Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Unpacking Boxes, Planting Seeds, & Emptying Cups

Greetings from Lake Shastina!
April 26, 2016

Yesterday I noticed a pile of boxes in the kitchen of the lovely home where I am currently staying.  

Later, in the afternoon, I noticed birds at the bird feeder on the deck railing outside with a hummingbird hovering in a nearby bush.

Those two images sum up what my process seems to be here in the Mount Shasta area.  

The process of becoming increasingly aware of my “boxes” (the implanted ideas I carry that have been unconsciously shaping my experience, the filters that both attract the experiences I am having and shape my interpretation of what those experiences mean to me) allows me to see them for what they are:  limiting beliefs that create a defined, limited and even restricted reality.   It is also becoming easier to see the "boxes" other people are living within of which they may or may not be consciously aware.

The energy field and the awesome presence exuded by Mount Shasta requires me to expand, dying to old limited ways of being and opening further to my multidimensionality.

After completing a Creational Sound session here in the house a few days ago, I looked out the window and a flock of big white birds with black wingtips were soaring.   Similar to the seagulls I had observed at my previous viewing spot over on the other, far side of the lake, these birds were much larger and I thought they were probably some sort of snow geese.  I ran and got the camera.  

The next day my hostess, Ahuva, and I were watching a small group of pelicans paddling along down below on the lake.  I mentioned the “snow geese” I had seen and she assured that, if they had black tips on their wings, they were pelicans.

Incredulous, I cut out one frame of the video, blew it up and sure enough.  It had been pelicans that I saw riding the updrafts.  A flood of tears followed.

Many of you will remember that my father died just a year ago and Pelicans was the last song I sang to him.

“Come up high and fly with me!
Feel the joy of synchrony
Feel your wingtips touch the sky
Feel the joy of knowing why 
We fly together, 
We fly in rhythm.”

It felt like the pelicans were inviting me to SOAR!!!

During my time here in the Mount Shasta area, I have been immersed in a very rich process of deeply feeling my Oneness will all life.   I was able to read half of the series of books, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding, and the "magical" events described in those volumes definitely triggered increased awareness of "boxes" agreed upon by many of those who of us who live in Western culture.

Unpacking “limiting” boxes, seeing them for what they are, dismantling them and learning how to fly free without them seems to be a process that many of us are engaged in at the present time.  (See Cutting the Strings.)   I find each time I discover another of my boxes, there are emotions involved in letting it go.  Although the box is constricting, it has held me in a familiar reality.  Each time I recognize and dismantle one, I step into a greater unknown, a greater field of possibility, with accompanying feelings of various degrees of uncertainty and fear.

Yesterday, while I was watching the variety of birds that show up and avail themselves of the gifts of birdseeds that Ahuva, generously leaves out for them, I was filled with a knowing that that beautiful places to live where one can interact readily with wild creatures and observe them as they go about their lives is one of the things I DO want to create for myself wherever I go in the world.   I actually felt the seed of that idea lodge itself within my consciousness in a very alive, fun way.

Learning how to consciously create, planting the seeds intentionally within ourselves for what we truly want to see grow in our lives requires a very deliberate and active use of our imagination, control of our emotional energies and laser sharp mental focus.  

Creating what we consciously choose to create also requires time for going into the stillness.  I've been thinking about how so many people I meet are so full of day-to-day-life concerns swirling around inside of them,

that there is no room for new ideas to come in about simpler, happier ways in which they might be living their lives. 

So since I'm the one that's observing this in those around me, I have to look at how I am doing that myself.   In third dimensional reality we become used to living in a linear manner.  One step leads to the next step.  So I sit in the quiet and ask for the next step.  

Yet now I am becoming aware that there is a deeper stillness, a deeper emptiness, a space within where anything is possible.  Here in this moment.  ANYTHING can be created.  NOW.  So what do I choose to experience???  Or perhaps more accurately - what does my soul choose for me to experience?

All is in Divine order.


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