Sunday, 6 March 2016

Living Lava

It was very hugely transformative experience to be housesitting here in Volcano Village for two months (Jan. and Feb. 2016), right on the slope of Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, living right next door to the Kilauea Crater with its lake of living lava cyclically rising and falling, sending out plumes of noxious gases.  

Truly a place to witness the Earth in the process of birthing herself - a powerful and messy business.  Old life forms being destroyed by flows of molten lava, emission of poisonous gases, explosive eruptions.

I look around at all the events that are happening in our world today and I see the New Earth birthing herself and the New Humanity birthing itself.  Likewise, a powerful and messy business.

Living for this time on the planet's largest active volcano has allowed me to feel and explore the living lava of my inner core self.

The very first time I came to the Big Island many years ago I was taken to the lava fields when the lava was flowing directly into the ocean.

I was also driven to different lava fields and shown the two basic types of cooled lava: a’a which is very rough and chaotic and often is the result of an intense, forceful eruption,

and pahoehoe lava which is smoother and often has interesting designs that are formed as it flows and pools and winds its way more slowly across the surface of the earth.

While housesitting here in Volcano I read several books about Huna, Hawaiian mysticism and learned that Hawaiians have had practices of using the particular energies of these contrasting types of lava to help them raise their consciousness.

If they were wanting to get into touch or express the anger or rage about something, they would visit a flow of the a’a lava and allow its intense energies to help them express and clear out intense emotions that they were ready to release.  

When they wanted to create something new in themselves or their lives they would visit the smoother flowing pahoehoe lava areas and get in touch with its creational energies while praying and envisioning the new forms they wished to create in their lives.

After reading about this I was most interested in visiting these two types of lava and exploring how they each might affect human consciousness.

While visiting the lava flows and formations at the various volcanoes and craters on the Big Island, I have discovered an absolutely amazing variety in the shapes: 

and colors 

and textures 

and layers of lava

that resulted from the various eruptions.  Lava is not just lava.  

Each flow has a different character to it and its appearance depends on many different factors, such as the amount of pressure that was behind the force of a particular eruption and what particular minerals were spewed forth at the time, and it’s age and how much aging and breaking down has occurred since the flow occurred.

The magma flows when and as the earth chooses and in doing so has thus closed several roads in the National Park.  During that earlier visit in the spring of 2009 I actually got to witness living lava burning its way across man-made asphalt.

On the Big Island I found places that are quite magical and that feel like they emit very special kinds of transformative energies.  

The Earth has committed to her process of ascension and all of us humans who are currently living on her are feeling the effects as our own inner lava flows and erupts and we evolve and transform into the New Humans who are a viable match and able to live harmoniously as a part of the New Earth.

May your own personal "lava flows" serve you perfectly in creating the NEW YOU!!!