Friday, 14 October 2016

Web of Dreams

The song, Web of Dreams, was inspired by something Brooke Medicine Eagle shared many, many years ago at one of her workshops in the Pacific Northwest.  

"We dance on the web we've woven with our dreams
Dance with the sun and the stars and the moonbeams
Singing the songs that create a new day
Singing the songs that guide our way. . . "

The elders of her tribe had told her, “It is important to hold the Golden Dream, the vision of the highest and best future you can possibly imagine, for the vision you hold forms the path that you then walk down.  

The energies of the planet have shifted.  The Earth is now operating in 5-D.  Instant manifestation.  Our thoughts, but most imortantantly the vibrational frequencies we hold are powerfully magnetic.  While studying Huna on the Big Island of Hawaii I found this quote by Hale Makua which has been most helpful to me in navigating in these new energies:  “Stand in you center and call your life to you.”

The photos in the video were taken during a magical foggy morning walk down the lane of a farm I was staying at one summer near Christchurch, New Zealand. 

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