Friday, 14 October 2016

Wild Thing

I wrote the song, Wild Thing, in 1995.  It scared me, so I quietly put it away and never performed it or recorded it.

Recently, while I was going through my music to find the songs that I wanted to include in the High Tide trilogy, I discovered several including Wild Thing that weren't really appropriate to use in the movies, but that were definitely relevant to these transformational times and the Great Shift that humanity and the Earth are going through at present.

I have indeed gotten to know the "wild thing" within me that called out to me through this song.  And what a blessing it has been to gradually embrace and merge with it more and more fully over the past twenty-one years!

The image I used for the song video is called Birth of the Dragon.   It is a painting that emerged unintentionally and spontaneously while I was randomly using up some leftover dabs of paint a couple of years after writing Wild Thing.

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