was going next.   When I said Canyon De Chelly, she suggested that I sing at Spider Rock.  I managed to get a bit lost and went through a powerful and very disturbing “triggering” experience before I finally made it there after sundown.  At the Antelope Outlook a Navaho man tried to force me to be intimate with him against my will, which is behavior from a man that I have never EVER encountered before in my life, but which I know happens to too many women around the world.  A powerful "NO!" put an end to the encounter and I quickly left.  At the time I couldn’t figure out why I had attracted that experience.  

After I went through the process of singing to and communing with the land and spirits at Spider Rock, a place that honors the energy of the Grandmothers, I understood that the experience with the Navaho man was important in that I will never forget the important message I was given and asked to share with the world.

The power of this place was stunning!   As I sang it felt like the sound was bringing up energy from the earth through the central spires and moving it out and around in a tube torus sort of motion.  The experience there was very intense and illuminating as the communion/singing process unfolded.  

As I travel around the world, at each different place I sing, I first introduce myself with my signature song and then ask permission to sing and do the EarthSong work.  If I receive permission and am welcomed, I open to my multi-dimensional “crew”, the non-physical beings who walk with me and invite the spirits of the place to join with us to sing through me those energies that are most needed by the place at that time, for the well-being of the Web of Life, and for my own personal well-being and growth.  

The message I received from at Spider Rock was about the need for all masculine energies to deeply honor and respect all the feminine energies, the urgent need for women to stand up for themselves and demand that their bodies, minds and spirits be treated as sacred - just as we must demand that the Earth herself be treated as a sacred being.  

Another deep profound experience for me.

I spent the night at a nearby campground and the next morning was on the road before 5am, so I was on open land, traveling again across the Navaho reservation as the sun came up.

When I asked where we were to go to sing for the Equinox, I got that we were to sing at the Petrified Forest next.  I arrived in time to have my breakfast while waiting for the gates to open at 7am.  The place felt wonderful, cared for and protected.  I sang at the two places in the park, Jasper Forest,

and the Crystal Forest,

and the feeling/message that came through was of the deep nurturing quality trees hold for humanity.  These very ancient trees helped create the nurturing atmosphere that allowed human life to manifest and to live on this planet.  

Trees serve humanity and all life in so many different ways.  Acting as antennae for spiritual energies is one of the purposes that I have become increasingly aware of lately.

Leaving the park we headed east towards our next destination which turned out to be the volcanic area near the San Franciscan peaks near Flagstaff.

I was prepared for the cinder cone, called the Sunset Volcano, but totally shocked by the raw lava flows.  

No - this is not the Big Island of Hawaii!  Pine trees instead of ohia trees.  This is a lava flow from only 800 yrs. or so ago!  I have been pondering the dream I had about the lava flowing over the red cliffs in Sedona a lot, wondering what the dream means - so it was a huge shock to realize that the dream was showing me a very real physical possibility.

I thought I would spend the night near the volcanic area and head back to Sedona in the morning, but suddenly became aware we had yet one more place to sing before we quit for the day.  So I found myself on the road yet again, driving north this time to the Grand Canyon. 

Again a miracle of timing.  I arrived at the first lookout along the South Rim just as the last few Navaho people were closing down all their stalls.  I was granted permission to go in before they locked the gate and was able to sing to the Canyon while facing the Hopi mesas to the east.  It felt like I was singing to bring through energies supporting the birthing of a New Earth and a New Humanity.

To me, each Equinox is time of coming into balance.  This particular Equinox had a theme of the urgent need for each of us to balance female and male energies, especially in regards to our relationship with Mother Earth.

May we all walk in balance with the entire Web of Life!!