Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Singing To The Headwaters At Mount Shasta

Greetings from Mount Shasta!
April 5, 2016

Today I was privileged to be taken by a wonderful new/old soul friend to Mount Shasta City Park where the headwaters of the Sacramento River flow out of the mountain.  She held sacred space and amplified the vibrations as I sang to bless the mountain and its waters.

I have sung there before, but never with such a huge entourage of ancestral spirits of native peoples from all over the planet gathering, participating and singing through me.  The elemental energies were also well represented.  

I was instructed to take off my shoes and stand in the freezing cold water, facing its source.  I began as usual by calling for the spirits who walk with me and the spirits of the place to come and sing through me what was most needed by that place at that time.  One group after another from the spirit world joined us, as huge tears began flowing through me as I felt their response to the current situation here.

The first sounds were bone shaking, a deep, stirring, soul-of-the-mountain cry for help, for attention, for all humans to wake up and realize what is going on all over the planet and to CHANGE things immediately.  To wake up and do what must be done to bring humanity back into balance with all the other creatures, multi-dimensional beings, and living embodied life forms that also share the Earth in each location.

The sounds transitioned into expressing decisive “cutting through” energies, slicing through and pushing to the side the man-made forms and structures that are interfering with the free flowing-ness of the sacred mountain energies.

My hands and my voice danced as I felt how the mountain is meant to be wild and pristine and the waters need to be left alone to follow their intricate paths which flow underground and move in and up and down and around inside the mountain.  

This mountain and its waters have a sacred purpose and are crying out with their deep need to be left alone to flow freely and fulfill their important roles in the grand scheme of LIFE. 

I wonder if humans will manage to reconfigure themselves and how they live here on this land successfully to honor the sacredness of this mountain and the waters that flow through her in time, or if the mountain will have to do it for herself?   The powerful need for a huge shift in awareness is urgent.

Is the land and are the waters being loved and cared for with the intention of creating harmonious well-being for all life everywhere?

Or is the land being used and abused to support an unsustainable lifestyle that is ultimately threatening to the well-being of all life everywhere?

What can I do to love and care for the earth?

Many, many years ago I attended a workshop with Brooke Medicine Eagle.  At that time she told how the elders had told her that if was important to hold the Golden Dream - the higher, finest most wonderful vision of the future that you can possibly imagine.  For the dream that you hold forms the path that you then walk down.

The time of the splitting of the worlds is NOW.


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  1. Love the quote at the end. I will hold that vision. Bless you and all the work you do for our Mother Earth x