Friday, 14 October 2016

Goin' Home

Very self-conscious and unsure about participating, I managed to arrive several minutes late at the home a friend for the sweat lodge ceremony she had organized.  When I knocked on the door, her husband waved a hand dismissively towards their back yard, saying “They’re already out there.  Just follow the path.”  And shut the door. 

It was a very dark night, typical to Washington State, and walking across the cleared lawn area, I soon arrived at blackberry brambles, totally unable to see any sort of path.  I yelled, but the drumming and chanting had already started and no one could hear me.  

Deciding that after driving for over an hour to get there, I did indeed want to participate if it was still possible.  With that decision, it was like the earth let me know where the path was and without being able to really see it, I was able to follow it out to the point where I was close enough for the others to hear me when I called out.  Then my physical eyes took over again as I stepped into the firelight to join the group.

Driving home that night, the first verse of Goin' Home came to me and (having learned my lesson) I stopped and wrote it down and continued driving.  A few minutes I stopped again with the second verse.  By the time I got home, the entire song had been downloaded.  

In the second movie of the High Tide Trilogy, Goin' Home is the song that will accompany Sara through her process of getting lost in the forest, trying to find her way through blackberry bushes, and dealing with the mama bear and her cub who appear and lead her back to her father.

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