Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Spine of My Life

Over a month ago, while doing a Creational Sounding session with someone, I “saw” as a vision in my mind’s eye, a laser-thin, vertical red line.  I recognized this as representing the energy running through one’s pranic tube, and because it was so thin and sharply defined - I interpreted it as a symbol for one’s core essence and unique life purpose.  I later drew a picture of it to remind myself, because this simple image felt very, very important.

During the session, as I continued sounding with this image in mind, it was like the threads of life started growing, spreading out from it, and I realized I was being shown how when one got clear and focused on expressing one’s core essence and purpose, then one’s life could easily form itself around this inner clarity and knowing of what was in alignment with one's purpose.

Visualizing this red line/core essence of one's life purpose makes it easier for one to stay centered, discern and calmly follow one's own unique path, sidestepping situations that cause one to get caught in the frantic swirling chaos that is happening all around one these days.

Recently, while watching Clay Lomakayu’s Medicine of One videos on Youtube (see links below), I found a couple clips where he talks about “the spine of your life,” - different words for this very same concept.  I highly recommend you watch them if you feel at all drawn to do so.  He shares his ideas in a shamanic language that truly speaks to me.  

Many years ago at the time of the summer Solstice, I was called to visit a sacred place up in the mountains on the South Island of New Zealand that is called the “Birthplace of the Gods,” and I was guided to create this sound sculpture:

This image has been an extremely important one to me, one that is still guiding my path.  In the months following the “vision” that led to the creation of the sound sculpture, I was led to work daily in creating Aum spirals, sounding continuous Aum's while visualizing spirals of energy coming down to my from the highest, purest Divine source and the purest high frequency energy of Gaia coming up into my heart from the core of the Earth.  By creating and putting myself within this energetic tube in this way, I have found that I can quickly connect to that "red line"/core essence - to what Clay calls "the spine of my life."

It took me a while to figure out the meaning of the second symbol, but over time I came to realize it was about focusing, clarifying, simplifying every aspect of my life.  Gradually, step-by-step, one release after another, I have been narrowing down, returning to my core essence and uniqueness, clarifying what is for me to do - or not, and what is best for me to release attachment to, or simply walk past without engaging.  And this clarifying process has helped me find my "red line" knowing what is best for me to allow to grow around me that supports and feeds my unique gifts and talents.

The vision for the third part of the sculpture was a pyramid with a ball of light shining out the top.  (It was interesting to attempt to depict light and the geometric shape of a pyramid when I was working only with the stones available at the site!)

So the meaning I have received from this set of symbols is that when you align with Source energies and are able to deeply connect with Earth energies, simplify your life and focus upon coming into alignment with that which is truly yours to create and experience, that you become a powerful light in the world.

May your unique light shine forth powerfully through you with great beauty and joy!


Clay Lomakayu’s Medicine of One videos on Youtube

Two videos that particularly spoke to me:

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