Friday, 14 October 2016

I Am A Sacred Drop

The meditative chant, I Am A Sacred Drop, was received in time to be included in a Winter Solstice celebration/gathering in Ashland, Oregon in December, 1997.  

"I am a sacred drop of water in the ocean of life
I am a sacred flame that’s burning, I carry the light
I am a sacred breeze that’s blowing, gently touching hearts and souls
I am sacred soil in which new life can grow"

Little did I know how thoroughly I would come to experience those states of being during my time communing with nature in the wild places of New Zealand.

There was a moment of deep merging with the Earth in 2012, in which I could feel my profound connection to all life on the planet and to the Earth herself.  I could feel the water that flowed in and out of my body and how sacred that connection was to all other life forms.  That all of the elements connect us to the Web of Life.

I realized that sacred soil - the earth - flowed in and out of my body through the food I ate.  The heat of the sun that was my only source of heat while living in my van for several months one winter.  During my time on the big island of Hawaii in 2015, I became much more sensitive to the ancestors and Ancient Ones connecting through the breezes that arise when I am doing Earth energy work.

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