Friday, 14 October 2016

Run With the Wind

The song, Run With the Wind, was received during the time I was performing and leading sing-alongs with two friends at “Howl-Ins” held at Wolfhaven in the Olympia area of Washington State in 1995.  

Created for audience participation, the lyrics of the two verses express a central theme of the High Tide trilogy of feature length films:  “Every person, every living thing has a part to play in the Master Plan.  All we need to know to live that role is carried like a song on the wind…” and "Every person, every living thing has a path to walk in the Master Plan.  If we find that we have lost our way, we can stop and listen for the wind..."

The video clip at the beginning is of a breezy day at Castle Lake near Mount Shasta, in northern California.

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