Sunday, 6 March 2016

To Close or To Not Close the Gate?

I was blessed to be asked to housesit, to care for a lovely home in Volcano Village for the months of December and January, 2015-16.  

One of my responsibilities was to close the gate to the property every night and to open it again in the morning.  

This was deemed necessary because there was a neighbor who owns cattle that occasionally get loose (some neighbors believe are deliberated set loose) and would wander into yards in the neighborhood creating havoc, destroying plants, leaving behind their hoof prints in the rain softened lawns.

It rained often and heavily the first few days I was there.  One night I forgot to close the gate.  Nothing happened.  I kept closing the gate at night but I started wondering if it were really necessary - especially on the nights when it was quite cold and the rain was pouring down heavily.  The gate’s electronic closing device didn’t work, so it was a matter of dragging the gate manually across the gravel driveway.  Lifting it’s heavy weight demanded great deal of strength and effort on my part and at the same time the gate gouged out more of a groove in the driveway every time it was moved.

My sensitivities were increasing so greatly that I was beginning to perceive how the energies of the house, the neighborhood, and beyond and how they combined with each other.  After living there for awhile and becoming attuned to the rhythms and frequencies of the area, I could feel there were times that there was “a disturbance in the neighborhood field” that just might become an energetic match to a cattle invasion.

I could hear the cattle making noise at certain times when they sounded quite agitated.  The full moon seemed to be a time when energies could feel more chaotic, a time when things might more easily be stirred up.  When it rained heavily it seemed to quiet things down, and all of us creatures (both human and otherwise) would simply want to hunker down, staying where there was shelter rather than wandering around in the dark getting soaked.  Sometimes I could feel an agitation in the larger field that had no logical explanation, but I could feel that the larger world was quite unsettled “out there”.

So after a while, instead of shutting the gate every single night, I began tuning in and using my intuition.  Mostly I left it open unless the combined energies felt as if it would be best to close the gate on any particular night. 

After several weeks of never having a “cow alert” occur, I was just about ready to think the whole gate opening/closing thing was not even an issue.  Then one evening a new friend came to pick me up and take me out to the crater to view the Kilauea caldera after dark.  It was close to the December Solstice and as we drove along towards the road, I saw cattle out crossing the road.  Immediately we went back so I could shut the gate.  

The next morning I went out and checked and sure enough, there were hoof prints all along the grassy edge of the road outside the gate.  Luckily, the cattle “invasion” had been successfully averted!!!

One of the things I’ve spent a lot of time pondering and exploring while here on the Big Island is fear and what to do about it.  How to handle my own fears as they arise and how to respond to the various fears which everyone around me is carrying, projecting, and with which they are infecting everyone around them.  

I can see how many of the “big catastrophic events” which are now taking place all over the planet, often result from the merging, layering, building up of various fear-based, agitating energies which when all are combined, create an energetic match to some sort of natural or man-made disaster.

I am most grateful for the peace and quiet I’ve experienced here in this place and the extreme simplicity of my life style that has allowed me the time and space to experience this energetic “like-attracts-like” phenomenon and how it then out-pictures in one’s world.  One can choose to avoid contributing one’s fears and anxieties to the collective, or one can choose to avoid environments where the agitating energies are building, or one can use one’s personal power to calm and soothe the troubled waters — if one is aware of both what one is truly feeling and radiating and what is actually happening in the world around one.  Denial of one’s true feelings or of the various emotions swirling around "out there" renders one powerless.

There is always a choice:  to close or to not close the gate?  Sometimes it’s most appropriate to make the effort and sometimes it’s not necessary.  How do we tell what’s best in any given moment?  I’ve been experimenting with asking my soul Self the question,  “For the greatest harmony and well-being of myself and All That Is, what is the best choice to make in this situation?”  When I listen to the answer and act upon it life flows a bit more smoothly.    Ahhhh! . . .

Blessings to you as you experience and experiment with your own gate-keeping adventures!!!

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