Monday, 21 December 2015

Cutting the Strings

Greetings from Volcano Village, Big Island of Hawaii!

I have had a good internet connection and plenty of quiet solitude for the past couple of weeks, and have watched some very disturbing videos that are easily available to anyone online.   It is quite horrifying to me that these movies can by easily accessed by children.

I have mostly stayed away from the cyberspace world for many years now, for the most part deliberately limiting my time online to uploading my creative expressions and communicating with all of you.   Recently while simply attempting to access weather information online, I had firewall alerts that I have never encountered before warning me of attempts to access my computer.  

I woke up this morning with a mental vision that I feel came in response to my concern about people who are blindly caught up in the overwhelming aspects of life demanded by current lifestyle trends which require increasing amounts of technological engagement in order to participate in day-to-day life in "modern" Western society.  I am also concerned about children who are learning most of what they know from online or televised information that is ALWAYS filtered through someone else's perceptions of reality and value system.

Rather than being out in the natural world learning from their own direct experience about how to create what they imagine and to co-create in magical ways with life itself, children today who are caught up in electronic games and electronic media are instead "in training" to become little button-pushing consumers, blindly, robotically, responding to directives and focused upon "winning the game."

The image I saw this morning was of puppets all over the world, cutting the strings that were jerking them around at the whim of some invisible puppet master.   I saw the deep need for people to wake up and make very conscious, aware choices about every aspect of their lives.  I saw them awakening, realizing who the puppet masters in the outer world are and how they operate.

And even more importantly, waking up to recognize the puppet masters within themselves that are actually holding the reins that limit their experience.  (Old limiting belief patterns, woundings, fears, doubts, etc.)

I see a quiet, peaceful revolt of each person empowering him/herself to be fully alive and Self-motivated, consciously creating rather than reacting, able to perceive the unseen strings, which - unless consciously recognized and deliberately cut - will jerk one around, resulting in unconscious, automatic obedience. 

Most of you who are reading this will have already cut many, if not all, of your own strings and I celebrate your intention to be who you truly are and dance your own dance of the expanding Heart, choosing to be awake and aware and heart-centered in each moment of life.

Here in Hawaii the magic of life -- of true organic earth-centered, heart-centered, spirit-centered life, life that is lived in relation to the natural world, to the Earth and and all her creatures -- is very strong and vital and ever present.   I find that spending time in nature, communing with Gaia and All That Is, and feeling the natural rhythms of life is so very important for those of us who are choosing to dance our own dance, living true to our most Expanded experience of ourSelves.

On this day of the Solstice, I celebrate LIFE and our freedom to BE uniquely ourSelves!