Friday, 14 October 2016

The Earth Wants Us All

The Earth Want Us All is a song I received in 2001 shortly after the Universe first invited me to New Zealand.  I heard the term EarthSong in relation to the earth energy work that I would later be shown how to do in New Zealand.  I arranged the song for performance at a Winter Solstice presentation in Ashland, Oregon later that year.  

Photos of various places the Earth has requested that I sing to her in New Zealand, Hawaii, Iceland, Mount Shasta/Lake Shastina, and Australia.  

I envision it as being the opening song for the third High Tide movie.

For more information why it's important to sing to the Earth, please check out the EarthWisdom Foundation website and watch the video Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites.  Particularly the later sections where Bravado (aka Blue Thunder, aka Benny Beleau) explains why it is so vitally important for humans to vibrate the Earth with loving sounds, intentions and prayers.

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