Friday, 8 January 2016

Sharing The House With A Mouse

Elmer showed up a couple of days ago.  I caught a fleeting glimpse of something brown, as he (she? Elmera?) scurried into hiding. It was so brief, I wondered if I had actually seen something or not.

Later on yesterday Elmer became more bold and in showing himself, and confirmed that I was indeed now sharing the house with a mouse.

I watched my immediate reaction: to chase him, smash him, “get rid of that vermin!”, set a trap —and at the same time watched my direct experience of this little creature, this particular little being, and not the mental concept, society’s idea of who or what he represents that I have absorbed, recorded and archived within my subconscious mind.  

I came to the conclusion that Elmer himself is quite an interesting little being and that it might be good just to watch and see what happens.

Later that morning, as I was busy at my computer, I caught a flash of brown fur again, and remaining calm and still, watched the cheeky little guy sally forth, scurrying around right below the desk where I was working. 

I moved, and he immediately disappeared into the shadows, but soon returned and sat watching me intently in a what felt like a very un-mouselike way.  

It reminded me of how Hero, the goat, had stood still and stared at me steadily the night before our “butting” encounter.

(Elmer just darted past underneath me as I am typing this!  And when I went downstairs to look for the camera, he followed me and darted underneath the bag I was searching through as I tried to find my camera.  I’m not sure how I feel about having a mouse as a “follow-me-around” companion!)

So there I was yesterday, watching this little guy staring at me and I thought to myself,  “What message is this little mouse bringing me and why has he shown up at this particular time???”  So I talked to him and asked him if he had a gift for me?  

He immediately scurried out towards me and then returned quickly to his “watch” position.  I realized that when I first saw him, I had thought that it would be good to get a picture of him to use in this blog so that I would have it if or when I figured out what our encounter was all about.  So here he was, giving me my chance!  I went and got the camera.

He reappeared and then scampered off and disappeared in a different direction.

I remembered that my friend Heather in New Zealand had a copy of the Medicine Cards by Jaime Sands, so I called her and asked her to read to me it had to say about “Mouse medicine.”

(While she was reading to me, Elmer again reappeared, scurrying all around quite boldly and freely, as if he knew he was safe and being talked about and honored for his place in the scheme of things.  He actually came close enough that he touched my wool sock with his whiskers!)

In the Medicine Card book, there were many teachings of mouse medicine mentioned that apply to my current situation, but the last bit Heather read to me really hit home.  I have had a great deal of “downloading” happening while here at this house in Volcano.  Massive energetic changes have been taking place as I am being recalibrated multi-dimensionally.  Scenes for the third High Tide movie have start pouring in as well, bringing thoughts and questions about production - “How in the world are these movies ever going to be made?” - which have had me a bit stirred up, getting caught up in the hugeness of the complexity of the task of filming wild creatures who are not trained but participating of their own free will!

The last couple of sentences that Heather read to me about Mouse spoke to me particularly strongly:  “Expansiveness can be overwhelming if you forget to take it step-by-step.  Confusion is a product of too much too soon.  Little mouse can accomplish any task by using its scrutiny.  Slow down, stop chasing your tail or being confused by the maze, and start observing the details of your present pathway.

As I have been figuring out how to get different video clips of Elmer, seeing them in my mind's eye first and then setting the camera to video him in different ways, I have realized that I am being shown how to work with wild creatures to get what I need on film.

Who would have thought a little mouse would be my teacher of how to do this???  So thank you Elmer, for bringing me your Mouse medicine!!!

PS - An update on my “Hero, the goat” story: 

I have been feeling like I hadn’t gotten all of “the message/the learning” that was available from my encounter with Hero.   I recently talked with a woman who lives on a farm neighboring Hero’s paddock.  When I shared my story about Hero attacking me, she said, “Oh, he just likes to play.  If you stand still and tell him you don’t want to play, he will do his “jump and charge” maneuver, but will stop just short of actually touching you.  

So finally the AHA!  We live in a world where there are lots of people projecting intense energies that I don’t really want to “dance with.”   When an energy that I might possibly interpret as an attack comes towards me, I can simply go into the stillness of my center and refuse to play the game they are offering!!!    

May we all awaken and choose with awareness precisely whom and how we want to “dance” (or butt heads)!