Thursday, 2 November 2017

Creating Toning Circles

Greetings from Volcano, Hawaii!

Coming out of a year of intense recalibration and reorganization of myself and my path of service, I have been pondering how to best to contribute to the shift in consciousness that is required for humans make in order to align with Gaia’s ascending energies at this time.

I woke up this morning seeing people creating toning circles.  Groups of people that come together to intentionally move energy through their bodies using their own vocal sounds.  I have had that vision for many years, but this morning I saw how these circles can be of immense service right now and why they are so important at this time in our planet’s evolutionary process.

The Earth is fully engaged in her ascension process now and there are huge forces of purification and detoxification that have been activated.  We humans are being presented with a wide variety of severely challenging situations by Mama Earth that provide the opportunity for each of us directly experience how we are cells within the body of the Gaia organism and how we must become more consciously aware of our roles as co-creators with Gaia of our earthly experience.  

We must choose whether we are going to be healthy cells, consciously aware of our intended role within the Gaia organism, our actions serving the health of the entire organism, or whether we are going to unconsciously play a cancerous role and need to be eliminated in order for Gaia to survive.  These are indeed challenging times in which to be alive on Planet Earth!!!

As I travel around the world working with very subtle energies, I have become very aware - often painfully aware - of the kinds of energies so many humans are carrying these days and how unaware so many of them are of their actual vibrational state.  Modern culture tends to promote a vibrational state that is actually quite toxic to living organisms.

I met a man a few weeks ago, whose energy felt very red-hot, jaggedy and intense.  He was joking, laughingly, about his recent hospital experiences, but his energy was rigid and sharp-edged and painful for me to experience.  I had been watching videos of the wildfires in the Napa area because my mother and sister are both living there.  His energy felt very, very much like the energy I had observed in the raging fires.  

Raging fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes are more intense and powerfully destructive when fueled and fed by intense human emotions of fear, anger, and rage.  These emotions are running rampant in some places on the planet and magnetize the kind of elemental forces needed to clear them and replace them with compassion and love.

So many humans have become so used to vibrating in non-peaceful, non-joyful ways, that they are simply unaware of how out of alignment they actually are on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis.  So these non-peaceful, non-joyful energies help to increase the destructive power of elemental storms designed to return each place to a more balanced state.

So stop and take time to listen to yourself at a vibrational level during the day.  If your energy is “off,” use your voice to move sound through your body to get it flowing smoothly and harmoniously once again.  If you are in a situation where you are unable to make sound for some reason, do “silent” toning and imagine yourself moving energy through your body with sound.

Toning, sounding, chanting, singing - all the different ways of using your voice to move energy are tremendously effective in providing a means of quickly changing your vibrational state and balancing your own energies.  Carolyn Conger, a spiritual teacher I worked with many, many years ago told us that toning/sounding was one of the fastest ways that anyone can use to shift their vibrational state to a higher frequency.

Toning in a group (where two or more are gathered!) allows a time and space to focus on shifting one’s vibrational state to a frequency of inner peacefulness or joyousness.  It also allows for the cross-pollination of energies with every other member of the group involved in the toning session.  

When I am toning out in nature - to ancient stones, trees, sacred sites, etc., I cross-pollinate energy with each one, picking up their energies and sharing the ones I have absorbed in other locations and carry from one place to another.

When people gather in a circle to tone together at a deep heart level, they cross-pollinate the energies that they each carry with the other members of the group.  Time and time again I have observed this toning process to create deep communion and a feeling of deep connection and mutual support between the participants by the time group harmony is achieved.  A toning group can hugely contribute to the health and well-being of their communities by coming together to consciously shift their own vibrational states and to intentionally send loving human energy to Gaia as a group.  

I have already posted a series of Youtube videos about Creational Sounding that can help you get started.  If you have any questions for me about how to start a toning circle, please send them to me right away.

I will be creating a youtube video to answer these questions in order to help people get their toning groups started.  When I get my internet situation stabilized, I will be setting up conference audio/video calls to work with interested groups.  

I look forward to hearing from you.  Email works best for me.  I’ll try to find and respond to messages on FB as well.  

For those of you who connect with me, I will be here on the Big Island of Hawaii for the Full Moon.  



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