Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Squeaky Clean

Greetings from Rio Verde, Arizona!

I have to chuckle whenever I think about the fact that one of the first things I experienced after getting off the plane and being warmly welcomed here in Phoenix, was a ride through a car wash.  

After that brief but heavy dose of EMF’s and technological living style just before I left Hawaii on the New Moon, it seemed entirely synchronistic and appropriate somehow to have a trip through a car wash be the first thing that happened upon my arrival in Arizona.  My aunt and her son agreed her car needed a good wash and this was the best time for him to do it, so my cousin navigated my aunt’s car through this intense, mechanized process:

We were scrubbed. 

And rinsed.

And blown dry.

We emerged squeaky clean - ready for the next stage of the journey to unfold in this new world of the saguaro desert.  Sort of like coming out of the womb.

A new day, in a new place, in these new times of the Great Shift birthing the New Earth.  Dawn from the guest room at my aunt’s lovely home: