Friday, 14 October 2016

I Am So Much More

I wrote this song in 1997 for my younger daughter to sing.  It was an important song for me at the time, with ideas I wanted to share with her at that stage of her life.  Recording it again recently made me much more aware of its multi-dimensional truths than I realized at the time I received it.

"I am so much more than what anyone else can ever see
I am so much more the what people tell me I ought to be
I am so much more than the things in life that have happened to me
And when I remember that I'm so much more, that's when I set myself free..."

The photos of icebergs in the song video are from my trip to Iceland in 2009 where I was called to sing to the earth that was emerging as the glaciers receded.   Icebergs feel like an appropriate image for how much more we each are than what can be perceived with the physical senses.

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