Saturday, 2 April 2016

Wildflowers on Table Mountain

Greetings from Paradise, California!

My daughter and her family took me up to Table Mountain a few days ago, a place I loved to go  when I lived in this area thirty years ago.  It was amazing to look at it all once again through eyes that now see everything so differently.  When I previously lived here, I didn't realize that it was volcanic and that the lava flows in this area are believed by some to be 14 and 39 million years old!

It was the perfect time of year to see the wildflowers blooming.

My granddaughters' sharp eyes discovered this horny toad, which allowed us to get close enough to get a picture of it.

They also discovered this swarm of bees that required every last bit of my camera's zoom capability.

Viewing the waterfalls was our goal, and when we arrived at this one I remembered visiting the very same spot all those many years before.  

This time I was aware of the surrounding basalt columns and knew that this was a place I was being called to to sing to the earth.

Lots of tears this visit.  Understanding that the ancient energies of this place had called to me all those years ago when I first visited this area and that they had ignited me and started me off on a very different path than most most people walk.